San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

The NBA First Round Playoff Games have arrived as Pickswise will be handing out daily winning NBA picks starting on Saturday. With over a decade of combined winning experience, Pickswise is your number one NBA first round playoff resource to win. To kick off the first round playoff games, the San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets from the Western Conference will go toe to toe. Enjoy these free NBA first round playoff predictions? Give @Pickswise a follow and get a first hand-look on his daily research.

Spurs vs. Nuggets First Round Playoff Predictions

Game 1: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Nuggets -230
Pickswise Expert Picks: Nuggets WIN!

The Nuggets and Spurs are a close spread and their money line totals are pretty solid numbers. If the Nuggets win their payout is currently sitting at -230, while the Spurs are currently sitting at +190 to pull the upset. It’s so tempting to pick the Spurs at this price because of what coach Pop can get his team to do in the playoffs but I don’t think that is the smart play and you need to put your money on the Nuggets on the money line. At home this season the Nuggets are 34-7 straight up while the Spurs are only 16-25 straight up on the road. This isn’t ton of juice to lay at -230 and It’s the side you need to be on. Don’t take the bait and bet on the Spurs on the money line. Instead lock in the Nuggets on the money line with confidence and count the cash on Saturday night.

Game 2: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Nuggets -280
Pickswise Expert Picks: Spurs WIN!

The Spurs and the Nuggets is a game I would stay away from on the money line, unless you are betting the underdog. The Nuggets lost game one laying a big price and they are a big price at -280 for game two. Do I think they will win this game? I think they will and don’t see how the Spurs can take two away from home in this game. That being said I have no confidence laying that type of money on this play and I think if you want to bet this game on the money line you have to take a chance on and hope that the +230 pays out. I’m not sure that will pay out, but it’s the side you have to be on, because the Nuggets aren’t worth the risk.

Game 3: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Nuggets -170
Pickswise Expert Picks: Spurs WIN!

The Spurs should be up 2-0 heading into this game but a bad collapse in game two means they are 1-1 but I actually think that helps them in this game. The defense was strong for the Spurs the first three games and there is no question that coach Popovich is going to clean things up in this game. The Spurs are currently sitting at -170 in this game while the Nuggets are a +150 if they were pull off the upset.

I wasn’t comfortable laying a big number in game two with the Nuggets but the Spurs aren’t favored as much and I think laying -170 in this game is actually a pretty safe bet. I am going to be playing a pretty big bet in this game and I would suggest that you do the same thing. Back the Spurs with a lot of confidence in this game.

Game 4: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Spurs -165
Pickswise Expert Picks: Spurs WIN!

If it wasn’t for a late collapse in game two the San Antonio Spurs would be going for the series sweep in this game but even though they aren’t they still should have no issue winning this game. Mike Malone doesn’t have a ton of experience coaching in the postseason and it has shown against Coach Pop in this series. In game three it was Derrick White who stole the show putting up 36 points and if he is putting up those kinds of numbers it’s going to be hard for most teams to beat the Spurs.

I don’t see the Nuggets having an answer for White and I think the Nugget offense is going to struggle early and fall behind. The Spurs will bury them this time and this game is a lock. Back the Spurs to win this game on the money line with a ton of confidence.

Game 5: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Nuggets -235
Pickswise Expert Picks: NuggetsWIN!

The Spurs had their chance in game four to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series but a terrible third quarter did them in and now the series is tied 2-2. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray both scored in the 20’s and they were the difference. At home this season the Nuggets are 35-8 compared to the Spurs who haven’t been good straight up on the road going 17-26. The Spurs gave the Nuggets a scare in this series but the magic has run out and this is now the Nuggets time to shine. I have a lot of confidence that the Nuggets should be able to win this game and take the 3-2 series lead.

Game 6: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Nuggets -200
Pickswise Expert Picks: Spurs WIN!

The Spurs over the years have always done best under pressure and with their backs against the wall and with it returning back to their home court on Thursday they should be able to get the job done. In the Spurs first home game of the series it was Derrick White who was the difference putting up 36 points. Since that point he has been kind of quiet but this is another opportunity to get out to a fast start for White. The Spurs have also played really well when Aldridge is on the court and in this one they should play him as many minutes as he needs to get the job done. You are only laying a little juice on the money line and don’t be afraid to lay it, because the payout will be nice.

Game 7: Spurs vs. Nuggets
Line: Nuggets -240
Pickswise Expert Picks: Spurs WIN!

The Denver Nuggets haven’t closed out a winner take all since 1994 and going against Popovich in the Spurs in game seven, I don’t think their luck is going to change in this one. Nikola Jokic had 43 points, 12 rebounds, and nine assists in game six and the Nuggets still didn’t get the job done. Coach Pop is the master at the chess game and he is playing against Mike Malone. Jamal Murray struggled in game six and the pressure will be too much in game seven. Look for DeMar DeRozan to have another big game like he did in game six and for the Spurs to move onto the next round. I have a lot of confidence in this pick, even though the Spurs are big underdogs.

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