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Astralis Talent
Astralis Talent
fnatic Rising
fnatic Rising
Sun Aug 1

Against The Spread Pick

Astralis Talent is looking for one more win before advancing to the play-in bracket, as they take on fnatic Rising on the final day of the regular season. Astralis (4-9) will have a tall task as they take on the fourth-place fnatic Rising (7-6). Astralis gave this team all they could handle in the first head-to-head meeting, as they scored 12 points in a 16-12 loss. Astralis has lost its last two matches in a row. It has been a rough final stretch for fnatic Rising as well as they have lost four of their last six matches. This is a tough match-up for both teams, but taking fnatic Rising -3.5 is a good idea.

Over Under Pick

Plenty of surprises in the first head-to-head meeting for Astralis Talent and fnatic Rising as they easily combined for an over 26.5 total. Astralis was able to score 12 points, but it wasn’t enough to outfox fnatic. Each of the last three matches for Astralis Talent have also resulted in over totals. The same can be said about the last two matches for fnatic Rising. An over total is the right bet.

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mouz NXT
mouz NXT
Sun Aug 1

Against The Spread Pick

VP.Prodigy is in for a really tough final match, as they take on the top team in this league. That’s right they play the top seed mouz NXT (10-3) in the final match of the regular season. VP currently holds the final transfer spot, but their 4-9 record isn’t very promising. The Russian squad is coming of a very tough 16-14 defeat at the hands of BIG Academy. The mouz have had good challenges from their last two matches, as they won both but couldn’t quite cover the spread. The last head-to-head for these teams resulted in a two-point victory for the mouz as well. It’s going to be a tough fight, but taking mouz NXT to cover is a good move.

Over Under Pick

The last few matches for VP.Prodigy have not resulted in wins, but that hasn’t stopped them from competing at a high level. They have scored 13 or more points in each of their last three matches. That includes a surprise win against Astralis Talent two matches ago. The last two matches for mouz NXT have been some of their hardest as they have escaped by the skin of their teeth. Both resulted in over totals. As did the first match against this VP.Prodigy team. Taking the over is a safe bet.

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Esports Picks

What Are Esports Picks

You may be new to Esports in general, or new to Esports betting, and wondering what is an Esports Pick. Well, Esports is short for Electronic Sports, which is the term for competitive video gaming tournaments. Esports has sky rocketed in recent years and with fans able to watch all of the action live on streaming platforms such as Twitch, sportsbooks are also keen to get in on the action.

As a result, we are able to wager on the biggest Esports tournaments, from a range of games, and use our Esports expertise to provide the best free Esports picks around. We have experts on hand who specialise in particular games, teams and tournaments and this is key to us making the best Esports Picks around. Check out our latest, and upcoming Esports Picks right here on the Pickswise Esports Picks page. 

What Types of Esports Picks Are There

There are many different types of Esports betting picks available and these will differ from tournament to tournament, and game to game. With so many different games played competitively in Esports, they all have their own nuances, and thus betting markets. The majority of Esports betting picks will reflect the three main betting markets in sports betting in the Moneyline, Spread, and Totals. Depending on the game the spread or totals could be the number of matches, maps, rounds, points or goals and the moneyline will simply be whichever player or team wins the match. Aside from these main markets, you can also bet a select number of Esports prop bet picks, in CSGO for example, you can often bet on the correct score, number of maps won by each team or even map-specific bets such as Map 1 winning margins and first kill. There are many ways you can bet on Esports and the Pickswise experts are here to bring you the best analysis, stats and picks on all of the top Esports action happening around the globe. 

Draftkings Esports Picks

Draftkings has long been a great place to get involved in Esports wagering, from their world-famous daily fantasy games, to their very own sportsbook and odds. All of our Esports picks come with full detail on the matchups, the key stats and the reason we like once side or another. This analysis is a great tool to use for your Draftkings Esports Picks whether that’s for fantasy sports contests or Esports wagering at the sportsbook. We do the research so you don’t have to. Check out our latest Esports previews and picks right here on the Picksiwse Esports picks page. 

When Do you Post Your Esports Picks 

When we post our Esports picks will depend on how far ahead the sportsbooks price up the matches and tournaments. This can different from game to game and tournament to tournament, with the bigger events likely to be priced up well ahead of time. We ensure that our picks are posted with enough time for you to read, digest and analyze them, as well as being able to lock in the best odds. This will usually be at least the day before the match takes place, but with many games played each day during tournaments, we also want to make sure we’ve done our research on recent form of the players and teams participating. Check back to see our latest Esports picks today. 

What Makes a Good Esports Pick 

A good Esports pick is a well-researched one. Esports is a relatively new and niche sport, so while that presents difficulties to the masses, those that follow the sport intently can definitely find an edge, and that’s exactly what we do here at Pickswise. We have Esports experts that follow all of the top competitions, games and matches, breaking down the latest wins, stats and various other metrics ahead of previewing any upcoming match. By putting in countless hours watching the tournaments, we can pick up on things that others may miss and use this to our advantage. Our experts compare their thoughts and picks to the odds offered by the various Esports sportsbooks, and find the best value Esports picks, consistently, across all of the top titles. Check out our latest Esports picks above.

What Games Do Your Esports Betting Picks Cover?

Esports is growing at such a rate that barely a day goes by now without an Esports tournament that you can wager on. By far the most popular and common game to bet on would be CS:GO a multi-player first-person shooter. First person shooters tend to be the most popular type of Esports game, as well a battle arena games like Dota 2 or LoL (League of Legends). We cover all of these titles and more with our Esports picks, so whatever your favorite, we’ll have you covered. Check out the list below for a fuller look at the games we cover with our picks.  

CSGO Picks Esports (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter where two teams, the terrorist’s and counter-terrorists  battle against each other: The object of the game is to eliminate the other team whilst completing separate objectives such as planting or defusing a bomb. 

Dota 2 Picks Esports

A multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where two teams of five players compete as a different character, known as a hero to occupy and defend their own base. Players collect experience points and items for their heroes to defeat the opposing teams heroes. A team wins by destroying the other teams’ Ancient, a large structure within their base.

LoL Picks Esports (League of Legends)

Another multiplayer online battle arena where players assume the role of a champion with unique abilities. They battle against a team of other players with the goal of destroying the opposing team’s Nexus, a structure that lies in their base.

Rocket League Picks Esports

Rocket League is a combination of two types of popular sports games, in soccer and racing, making it a vehicular soccer game. Rocket League pits teams of drivers/players onto a soccer field and the aim is to use your car to score a goal with the giant soccer ball.  

Madden Picks Esports

A well-known game to NFL fans, the Madden series is named after pro football hall of fame coach and commentator John Madden. Players compete in a 1v1 football match, and just like real football, whoever scores the most points wins.

NBA2k Picks Esports

A well-known game to basketball and NBA fans is NBA2k. Similarly to the soccer and football games, in NBA2K, players will play a match 1v1 and the winner is whoever scores the most across the 4 quarters. 

FIFA Picks Esports

A soccer game where players compete in a 1v1 match, just like a normal game of soccer, whoever scores the most goals win. Most FIFA Esports tournaments will involved some sort of knockout or round robin tournament, just like you would see at the World Cup.

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