Top 5 Bold NFL Wild Card Games Predictions For The 2018 Season

We have reached Wild Card weekend with four games taking place and there are no doubt going to be some interesting storylines coming out of the games. Let’s break down my 5 Bold NFL Wild Card Games Predictions for this weekend!

Andrew Luck throws for 400 yards and three touchdowns.

No one on the Colts is scared to go on the road and place the Texans, especially Andrew Luck who comes into this game with all kinds of confidence. Luck has had no issue lighting up the Texans this year and that will be the case again in this one.

In the first game against Houston this year he threw for 464 yards and four touchdowns and in the last game he threw for 399 yards and a touchdown.

The Texans defense had trouble getting pressure on Nick Foles in Week 17 and I think Luck will have all kinds of time to throw in this game.

Look for Luck to threw for at least 400 yards and three touchdowns.

Phillip Rivers is sacked 6+ times

Phillip Rivers didn’t have fun in week 16 against the Baltimore Ravens being hit eight times and in this game I think that the Ravens will sack Rivers at least six times.

The Ravens secondary was locking down in week 16 and that helped the front four get all the pressure. The Chargers better make sure they have a nice ice bath ready because Rivers is going to need it.

Dak Prescott turns it over three times

The Cowboys played Dak Prescott in Week 17 to get some momentum going into this game but I don’t think it will matter, I think Prescott will really struggle.

Prescott has had a fumbling issue this year and I think he is going to struggle against a Seahawks defense that lays the big hit and try to strip the ball.

The Cowboys fans are not going to be happy with Prescott and it’s going to make another long offseason for the franchise quarterback.

Bears lock down Nick Foles

Everyone around the Eagles seems to think Nick Foles can do what he did last year and lead this team to the promised but I don’t think that will happen this year.

Even though Foles has played well he threw an interception in four of the five games he started this year and that is going to be a problem against the Bears.

I think he will throw two or more interceptions and I think that will bode well for the Bears.

Ravens Chargers combine for less than 20 points

We already broke down why we think the Chargers offense will struggle but I also think the Ravens are going to struggle to score.

The Chargers defense has been good this year and often gets overlooked and they will be facing a rookie quarterback who is going to have a lot of nerves.

I think they will struggle to move the ball and these teams are going to combine to score under 20 points total. Hope you enjoy a battle of field goals because that will be how this game plays out.



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