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Kansas City Chiefs: What will their 2020 record be?
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Kansas City Chiefs: What will their 2020 record be?

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Content Manager for Pickswise.com The home of free sports picks and experts best bets.

Head coach Andy Reid finally has his first coaching Super Bowl ring as he returns in 2020 with more or less the same Kansas City Chiefs championship team. With franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes leading the way for the Chiefs explosive offense, expect more high scoring games and insane throws as Kansas City should be a cakewalk back into the playoffs in 2020.

Let’s see if the Chiefs can reach the promised land once again as Pickswise takes a look at each game-by-game and predicts the outcome for the Kansas City Chiefs this upcoming season.

Week 1: vs. Houston Texans

The defending champions are going to open the 2020 season against the Houston Texans. At the moment, they are currently one of our favorite week one NFL bets as the Chiefs will run away with this game. Win

Week 2: @ Los Angeles Chargers

Even though the Los Angeles Chargers defense will be a  top 10 unit in football, it’s hard to stop Mr. Mahomes. Kansas City will find a win to squeak out a victory. Win

Week 3: @ Baltimore Ravens

If you thought the rushing attack of the Ravens was good last season, just wait until this season. Add the Ravens strong defense as they make a case for being the best regular-season team again. Loss

Week 4: vs. New England Patriots

Kansas City might drop 40 points in this game. The end of the era might officially start for the Patriots when they get dropped by the Chiefs. Win

Week 5: vs. Las Vegas Raiders

You could combine both QB Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota and they would not match the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Win

Week 6: @ Buffalo Bills

Buffalo will have a new look, especially on the offensive side with Stefon Diggs as this game will be close without a doubt. A late game-winning field goal wins it for the Chiefs. Win

Week 7: @ Denver Broncos

It seems the Denver Broncos are all-in on QB Drew Lock. Well, each team has their hiccup throughout the season and it comes when Drew Lock leads the Broncos to a comeback victory. Loss 

Week 8: vs. New York Jets

After the upset in Denver, the Kansas City Chiefs get back on track with a blowout victory against the New York Jets. Win

Week 9: vs. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are a one-dimensional team. It will not be too hard to stop these Panthers in 2020. Win

Week 10: BYE

Week 11: @ Las Vegas Raiders

One of the biggest games in the new Raiders stadium as they host the defending champions. Once again Las Vegas pulls up the tricks and games to stay close to the Chiefs, but it will not be enough to take down the champs. Win.

Week 12: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sorry Tampa Bay and Tom Brady, but the NFL is run by the young gun of Patrick Mahomes now. Win

Week 13: vs. Denver Broncos

After losing to the Broncos in week seven, the Chiefs get their revenge and beat their divisional rival. Win

Week 14: @ Miami Dolphins

Even though the Miami Dolphins have added some powerful young players, they will not be able to matchup against the defending champions. Win

Week 15: @ New Orleans Saints

A battle to see who has the best passing offense. I expect both teams to have over 30 total points as it will come down to Mahomes vs Brees. Slight edge to Brees as it’s hard to win in the dome. Loss

Week 16: vs. Atlanta Falcons

Almost a slip up here as the Falcons and Matt Ryan will be ready to unleash yet another powerful NFC South offense. Unlike the Saints game, the Chiefs close this one out with a victory. Win

Week 17: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Home field advantage is on the line here in week 17 as the Kansas City Chiefs earned the right to host each playoff game with a victory against the Chargers. Win

Taking an early look at the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs season, I have them finishing with a 13-3 record. In 2019 they finished with a 12-4 record and finished first in the division. In 2020, I expect them to have a consistent season in 2020 as they make the playoffs and have another strong Super Bowl run.

Last updated: Mon 18th May 2020
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