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Fantasy Football Trade Targets, Dumps and More For Week 8

Fantasy Football Trade Targets, Dumps and More For Week 8

There are a few players who need to be traded for this week and a few guys who need to be traded away if they are on your roster. The old saying goes buy low and sell high so lets break down a few of those guys. Let’s take a look at some fantasy football trade targets.


Stefon Diggs Minnesota Vikings Wide Reciever

Right now is the perfect time to trade for Stefon Diggs because his value won’t ever be lower and you can probably get him cheap. Each of the last two weeks he only has had 33 yards receiving which has to be frustrating but he still is 5th in the NFL in targets.

Thielen is stealing a lot of his thunder but Diggs is going to get back into the end zone soon. Buy low on this guy, and you could save your fantasy football season.

David Johnson Arizona Cardinals Running Backs

David Johnson might be the biggest disappointment of the season and his owners are probably just trying to get something solid back in return.

He has only rushed for 355 yards and five touchdowns but he is facing some bad rush defenses the rest of the season. In order, the defenses are ranked 25th, 30th, 22nd, 16th, 13th, 27th, 32nd, and 12th against the run.

If the Cardinals give him the touches he is going to start running wild.

Jared Goff Los Angeles Rams Quarterback

Jared Goff got off to a flying start to the season but in the last two weeks he has thrown for just over 200 yards which means it’s time to buy. The next three opponents for the Rams are the Packers, Saints, and Chiefs and they are all going to need to feature him really slinging the rock.

His value might not be the lowest right now so you might have to pay up for him, but he is still a guy you want on your side in the next few weeks.


Latavius Murray Minnesota Vikings running back

If you have Latavius Murray on your roster and someone is offering you anything of value run to the commissioner and get that trade down now, because his value is at an all-time high.

Murray has had back to back big fantasy weeks but he is running behind an offensive line that isn’t great and the team as a whole has had issues running this year.

Dalvin Cook is also only expected to miss a few more weeks and once he is back Murray will probably only get ten snaps a game.

Calvin Ridley Atlanta Falcons wide receiver

Matt Ryan loves to sling the ball around but the Falcons have so many wide receivers, you don’t know which one is going to get the targets week in and week out.

He was a breakout star early in the season because he was getting the touchdown passes but in each of the last three weeks he has failed to bring in a touchdown. If you can get a solid return I would think about trading away Mr. Ridley.



Last updated: Mon 29th October 2018

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