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NHL Power Rankings: Sharks start to climb, Sabres plummet
I am Pickswise's NASCAR expert, also make picks on MLB, NHL, and both college football and basketball. Very passionate about sports, especially college football and college basketball. I have followed NASCAR since I was little. I am a 2018 graduate of Michigan State Universities School of Journalism.

NHL Power Rankings: Sharks start to climb, Sabres plummet

I am Pickswise's NASCAR expert, also make picks on MLB, NHL, and both college football and basketball. Very passionate about sports, especially college football and college basketball. I have followed NASCAR since I was little. I am a 2018 graduate of Michigan State Universities School of Journalism.

The NHL season has seen plenty of intriguing games already to this point, and with the ninth week of the season approaching, many teams find themselves starting to fall way behind in the points standings. Teams like the Capitals, Islanders, Panthers, and Bruins have started to pull away in the Eastern Conference standings, while teams like the Sabres and Lightning continue to slip down the standings. There are a lot of interesting games ahead on the schedule so make sure to check our NHL picks as well. But let’s jump into the NHL Power Rankings for this week.

1. New York Islanders (16-3-2)

The Islanders have been a tough team to beat so far this season, especially on their ice. They trail the Capitals in points in the Metro, but they aren’t too far behind. Next Game: @ ANA (11/25).

2. Washington Capitals (16-4-5)

The Capitals have staked their claim for the top spot, but a loss against San Jose allowed the Islanders to close the gap in the points race. Next Game: vs FLA (11/27).

3. Boston Bruins (15-3-5)

Boston has been able to win some tough games to this point, and behind two strong goalies, they could climb even higher in the coming weeks. Next Game: @ MTL (11/26).

4. St. Louis Blues (14-5-5)

The defending Stanley Cup champions couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2019-2020 season, as they not only hold the division lead, but they are also tied for the most points in the Western Conference. Next Game: @ NSH (11/25).

5. Colorado Avalanche (13-8-2)

The Avalanche have been playing decent hockey, but they still find themseleves currently in the fourth spot in the Central division. Next Game: vs EDM (11/27).

6. Edmonton Oilers (15-7-3)

The Oilers have a chance to move up the rankings if they can survive their match-up with the Coyotes tonight. Next Game: @ ARZ (Today)

7. Arizona Coyotes (14-8-2)

The Coyotes have a huge home match-up with the division-leading Oilers up next, and a win could go along the way down the road. Next Game: vs EDM (Today).

8. Florida Panthers (12-6-5)

One of the biggest surprises of the season will need to avoid another slip up as they host the struggling Sabres. Next Game: vs BUF (Today).

9. Carolina Hurricanes (14-8-1)

The Hurricanes have put together a strong start to the 2019-2020 season but will have to avoid losses against inferior opponents if they want to stay in the hunt. Next Game: @ DET (Today).

10. Montreal Canadiens (11-7-5)

The Canadiens have fought hard to this point, and have been rewarded for it, as they hold the third spot in the Atlantic Division. Tomas Tatar has 20 points in 22 games. Next Game: vs BOS (11/26).

11. Dallas Stars (14-8-2)

Dallas looks to have righted the ship, as they sit second in the Central Division, and have won five of their last six games. Next Game: vs VGS (11/25).

12. Winnipeg Jets (14-9-1)

Another Central Divison team that is at 14 wins on the season. Wins in six of their last eight games have the Jets trending up. Next Game: @ SJ (11/27).

13. Pittsburgh Penguins (12-7-4)

The Penguins may have slowed the bleeding a little bit, but without Crosby on the ice, this team is pretty vulnerable. Next Game: vs CGY (11/25).

14. Vancouver Canucks (12-8-4)

The Canucks have picked up two key wins in their last three games, including sneaking out a win over the Capitals. Next Game: @ PHI (11/25).

15. Vegas Golden Knights (11-10-4)

The Golden Knights have won two of their last four games. But hasn’t quite been as successful on their ice as of late. Luckily they hit the road and will look to try and get back on the winning track. Next Game: @ DAL (11/25).

16. Philadelphia Flyers ( 11-7-5)

The Flyers could start to slip not only in the standings but also in the power rankings with games against inferior opponents ahead on the schedule, as Philly has struggled against teams of that caliber. Next Game: vs VAN (11/25).

17. San Jose Sharks ( 12-11-1)

The Sharks might have gotten one of the best wins of the year, as they were able to outlast the red-hot New York Islanders in overtime in their last game. Next Game: @ LA (11/25).

18. Tampa Bay Lightning ( 11-7-2)

Tampa Bay looks to have gotten things going in the right direction as they have won their last two games by four goals apiece. Next Game: vs BUF (11/25).

19. Toronto Maple Leafs ( 11-10-4)

Toronto has won two straight games against a pair of contenders from the Western Conference after the firing of coach Mike Babcock. Next Game: @ DET (11/27).

20. Nashville Predators (10-9-3)

The Predators look to be bound for a rough season, but they still have room to get back in the hunt. Next Game: vs STL (11/25).

21. Chicago Blackhawks ( 9-9-5)

Chicago has been the definition of inconsistent. But aren’t out the hunt by any means in the tough Central Division. Next Game: vs DAL (11/26).

22. Calgary Flames (11-12-3)

The Flames haven’t had the season they were hoping for so far, but they were able to snap their six-game losing streak with a win over Philadelphia. Next Game: @ PIT (11/25).

23. Buffalo Sabres (10-9-3)

The Sabres have taken a nosedive in the standings rather quickly after an 8-1-1 start to the season. They have only won twice since then and could continue to fall in the rankings. Next Game: @ FLA (Today).

24. Ottawa Senators (11-11-1)

Things look to be looking up for the Senators as they have battled, with wins in four of their last five games. It could get even better for Ottawa with three of their next four games against teams who have had rough starts. Next Game: @ CLB (11/25).

25. New York Rangers (10-9-2)

The Rangers have been a little inconsistent, but with two wins over teams that are both top three in their respective division’s looks to have given New York a little confidence. Next Game: vs MIN (11/25).

26. Columbus Blue Jackets (9-9-4)

The Blue Jackets might only have nine wins so far this season, but that hasn’t stopped them from being a tough team each night they take to the ice. Wins in three of their last four games don’t hurt either. Next Game: vs OTT (11/25).

27. Anaheim Ducks (10-11-3)

The Ducks may have 10 wins, but they still sit second to last in the Pacific, as it is a bit of a log jam division so far this season. Anaheim has given five or more goals in four of their last five games. Next Game: vs NYI (11/25).

28. New Jersey Devils (8-10-4)

The Devils only have eight wins on the season but their most recent was a 5-1 thrashing of the league’s worst team, the Red Wings. The trade for P.K. Subban has yet to be worth it. Next Game: vs MIN (11/26).

29. Minnesota Wild (9-11-3)

With a tight hold on last place in the Central Division, all Minnesota can do is try to improve their place as they have a tough week with two of their next three games on the road. Next Game: @ NYR (11/25).

30. Los Angeles Kings (9-13-1)

The Kings avoid the bottom as they have won two of their last four games, and put up a tough fight against the Coyotes in two of those games. Next Game: vs SJ (11/25).

31. Detroit Red Wings (7-15-3)

In what looked to be a promising start, Detroit has hit rock bottom, as they are currently last in the NHL in wins and points, with just 17 on the season. It’s a large mountain to climb for the Wings. Next Game: vs CAR (Today).

Last updated: Sun 24th November 2019
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