NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Where do all 32 Teams Stack Up?

Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany, ; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) throws a pass against the Miami Dolphins in the first quarter during an NFL International Series game at Deutsche Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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The top 2 positions in the Pickswise NFL Power Rankings remain unchanged this week, but the Chiefs have reclaimed a top-3 spot with their win over the Dolphins in Germany.

That loss caused Miami to take a major tumble in this list, but as they’ve failed now in all 3 of their games against top teams, it’s hard to keep them above other strong contenders.

The Bengals and Texans have made notable moves up the rankings this week, while the Rams and Jets join the Dolphins heading in the opposite direction.

You can also check out our early pick for NFL Week 10 and look at the NFL odds any time you like. Now, let’s get to this week’s rankings.

Pickswise NFL Power Rankings for Week 10

1 (-) Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles posted another quality win on their record with a hard-earned success against the Cowboys and they have more chances to prove themselves worthy of the #1 spot with the Chiefs, Bills and 49ers up next. They are 2nd-favorites at FanDuel for the Super Bowl at +500 odds, just behind the Chiefs at +490.

2 (-) Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have seen their Super Bowl at FanDuel slashed from +1200 to +850, possibly because we moved them to the #2 slot last week, but probably also because they whipped the Seahawks 37-3.

3 (up 1) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs sizzled like the local sausages in Frankfurt, with a controlled win over Miami that saw their Super Bowl odds cut to +475 at DraftKings, which has them well clear of the +550 Eagles. They now have a week off to prepare for a clash with that same Philadelphia team.

4 (up 1) Jacksonville Jaguars

This feels a little high for the Jaguars now, but they move up on their bye week thanks to fellow Floridians the Dolphins tumbling past them.

5 (up 2) Detroit Lions

Taking the week off also assisted the Lions, who move up 2 as they didn’t lose, which can’t be said for the Dolphins or Cowboys.

6 (-) Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys remain in the top 5 in FanDuel’s Super Bowl odds despite losing to the Eagles, but can now be backed at at +1100, when they were +1000 before the Eagles game as their NFC East and tiebreaker hopes both took a hit.

7 (up 3) Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals continue to rise and 4 straight wins, with the last 2 coming against the 49ers and Bills, is a strong look. Their heavy defeat by the Browns is long enough ago now that they can justifiably be above their AFC North rivals.

8 (-) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers can’t complain about the Bengals going above them while they were out of action this week as Cincinnati beat them before their vacation. In fact they should be happy to be above the Browns, who also beat them.

9 (up 2) Cleveland Browns

Here are those Browns, who shut out Arizona in a dominant win against, uh… a Clayton Tune-led offense. Much more importantly for the Browns, Deshaun Watson was back and made a couple of sweet deep throws to Amari Cooper that suggest the worst days of his shoulder injury may finally be behind him.

10 (down 7) Miami Dolphins

It’s a big drop for the Dolphins, sure, but they have been tested against top teams 3 times this season and lost all 3, to the Bills, Eagles and Chiefs. Happily for them, they don’t have another particularly tough game until Christmas Eve!

11 (down 2) Buffalo Bills

You can’t have FOUR defeats and stay in the top 10, Buffalo. Particularly as half of them were to the Patriots and Jets. The Bills are out to +1500 9th-favorites for the Super Bowl as sportsbooks’ patience with them has also run out.

12 (up 1) Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are the highest-placed 4-4 team (which still means they would be 5th if they were in the AFC North!) but they actually looked as good as they should for once against the Jets on MNF, so that’s progress.

13 (up 1) Pittsburgh Steelers

And here is the last of those AFC North teams in our rankings. All 4 teams in the division would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. The Steelers have had a nice mini-break since beating the Titans on TNF and will be at home for a third straight game this week against the Packers.

14 (down 2) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks were slumped by the Ravens but still have +310 odds to win the NFC West given the 49ers have lost 3 straight games and the Rams and Cardinals are no longer competitive.

15 (up 1) New Orleans Saints

It’s 2 wins in a row for the Saints, but we’re not going to go crazy about a 24-17 win over Tyson Bagent and the Bears. They are top of the NFC South, though, and -160 odds at FanDuel to stay there.

