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2019 NFL Over Under Win Total Predictions For NFC East Division

2019 NFL Over Under Win Total Predictions For NFC East Division

Predicting NFL win totals is always interesting. It is not just a measure of talent but scheduling and other factors. Here is a look at the NFC East. There is one team I’m looking at that should be able to win it all as the rest of the division will be underwhelming. Here are my win total predictions for NFC East Division 2019 season. 

Philadelphia Eagles – 9.5

Like so many Super Bowl winners the Eagles found that it is difficult to maintain that level of play. Key is going to be the health of Carson Wentz, especially so as they no longer have the best backup QB in the game. Any chance they have of going over means he has to start at least 15. The running backs are solid and the receivers really good…if he is healthy. On defense, Fletcher Cox can be one of the most disruptive players in the game but the rest of the front seven is only average. The defensive backs are familiar faces but they have to play better. On paper this looks like the best team in the division so I think you can lean slight to the over. They probably win it at 10-6.

Dallas Cowboys – 8.5

The offense is in really good hands thank to a young core of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper. There is no reason this team will not score enough points to be in every game. The defense is not as set and is especially light at the back end, which in the modern game make it really difficult to win. There is so much passing you have to be able to get off the field in critical spots. The division is not great but the schedule could be tough, especially on the road where they take on the Bears, Saints and Patriots. This number looks very sharp.  If I had to I would lean slightly under and pick this team to go an even 8-8

New York Giants – 6

They may have a couple of relatively recent Super Bowl wins but this franchise is evolving into a bit of a joke. They seems to have been savvy with the drafting of Saquon Barkley a year ago but sticking with Eli Manning and trading Odell Beckham mean the offense is going to be suspect again. Golden Tate is not enough of a difference maker. Defensively the best unit is probably the secondary but that is not saying much. They might be in the middle of the pack there but there is not much going on in the front seven. This roster needs to be turned over even more and in a smart way. With the schedule they have I am not seeing how they get to six wins. Four might be a good season, take the under.

Washington Redskins – 6

It hurts that Alex Smith will likely miss the whole season. I am not his biggest fan but there is no doubt that he is a winner. Replacing with with Case Keenum is not going to work though because as smart as he is he is not a difference maker and the surrounding talent is not good enough. Adrian Peterson is not what he once was. The defense is definitely not good enough to carry the team. Josh Norman has never really been worth the big investment and the rest of the defense is pretty average. Maybe Jonathan Allen can turn into something special. The schedule is better than some others in the division but not easy enough for them to really surprise. The number is good but if you have to go under. This is a five win team.


Last updated: Wed 15th May 2019
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