Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

The NBA First Round Playoff Games have arrived as Pickswise will be handing out daily winning NBA picks starting on Saturday. With over a decade of combined winning experience, Pickswise is your number one NBA first round playoff resource to win. To kick off the first round playoff games, the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors from the Western Conference will go toe to toe. Enjoy these free NBA first round playoff predictions? Give @Pickswise a follow and get a first hand-look on his daily research.

Game 1: Clippers vs. Warriors
Line: Warriors -1300
Pickswise Expert Picks: Warriors win

The Clippers and the Warriors face off on Saturday and the Warriors are big moneyline favorites currently sitting right around -1300 while the Clippers if they pulled the upset would pay out +750. The Clippers have been a nice story all season but the playoffs are where the big boys come out to play, and that is the Warriors in this game. These teams have faced off four times this year with the Warriors winning the last three games. The one game the Clippers did win was before the Warriors had Boogie Cousins, and he has been dominating the last couple of months. Steph Curry and the rest of the squad are going to be way too much in this game. -1300 is a lot of juice to lay, but I think it’s honestly a pretty safe bet and should be some easy money made on Saturday night.

Game 2: Clippers vs. Warriors
Line: Warriors -1400
Pickswise Expert Picks: Warriors win

The Warriors will look to take a 2-0 series lead on Monday night against the Clippers and that really should not be much of an issue. The Warriors currently sit at -1400 on the money line while the Clippers are +750 if they were to pull the big upset. There really isn’t a ton to say about this game other than if you tuned into to see the Warriors did on Saturday, it tells you all you need to do know about how this game will go. Even if the Warriors don’t have as much as motivation, they really should have no issue dominating this game. It’s tough to lay such a big number at -1400 but this is another really safe bet just like it was on Saturday. The Warriors are going to win this game and there is no doubt about that. 

Game 3: Clippers vs. Warriors
Line: Warriors -460
Pickswise Expert Picks: Warriors win

This Warriors and Clippers game isn’t more about who I think will win the game, rather which is a smarter bet. I really thought heading into this series the Warriors would win the first four games and be onto the next team. Instead in game two as -1400 favorites they blew a huge lead and lost to the Clippers at home. They had no business losing that game but because they did they have lost my trust. The Warriors currently sit at -420 while the Clippers sit at +310 if they were to pull the upset. I honestly think the Warriors win this game but I am not getting burned on a big number in this game.

I would stay away from this game and probably not bet it, but if you really want to bet it I would make a small wager on the Clippers at +310 and hopes lightning strikes twice and you come away with a nice payout.  

Game 4: Clippers vs. Warriors
Line: Warriors -500
Pickswise Expert Picks: Warriors win

The Golden State Warriors were woken up in game two with their loss against the Clippers and this is one of the best teams in history at turning it on when they want. They had no issue in game three winning 132-105. The defense looked intense and it’s clear that Kevin Durant is mad with Beverly putting up 38 points. There is no chance the Clippers are even in this game and I have the utmost confidence that the Warriors should win this game. This might be one of the safest bets of the season even having to lay such a big number. Don’t overthink this one, back the Warriors in this game. Also expect the Warriors starters to get a lot of rest in the second half.

Game 5: Clippers vs. Warriors
Line: Warriors -1900
Pickswise Expert Picks: Warriors win

The Golden State Warriors have had their fair share of scares in this series but that isn’t going to be the case in this one. The Clippers have won one of the games and in the last game the Clippers played pretty well but couldn’t get the job done. The Warriors know they are probably going to have a tough matchup in the next round against the Rockets and they don’t want this series to extend. At home this season the Warriors are 31-12 at home while the Clippers are only 23-20 straight up on the road. In each of the last two games the Clippers have only scored 105 points and that offense is going to due the Clippers. You can back the Warriors with a lot of confidence in this game.

Game 6: Clippers vs. Warriors
Line: Warriors -550
Pickswise Expert Picks: Warriors win

The Golden State Warriors were caught looking ahead to the Houston Rockets and the next series and forgot that they still have to beat the Los Angeles Clippers to get that matchup. After the Clippers beat the Warriors earlier in this series the Warriors dominated the next game from start to finish and really made a point beating them 121-104. The Warriors were caught looking ahead last game but after that embarrassment they won’t make that same mistake again. The Warriors are going to go to the Staples Center and come out with the victory. They are a really safe bet in this game and I would put a lot of confidence that they will be able to close out this series.

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