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What Snack Plays are NFL fans running ahead of the 2022/23 season?

What are NFL fans snacking on this season? Well, almost 50% will be downing a cold Coors, and almost a quarter will be slamming slices of pizza. We surveyed NFL fans across the board to find out what plays they’re running at the snack cart on game day, so scroll down to find out who’s consuming what and how.

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NFL fans ditch Bud Light and turn to Coors

Coors’ corporate slogan encourages you to “turn it loose” and, according to the data, that’s exactly what NFL fans do on game day. We asked NFL fans to pick three drinks (multiple choice) for game day and 23.9% opted for a cold Coors. Sports drinks were the second most popular (18.9%), ahead of Bud Light (13.7%) and Gatorade (12.4%). Interestingly, fans of the the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Pittsburgh Steelers prefer water to Coors. Hover over the beer glass to see which other drinks football fans picked!

23.9 %

Coors Light

High charges won't put off LA fans during their games

LA Chargers fans are the most likely to go big when it comes to stadium snacks. It might be because they’re used to paying exorbitant prices for everything already, or they might just love the buzz of a game. Whatever it is, Chargers fans spend more than any other. In fact, it doesn’t matter if Chargers chants are ringing out in a stadium or at home, their fans still spend more. Interestingly, the data also shows that regular stadium-goers spend 184% more on drinks than casual fans.

LA Chargers Drinks/Snack Spend vs League AVG Spend



Beer glass iconLA Chargers Drink
League AVG Drink
Pizza slice icon LA Chargers Snack
League AVG Snack

Cheesy outcome as Pizza is the new favourite football snack

Chowing down on a nice slice is the way to go for 24.45% of NFL fans. Although buffalo wings and nachos pushed pizza all the way with 17% and 16.87% of the vote, the combination of dough, tomato sauce, and toppings won the game. Of course, we can’t forget about popcorn (10.90 %), chips (6.25%), and sliders (4.47%). It’s also worth mentioning that, ironically, Buffalo Bills fans prefer nachos to buffalo wings! But, when it comes to NFL snack attacks, the most popular play is pizza.

Lions struggle on and around the pitch when it comes to spending

You might think fans who watch games at home spend less because they’re not paying stadium prices. Well, you’d be wrong. Fans spend, on average, $50.15 at home and $49.37 in a stadium. Why? Because cheaper drinks mean more aggressive plays. Fans watching at home consume 62% more units, unless they support the Detroit Lions. These fans spend and consume less than others: 3.48 units at home and 2.19 units in a stadium. The rest of the teams on the graphic are spread sporadically throughout the rankings. Atlanta Falcons in fifth, Indianapolis Colts 10th, Tampa in 15th, with the remaining sides in the bottom half overall.

AVG Stadium Spending Snacks & Drinks

Cardinals fans top the alcohol units with cheap prices to thank

As we’ve said, the default play is to consume more drinks at home which, in turn, pushes up the average amount of units consumed. We also know Detroit Lions fans go against the form book. At the other end of the spectrum, Arizona Cardinals fans lead the charge with an average units-per-game score of 9.33. Next in the drinking stakes are Chargers fans with an average of 8.21 units. What makes Cardinals fans the biggest stadium drinkers? Well, the fact a beer costs $6.50 in Arizona certainly helps.

Biggest & Lowest Drinkers VS League AVG
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We surveyed 1,017 NFL fans in the US asking 10 questions regarding their eating, drinking and spending habits inside stadiums and at home. The results were analysed and cleaned by our in-house data team, providing us with the above statistics and trends. Respondents could select up to three different drinks and snacks and were aged between 21-99.

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