16 (up 2) Tennessee Titans

The Titans move up 2 spots despite losing, courtesy of the previous #16 and #17, the Rams and the Jets dropping away even further. Ryan Tannehill’s benching has been made official and it’s the Will Levis show now, instantly making the Titans a more interesting team.

17 (up 3) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings were dropped due to them planning to start Jaren Hall last week, but they get an instant bounceback after the Passtronaut, Josh Dobbs, got off the plane from Arizona and inspired them to a sensational win over the Falcons despite only learning the plays as they were read into his headset. Dobbs is +1500 odds to be Comeback Player of the Year, by the way.

18 (up 5) Houston Texans

The Texans are another team who are loving life with their rookie quarterback and CJ Stroud tossed 5 TDs in their wild comeback win over the Bucs. They could be a force in another year or two.

19 (-) Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons stay where they were but they are now 4-5 after 3 losses in their last 4 games. Taylor Heinicke was only steady against the Texans and the pressure will be on for the Dirty Birds to get a win against the Cardinals this week.

20 (down 5) Los Angeles Rams

The Rams looked a decent team in the early weeks but they are 3-6 after 3 straight losses and Matthew Stafford’s injury has led to Brett Rypien starting at quarterback with the prospect of Carson Wentz jumping off his couch to have a try soon.

21 (up 1) Denver Broncos

The Broncos’ win over the Chiefs before their bye looks better still after KC beat the Dolphins. They get an extended break as they don’t return until Monday Night Football, when they face the Bills.

22 (down 1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s now 4 straight losses and 5 in the last 6 for the Bucs, whose offense staged a tremendous game-winning drive against the Texans, but unfortunately left enough time for their defense to stage a game-losing drive right after. Their game against the Titans is not likely near the top of anyone’s viewing priorities this Sunday.

23 (up 1) Indianapolis Colts

The Colts snapped a 3-game losing skid this week, but they beat only the 1-7 Panthers, so don’t expect a huge reward for that. Kenny Moore’s two pick-6s of Bryce Young within 20 minutes of playing time is something to remember, though.

24 (down 7) New York Jets

This might seem harsh but a lot of people were made to watch the Jets in a primetime slot this week, so there has to be some kind of punishment. While Aaron Rodgers’ miraculously fast recovery appears to continue, the chances of there being anything worth coming back for are receding.

25 (-) Washington Commanders

This is a tricky one. Do we give the Commanders credit for finding a way to beat the Patriots, or take a dim view because they got themselves in a position to lose to them? Leaving them where they were seems fair.

26 (-) Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders came back to life with a dominant win over the Giants, but they need to beat someone better than that to get a substantial rise in the rankings. That may have to wait, as they’re playing the Jets first this week, which is somehow on Sunday Night Football.

27 (up 1) Green Bay Packers

The Packers managed to snap their 4-game losing skid, with the secret apparently being to play a team starting a backup quarterback. They will get a bigger jump if they can double up against the Steelers on the road.

28 (down 1) New England Patriots

The 2-7 Patriots doesn’t even sound right to anyone who has only been watching football for the last 25 years or so, but here they are, with the joint 2nd-worst record in the NFL. Everyone gets to see exactly how far the mighty have fallen when they head to Germany to play the Colts in Sunday’s early game.

29 (-) Carolina Panthers

That winning feeling didn’t last too long for the Panthers, but they get a chance to shake off the loss to the Colts when they star on Thursday Night Football against the Bears. Why exactly do the Week 10 schedulers hate us all so much?

30 (up 1) Chicago Bears

The Bears have to hope that Justin Fields is back and playing well soon, because there has not been much to get excited about in his absence.

31 (down 1) New York Giants

Daniel Jones was briefly back but is now out for the season, which must be giving the team’s front office ideas about what they might do with the high draft pick that will be heading their way.

32 (-) Arizona Cardinals

Rookie Clayton Tune didn’t have a chance against Myles Garrett and the Browns defense, as we suggested might be the case in this article last week. The Cardinals are set to get Kyler Murray back this week but they are still +200 odds with FanDuel to have the worst regular-season record, with the Panthers and Giants both at +280.

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