NFL Teaser Picks Week 8: Best NFL teaser bets, odds and strategies this week

Los Angeles Rams linebacker Christian Rozeboom (56) celebrates with his teammates after intercepting the football against the Arizona Cardinals during the fourth quarter at SoFi Stadium.
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Some of the most popular types of NFL bets include the classic straight bet, a parlay, a player prop and a game total. However, have you heard of a teaser? It’s like a parlay in the sense that you’re combining 2 teams, but you get to change the spread or total in your favor. At most sportsbooks, a 2-team, 6-point teaser will have odds of -120; if it doesn’t, be sure to shop around for the best price. Let’s get into this week’s best NFL teaser, but make sure you check out our NFL Week 8 picks on the side and total for every game this week.

NFL Teaser Strategies

There is a certain strategy when putting your teaser together. That includes being aware of the key numbers: 3, 6 and 7. Those are the most common winning margins in an NFL game. So, when taking a teaser, you ideally want to be lower than 3 and higher than 7. For example, if a heavy favorite is -8.5 on the spread, I can tease them down 6 points through all 3 key numbers to -2.5. That’s an excellent teaser choice since the team can now win by 3, 6 and 7 and the teaser would win.

On the other side, taking an underdog through those key numbers is also just as valuable. If a team is a +1.5 underdog, you could tease them up 6 points to +7.5, and then that allows them to win or lose by the 3 key numbers and you would still win. There’s also the option to tease game totals in the NFL, but with how quickly and sporadic scores can happen, I tend to stay away from totals and stick to spreads. It can be fun hunting for the best teaser options each week, so let’s get into some of my teaser contenders for Week 8, and then my favorite teaser option for the Sunday. 

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NFL Week 8 Teaser Options

Week 8 of the NFL season is special because every single team will take the field. That’s right, there are no byes in Week 8. That means two things – one, your favorite team will be playing this week, and two, there are plenty of teaser candidates. Here are my five favorite teaser legs for Week 8.

  1. Chiefs -1.5 (from -7.5)
  2. Rams +12.5 (from +6.5)
  3. Chargers -2.5 (from -8.5)
  4. Browns +9.5 (from +3.5)
  5. Patriots +15.5 (from +9.5)

I’m keeping it simple with my favorite teaser leg for Week 8. The Chiefs and Broncos meet for the second time this season, and for this teaser leg to win, the Chiefs need to win by 2 points or more. The Chiefs accomplished that task in Week 6 when they defeated Denver 18-9 in a game that shouldn’t have been as close as it was. Getting the Chiefs to win this game by anything less than a field goal seems like a no-brainer. My second favorite teaser leg features the Rams in Dallas to face the Cowboys, and while I agree with the 6.5-point spread, I certainly don’t think the Rams would lose by more than 13 points. Puka Nucua and Cooper Kupp should shred the Dallas secondary. 

The other legs are still quality picks that I would consider adding to your teaser. The Chargers welcome the Bears to Los Angeles for Week 8, and Justin Fields is once again out. That means Tyson Bagent will get his second career start, and while his story to the NFL has been wholesome and inspiring, he won’t be able to compete with Justin Herbert and the fast-paced Chargers offense. The Browns and Patriots, they are both facing offenses that are better than the one they possess, but Cleveland and New England share something in common – a good defense. That can be the key to each team staying competitive in their Week 8 matchup.

NFL Week 8 Teaser Best Bet

There is a plethora of Week 8 matchups, but here’s my favorite teaser of the week. 

Chiefs -1.5
Rams +12.5

Looking back at Week 6, the Chiefs should have won by a lot more against Denver in their first meeting. The Kansas City defense forced 3 turnovers and Travis Kelce had 124 receiving yards, but the Chiefs managed just 19 points. The biggest problem for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs was their struggles on 3rd down, which led to a lot of short drives. Even with Kansas City not playing its best football, it still beat Denver by 11 points. Andy Reid and Mahomes should come into Denver with a better plan on offense that should allow them to win by at least 10 points, so backing a 1.5-point spread is well worth the opportunity.

The Rams’ season can best be described as a rollercoaster. Los Angeles has shown flashes of brilliance on offense with Puka Nucua and Cooper Kupp looking like the next-best duo, but then there are moments of confusion, such as the Week 6 loss to the Steelers. Darrell Henderson will fill in for Kyren Williams at RB, which is a slight downgrade, but not game-altering. I’m expecting the Cowboys to come away with the win in Week 8, however, asking them to win by almost 2 touchdowns is a lot. This game should be competitive from the opening whistle to the last, so I’m confident taking the Rams’ spread up to 12.5 points.

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