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KBO Baseball Predictions Explained 

The Korean Baseball Organization, or KBO, is the professional Korean baseball league, which consists of just 10 teams. With only a third of the teams in the MLB, the season is understandably shorter and plays just 144 total regular-season games each year. Here at Pickswise, we have a team of KBO baseball experts that are on hand all season long to make our KBO predictions ahead of every game. Unlike the MLB where you will have hundreds of markets available on every game, the KBO betting markets tend to include the Moneyline, Against the Spread, and Totals, as well as a select number of prop bets. We specialize in KBO predictions against the spread and KBO totals predictions and will have a prediction for each of these markets ahead of every game. Our predictions will always be accompanied by a full preview, including expert analysis and the important match stats and trends. Check out today’s KBO predictions right here on the KBO predictions page. 

Best KBO Predictions Today

With 10 teams, every KBO gameday has 5 matches and we will see an average of 25-30 matches played each week of the regular season. Even with a smaller sample of games, it is vital to be selective in your KBO predictions and wagers to see a long-term profit. To aid this, our KBO experts add a confidence rating alongside each KBO prediction which will range from 3 stars to 1 star. A 3-star play is our most confident play and can be used to find our best KBO prediction for today. All of our confidence ratings and previews will be published ahead of time so you can digest the information and lock in the best possible odds for our KBO predictions today. 

KBO Moneyline Predictions

The most popular way to bet on the KBO is via the Moneyline. With a shortened schedule and only 10 teams, bettors love to hammer the money line. The Moneyline simply means you are betting on one team to win.

For example, you may see the odds look something like this. 

NC Dinos (-140)

Samsung Lions (+120)

In this example, the NC Dinos are favorites to win the match. The Moneyline favorite will always be the team KC Dinos at -140 odds you’d need to risk $140 to win $100 over the Samsung Lions. This means, if the Dinos beat the Lions, you will be paid a total of $240 ($140 of investment, and $100 of winnings) On the flip side If the Dinos lose the game, the $140 bet would count as a loss. If you were to place a $100 bet on the Samsung Lions to win at +120, the return would be $220 ($100 of investment, and $120 of winnings)

Our free KBO Moneyline predictions help you identify the best spots to bet on the Moneyline be is on a solid favorite or a live barking dog. All of our predictions will come with full analysis including the best odds available from the top online sportsbooks. 

KBO Predictions Against The Spread

Like any sports betting event, there will be a favorite and an underdog, and betting favorites on KBO matches can offer you very short odds. Betting our KBO predictions against the spread is an ideal way to counter that. The spread in baseball is known as the run line and this typically means one team will start with a -1.5 run start and the other, the underdog will start with a +1.5 run start. This will bring the odds closer together, so instead of taking a team -250 on the Moneyline, you can take them at -100 on the spread for a bigger odds play. Conversely, you can also take the underdog if you think they’ll keep the game close and be more assured knowing you have a +1.5 run start f they do lose a close one or just sneak in an upset victory. Making winning predictions on the run line is more difficult than the simplicity of the Moneyline, but our free KBO predictions against the spread dive into the best trends and analytics to find the best value for KBO spread lines. Check out today’s KBO predictions against the spread today!

Free KBO Over / Under Run Totals Predictions

Our KBO match previews also include the prediction on the totals line. Betting on the Totals is a simple way to place a wager on the game without necessarily betting on the winner or loser. Instead, you are betting on whether the total match runs will hit over or under the line set by sportsbooks.

For example, you may see the line 

NC Dinos vs. Kia Tigers – O/U 11 runs –  Over -104  Under -11

Here the line is set at 11 runs, so you can bet for there to be 12 or more runs, the over at -104 odds, or if you like there to be 10 or fewer runs you can take the under at -118 odds. If the match ends on 11 runs exactly, in this case, it would be a push, which is effectively a void bet, you have your stake returned. To counter this, most sportsbooks will add a .5 to the line so 11.5 or 10.5 to avoid the possibility of a tie.

A lot goes into researching totals predictions, as you are balancing the performance of both teams and the things that will affect how that particular match will be played. This will include everything from starting pitchers, batting lineups, dimensions of the ballpark, and even the weather. With so much going on around the prediction of each total be sure to read our full analysis and reasoning for each prediction ahead of doing your own research. 

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