What Is NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting can best be described as very similar to a horse race. You’re not only betting on the jockey (driver) but also the horse (car) as well as the trainer (racing team). Then you also have to take into account track size, track type, weather, and much more when calculating your NASCAR Betting picks

The most popular form of NASCAR betting is pretty straightforward, picking the winner. If certain drivers have performed well over the recent weeks you can expect their odds for continuing that success to be much lower.

Other drivers who may have struggled recently, but have a plethora of top 10 finishes at a certain track can also lower their odds. Drivers who are struggling and can’t keep their car on the track offer the highest odds and thus the best return on investment – if the NASCAR bet comes through.

There is a level of unpredictability in any given NASCAR race which is what makes the sport such an exciting watch, but for the same reason, NASCAR can also be tricky to bet on. Finding the right balance between form, previous track form, strategy, just to name a few points is the key to finding the best NASCAR betting opportunities. Our experts here at Pickswise take care of all of this for you and highlight the Best NASCAR bets this weekend ahead of every race in the NASCAR season schedule, as well as all of the breaking NASCAR News and analysis. 

NASCAR Betting Strategy

Much like other sports betting types, finding winning NASCAR bets depends on a lot of different variables, one of those being recent performance indicators of the teams and drivers. Momentum and confidence are a big part of winning teams (even in racing) and the more success you have recently the better your chances for it to continue. Recent success comes at a price, however, with the favorites ahead of each race likely to be those in good recent form in the previous few races. 

There are also driver stats to consider to have the best chances of being successful with your NASCAR betting. You can find data for every driver as it relates to results at a certain track, a track type, laps led, average finish, top 5’s, top 10’s, etc. The data is there to be analyzed but with so many drivers in each race, it can become time-consuming to dig as deeply as you need to ensure no stone is left unturned in your research. Fortunately for you, here at Pickswise, we have a team of expert NASCAR handicappers who lean on their in-depth knowledge and experience of the sport to provide the best free NASCAR betting advice ahead of every single race. Check out this week’s NASCAR betting now. 

NASCAR Betting Online Explained

Betting on NASCAR is quick and easy, with almost every top online sportsbook offering NASCAR betting markets ahead of each race meet. The most popular two wagers on NASCAR is the outright winner of a race and also a Top-3 Finish in the race. Around the bigger NASCAR events such as the Daytona 500 or the Coca-Cola 600, there will typically be more markets available such as qualifying positions and race day prop bets.

To place a bet on NASCAR, simply head to your sportsbook of choice and look for the Motorsports section on the Navigation menu. The majority of sportsbooks will combine the likes of Indy Racing, Formula 1, and NASCAR into one section, but some may have NASCAR listed separately. Once you are on the section you should see the upcoming race name on the menu and clicking on this will display all of the available betting markets at that time. Click your selections on that market and it will add it to your bet slip, where you can enter the amount you wish to wager and hit the place bet button to lock it in. It’s that quick and easy.

Types of NASCAR Betting

NASCAR Outright Winner Betting

The most common wager type for a NASCAR race is unsurprisingly picking the winner of that race. Unlike other types of motorsport such as Formula 1 where you’ll typically have a minus money favorite, most NASCAR outright winner betting odds will have a favorite at around +450, or sometimes even bigger. With so many drivers in the hunt come race day it’s not always easy finding the winner, but when you do the odds are rewarding. 

NASCAR Podium Finish Betting

With the competitiveness of NASCAR racing, and the fact a large number of drivers will have a realistic shot of winning from the starting grid, betting on a  NASCAR podium finishing position is a safer option than betting the winner outright. Betting on a driver to finish on a podium is a bet that a particular driver will finish first, second or third. You can typically expect around +200 odds for the favorite to finish on the podium, and much bigger for a longshot to weave their way through the field.

NASCAR Finish Prop Bets

Similar to betting on a driver to finish on the podium, you can also bet on NASCAR finish prop bets, whereby you can select a driver to finish in the Top 5 or Top 10 in the race, making it an even safer bet. Of course, if you take a favorite to finish in the top 10 you’ll expect to see long negative odds, but it can be used to sprinkle some on an underdog you like to make their way from the back of the field through the race.

NASCAR Driver Matchups – Head-to-Head Betting

Driver matchups or head-to-head betting markets are like a race within the race. Instead of betting on the final outcome of the race itself, here you will choose between two drivers and bet on who you think will finish first. This is a great way to cash in on a situation where you like a driver to have a better race day than the opponent they’re priced up against. The odds won’t be huge, but with only one driver to beat in the head-to-head, you can minimize the research you need to do and find the best driver matchups to take advantage of.

NASCAR Fastest Lap Betting

The fastest lap is always a talked-about point throughout any NASCAR race, and you can also bet on the outcome of the fastest lap at every race. With so much information available online, you can research through all of the practice and testing runs, as well as previous track success to find who you think has the best chance of claiming the fastest lap at any given race. 

NASCAR Live Betting 

The opportunity to bet on a NASCAR race doesn’t stop at flag fall. You can bet on any NASCAR race while the action unfolds with NASCAR live betting. While you won’t get as an exhaustive list of markets as you do prior to the race, all of the major betting markets such as podiums, outright winners, and top-5/10 finishes are typically made available, with live and dynamic odds throughout the majority of the race. Live NASCAR betting is a fast and exciting way to further enjoy the action while you watch along. 

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