Best NBA sportsbook promos & sign-up bonuses for betting: 2024 playoffs

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The 2024 NBA playoffs have officially gotten underway, and each series has had at least one game played. There has been no shortage of storylines. Whether you’re a Philadelphia 76ers fan concerned about Joel Embiid or your team wasn’t even to make the postseason, there has never been a better time to claim the best NBA sportsbook promos.

Therefore, we’ve collected seven incredible sign-up bonuses currently available for what they entail and how to claim each one in time for tonight’s tip-offs.

The best NBA sportsbook promos available today

Before we break down each of the top NBA sportsbook promos, we want to let you start your journey instantly. Alongside the summaries below, you can use the corresponding link to navigate to the respective sportsbook and dive right in:

DraftKings NBA sportsbook promo

Tipping off the best NBA sportsbook promos is DraftKings Sportsbook, and after going through their brand new playoff bonus, you’ll quickly see why. You won’t even need a DraftKings promo code when you become a new member 👥 using a link or banner in this article. Once you’ve joined, deposit $5 or more.

Then, wager $5 or more on anything, not just an NBA playoff game. Better yet, it doesn’t even need to win! Successful or not, you will earn a $200 boost as eight $25 bonus bets. What makes this one of the best NBA sportsbook promos is that you will also receive a daily Same Game Parlay insurance token! So, why not create a new DK account today?

FanDuel NBA sportsbook promo

Another one of the top NBA sportsbook promos currently available is offered by FanDuel Sportsbook, and new customers can use this link 🔗 to join with no FanDuel promo code required. Make a first-time deposit of at least $10 to start.

After that, place a wager of $5 or more on anything, just like DraftKings. Once again, your qualifying wager doesn’t even have to win for you to be rewarded. This time, you’ll receive $150 worth of bonus bets no matter what. A guaranteed 30x boost makes this one of the best NBA sportsbook promos, and you can join FanDuel here to grab yours.

Caesars NBA sportsbook promo

Caesars Sportsbook also has one of the can’t-miss NBA sportsbook promos, and we have an exclusive promo code for you. When you click here 👈🏼 to sign up for a new account and use the Caesars promo code PICKSWISE1000, you’ll be able to place your first bet on the platform completely worry-free.

First, make a deposit of $10 or more. Then, place a wager of at least $10 and up to $1,000 on any contest. You are then guaranteed not to come away empty-handed, as you will receive your winnings or a bonus bet of the amount you wagered if it loses. Just be sure that the Caesars promo code PICKSWISE1000 is filled in when registering here for a new account and another one of the best NBA sportsbook promos.

BetMGM NBA sportsbook promo

Let’s get back to the NBA sportsbook promos where no promo code is needed, and this next one is provided by BetMGM Sportsbook. New members can sign up here ✍🏼 for a new account without being asked to enter a BetMGM promo code for an offer that is similar to the one at Caesars. Therefore, make an initial deposit of at least $10.

Follow that up by placing your first wager for at least $10 and up to $1,500, and like the other NBA sportsbook promos, it can be on anything, not just a playoff game in the Association. If it hits, your winnings are all yours, and if not, you’ll be credited a full refund in bonus bets. To secure another one of the top NBA sportsbook promos, just join BetMGM here.

Bet365 NBA sportsbook promo

Before we begin sharing some other types of NBA sportsbook promos, you’ll also want to become a new member at Bet365 Sportsbook. They are allowing all new users to choose their sign-up bonus after depositing $10 or more. You also won’t even be asked to enter a special Bet365 promo code.

You can claim $150 in bonus bets guaranteed by wagering $5 or more on anything, whether it wins or loses. You can also wager $10+ and up to $1,000 on anything and have it fully insured. So, you’ll receive your winnings or a full refund in the form of bonus bets. Whichever of these NBA sportsbook promos sounds best to you, it starts by 🌟 registering at Bet365 🌟 for a new account today.

Underdog Fantasy NBA promo

Now, let’s get into some NBA sportsbook promos that are provided by daily fantasy sites. One of the most popular is Underdog Fantasy, and you can create a new account here so you won’t need to enter a promo code.

After setting up your new account, make a first-time deposit of at least $10 and up to $100. Once you’ve decided upon your amount, Underdog will match 100% of it in bonus funds. It’s as simple as that to add to your NBA sportsbook promos, and you can sign up here for a new Underdog account.

PrizePicks Fantasy NBA promo

Last but certainly not least is PrizePicks Fantasy. Joining them is another great way to add to the NBA sportsbook promos above, and you can use this link 🔗 to do just that. Before getting started, ensure that you fill in the PrizePicks sign-up code PICKSWISE.

Then, like Underdog, deposit $10+ and up to $100. PrizePicks will then boost your account with the same amount you deposited in bonus funds, effectively doubling the amount that you have to play with. So, finish off your full collection of NBA sportsbook promos by joining PrizePicks with promo code PICKSWISE1000.

What to wager on this week with your NBA promos

As we’ve been mentioning, you can claim each of the NBA sportsbook promos above using any sporting event. However, if you want to target one of the playoff games on the hardwood, here is the schedule for the next two nights:

Tuesday, April 23:

Wednesday, April 24:

  • Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics – 7 PM ET
  • New Orleans Pelicans vs Oklahoma City Thunder – 9:30 PM ET

Getting Started With the NBA Sportsbook Promos

Thankfully, getting started with your NBA sportsbook promos is the easiest part. That’s because when you use the links and banners in this article, you will either be automatically enrolled or have the proper promo code filled in for you. 

With that in mind, you can use the ones that we’ve shared below:

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