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Get today’s KBO picks and KBO predictions every day. Our experts give out their Korean baseball picks for every game live on ESPN, and we have a daily KBO parlay. Scroll down to view our Korean Baseball Organization expert picks now.


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Free Korean Baseball Picks and Expert KBO Predictions For Today’s Games

Even though there are only 10 teams in the Koren Baseball Organization, the opportunity is endless with KBO betting. With a low amount of teams and games played in the KBO regular season, every single game matters as each team will showcase early betting trends. It’s time to turn your action on the KBO and quickly learn the game of baseball played in Korea with our free KBO expert picks. 

What Free KBO Expert Picks Do You Offer At Pickswise?

There are 144 total regular-season games in the KBO. Each team will play the other nine teams exactly 16 times. With the shortened season, our KBO picks and expert analysis quickly discover betting trends and odds into every game. If you’re looking for the best KBO bets today, we have you covered. 

Do You Have Any KBO Picks Today?

KBO picks are offered throughout the 5-month season with great results. The season is played from May all the way until October. With the shortened season compared to the state’s MLB, some of our expert KBO picks will dive deeper into the pitching matchups, weather, injuries, and consistent series values. Those are only a few factors that are decided in our best KBO expert picks throughout the season. 

How Do I Know What Are Your KBO Best Bets For today?

Each KBO prediction comes with a confidence rating. The rating system runs from one to three stars, the more confidence in the play, the more stars will show up. For example, a three-star KBO pick is a highly confident play compared to a one-star play. 

Free KBO Moneyline Picks

The most popular way to bet on the KBO is via the Moneyline. With the shortened schedule and low amount of teams, bettors love to hammer the money line. This means you are placing a bet for one team to win over the opposing team. For example, 

Doosan Bears (-150)

Kia Tigers (+130)

The Doosan Bears are projected to prevail. The favorite in the KBO matchup will always be the negative (-) number, while the underdog is always positive (+)

Here are how the results work. For the Doosan Bears (-150) you’d need to risk $150 to win $100 over the Kia Tigers. This means, if the Bears defeat the Tigers, you will be paid a total of $250 ($150 of investment, and $100 of winnings) On the flip side If the Bears lose the game, the $150 bet would count as a loss. If you were to place a $100 bet on the Kia Tigers to defeat the Doosan Bears, the return would be $230 ($100 of investment, and $130 of winnings) Our free KBO expert picks help you identify these profitable matches during the whole season. 

Free KBO Run Line Picks

Moneyline might be the most popular bet, but what happens when one team has a clear advantage over another? This spread in baseball is known as “the run line”. Instead of bettors laying money on a -250 odds money line bet, you can turn the corner and place a run line bet. Betting on a run line of usually (-1.5 or +1.5) is a great way to find better KBO odds compared to the Moneyline. For example,

Doosan Bears -1.5 (-120) 

Kia Tigers +1.5 (+100)

Since the Doosan Bears are projected to win by a high percentage, a run line bet is perfect. For the Doosan Bears -1.5 (-120) you’d need to risk $120 in order to profit $100. The only way to cash this betting ticket is if the Bears beat the Tigers by at least two runs. For example, the final score of Doosan Bears 8 vs. Kia Tigers 5 would cash the ticket. A losing ticket could be Doosan Bears 8 vs Kia Tigers 7. Of course, if the Bears lose the game straight up, the ticket is now invalid. Run line betting is more difficult than Moneyline betting as there are a lot of games that finish with a one-run difference. They may be difficult, but our free KBO run line picks dive into the opportunity of trends and analytics to offer the best value for KBO spread lines.

Free KBO Total Picks

Lastly, KBO betting also includes total picks. A very simple way of betting that allows the bettor an opportunity to focus on the final total of the game rather than the winner or loser. For example, 

Doosan Bears vs. Kia Tigers Total 11 (-110) 

Rather than betting on who will win the game via Moneyline, or Run line, the total pick is whether or not the combined score of the Doosan Bears and Kia Tigers will go above or below 11 total runs. If the game finishes with exactly 11 total runs, the bet will be pronounced as a PUSH which is a tie and the original investment is returned with zero profit. 

A lot goes into research for total picks which include, weather, dimensions of the KBO parks, and pitching matchups. The biggest research came in 2019 when it appeared the league started de-juicing the baseballs. Even with KBO total picks, there is a lot on the table so make sure to check out our free KBO total picks which give in-depth analysis on all of the above factors. 

More Than Just KBO Picks

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