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The home of our MLB Predictions. Here we dive into all of the key MLB stats, trends, matchups, lineups, starting pitchers and so much more to make the most informed free MLB predictions today. Our MLB predictions will include MLB run line predictions, as well as Money line plays and even Over/Under Total Runs for each game

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Free MLB Predictions Explained

The MLB season is a long one, with 162-games totaling 2,430 regular season matches. Doing the necessary research on every game is a long and detailed process, and that’s where the experts here at Pickswise come in. Our daily MLB predictions cover every angle of all the games we cover from opening day through to the World Series. Each MLB prediction will have a full analysis for the pick as well as all of the need-to-know facts and figures about today’s MLB matchups. There are many ways to bet on an MLB game and our MLB predictions offer a wide variety of bet types to cater for kinds of sports bettors. The majority of our MLB predictions will be from the Money Line, Run Line, or Run Totals markets, but we also break down our favorite MLB Prop Bets and our daily MLB Parlay Picks

Money Line MLB Predictions

MLB Money Line Predictions is the simplest way of placing a wager on Major League Baseball. When trying to predict the money line, you are simply taking the odds offered for that given team to win the match, usually including extra innings. The beauty of MLB Money line predictions is that all you need is the team to win, and not cover the run line spread. It’s easy to forget that teams are happy to win by 1 run, of course, a blowout victory is much nicer and less stressful, but sport doesn’t always work out that way. MLB Predictions on the money line is also a great way to get good value on an underdog if we or you like them to win outright in a particular spot. Baseball is a game of parity and while across the season the best tend to separate themselves from the rest, it remains that anyone can beat anyone, on any given day. We highlight our favorite MLB Predictions on the money line every day so check back for those favorites and barking dogs we like on today’s slate.

MLB Predictions Against The Spread – MLB Run Line Predictions

The spread in baseball is known as ‘the run line’ where teams will start with + or – runs and have to cover that spread for the bet to cash.  Many MLB bettors feel there isn’t much value laying -200 on an all-star pitcher because even the best pitchers in the league can turn the game over to his bullpen and completely change the game and lose. Therefore, with MLB Predictions on the run line (-1.5 or +1.5) it is a great way to find better MLB odds. The Dodgers when starting Clayton Kershaw pick or Trevor Bauer on the ML for example might be -240 but that same game on the -1.5 run line could be priced at -110. The argument is that if the Dodgers are on form they should win by more than 2 regardless so take them to cover instead of just scraping home for the win. The MLB Predictions on the run line also work the other way. There are a lot of close games that go deep into the 9th inning or even extra innings, in these circumstances having +1.5 on the underdog is great as your team losing by 1 would still cash on the run line.

Free MLB Over / Under Total Runs Predictions

MLB Predictions on the Over/Under total run line is a great way for MLB bettors that are either unsure on which side they think will win or cover, or those who like to bet on a game without rooting for one side. Unlike the Run line or the money line where you’re betting on a team to either cover the spread or win outright, the MLB Predictions on the total runs allow you to wager on whether there will be a combined total of runs over or under the line set by sportsbooks. The MLB predictions on the over/under run line is also an exciting watch, especially when betting the over as you’re not out of it under the final pitch. Conversely, the unders can be a nervy watch if runs are scored early and you need the teams to go cold down the stretch. Lots of research goes into our MLB predictions on the Run Totals with many factors such as team news pitcher matchups, bull-pen rotation, the weather conditions, and the ballpark all big factors in weighing up which side you should be on. All of this statistical analysis that our handicapper’s conduct is freely available with all of our MLB predictions throughout the entire season. 

Expert MLB Predictions Today

The MLB season is a long one but the games come around thick and fast. With 2,430 total regular-season games, 162 per team, there are baseball matches played pretty much every day from opening day to the MLB playoffs and beyond. Our expert MLB handicappers stay on top of all of it. We bring the best free expert MLB Predictions today throughout the entire season. All of our MLB Predictions today will be accompanied by a full match preview, including team stats, player stats, and reasoning for our MLB Prediction. Along with that we also have confidence ratings so you can quickly and easily find our Best MLB Bets Today in amongst the at time hectic MLB schedule. Our MLB predictions today are a great place to start for your daily MLB wagering, with the full scheduling details including the best odds, start times, and other key matchup information all in one place.

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