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Each College Football game will have in some instances, hundreds of markets made available to bet on, of course, the bigger schools and conferences will have more markets available. Here at Pickswise, our main focus is also on the Power 5 conference games, and also any Top-25 ranked teams from outside the big five conferences. However, we have a huge team of CFB cappers who specialize in specific teams and conferences to give us a well-rounded area of College Football experience and expertise.

Each of our previews will have bets against the spread or on the points totals, as well as our weekly College Football ParlaysPickswise’s expert handicappers are here all season long to provide the best free insight and analysis ahead of every game, including all of the breaking College Football News and analysis to consider.

College Football Betting This Week 

The majority of the College Football season will be played on Saturday but with games also occasionally played during the week we are on hand for all of your college football betting this week. Our previews and bets for Saturday’s matches will be published at least 48 hours before kickoff. We cover all of the top college football action, including the Power 5 Conference games and any non-Power 5 teams ranked in the Top-25. Each of these game previews will take a look at all of the top betting markets such as Totals and Against the Spread. Here at Pickswise, we have everything you need for your college football bets this week. 

College Football Betting Online

Betting on College football online is extremely popular and this means sportsbooks will put considerable time and effort into their college football product. What this means for us, is great specials each week, competitive odds between sportsbooks, huge signup bonuses, and a whole host of specialized markets to bet on. All of the Best Online Sportsbook will have college football betting odds on hundreds of games each week, and we’re here to find the best value lines and those we think the sportsbook may be a little off on. Shopping around is key when betting on college football online, and it pays to have multiple sportsbook accounts to ensure you’re always on the best line or odds. We highlight the best available odds with all of our college football betting advice, but these lines change fast so be sure to double-check before locking them in, the difference of 1 point on the spread could determine a winning bet or a losing one. 

College Football Live Betting

Live betting is simply betting on a game after it has started. Being able to place a bet on a game while you watch, is an exciting and exhilarating way to get involved in the action. While you don’t get as expansive a selection of markets as you do with pre-game college football bets, in the live betting section, you’ll still be able to wager on all of the most popular lines such as the money line, totals, and spreads, which change in line with the on-field action.

Types of College Football Bets

There are many different ways you can bet on college football and our expert handicappers are on hand all season long with insight, analysis, and our best bets. Check out the most popular types of college football betting, and what they mean, and how they work below. 

College Football Money Line Betting

College Football money line betting is the simplest way to bet on a college football game. A Bet on the college football money line is a bet on which team will win that match. With no ties and multiple overtime periods in college football, this is simply a yes or no, right or wrong market. The money line is less popular with college football betting due to the hugely negative odds you’ll see about bigger schools vs smaller schools. Unlike in NFL Betting, where teams are more closely matched, making the money line a viable play, in college football, you can get some spreads as big as -50 and the money line wouldn’t even be offered for the favorite. Of course in close games, such as conference play, or bowl season and the playoffs the money line becomes a more viable option, but the spread remains much more popular in college sports. 

College Football Against The Spread Betting

College football against the spread betting is unquestionably the most popular form of sports betting amongst college sports. With a relative lack of parity between schools, at least for the most part, betting the money line is almost not viable in the long term. What college football against the spread betting allows, is for you to place a wager on a game at better odds, typically around -110 on either side of the line. Of course, betting a favorite against the spread is riskier than the money line, with some teams having to concede 20,30, or even 40 points, but you do so at much bigger odds. Conversely, you can also bet on the other side and take the underdog to keep the game closer than expected, 40 points is still a lot of points to try and win by, especially when some teams will pull their starters if running up a score. 

College Football Over Under Betting

Many bettors will opt for college football over-under betting because they don’t see the value in better a short odds favorite on the money line but also don’t want to take them to cover a huge spread, whilst not trusting a small school to keep the game close. This is a regular dilemma sports betters find themselves in, so betting the points totals, takes the result out of the game, and focuses solely on whether more or fewer points will be scored than the sportsbooks set the line at. If the line is set at over 80.5 points and the game finished 62-20 then the overs will cash with 82 points scored. If the game ends 40-17, then the unders will cash as only 57 points were scored. You can see some wild scorelines in college football, but that also means you see some high over/under lines, and while we all love offense, getting the balance between betting the overs and unders in the right spots is the key to long term profit.

Other Types Of College Football Betting & Bets

There are also more exotic ways in which you can bet on this week’s college football action away from the more traditional Money line, spreads, and totals. Be sure to head to our other college football pages for even more picks, predictions, and bets from some of the best handicappers in the country. 

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