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Pickswise Week 4 NHL Power Rankings

Pickswise Week 4 NHL Power Rankings

It’s time for Pickwise’s week four NHL Power Rankings. Teams finally seem to be settling in and it’s becoming more and more clear which teams are contenders and which ones are just pretenders.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins (LW 1)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are on fire. They have won four games in a row and they are having no issues attacking opposing teams in their zone. With the offense performing the way it is, people have to be wondering if this is going to be another special season for the team from Pittsburgh.

2. Nashville Predators (LW 2)

The Predators are still a really good team but two losses in the last week have dropped them down just a spot in the rankings.

3. Winnipeg Jets  (LW 7)

The Jets got off to a slow start to the season but the scoring is starting to come along, and along with that has been the wins.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning (LW 2)

The Lightning had a bad 7-1 loss against the Arizona Coyotes but besides that slip up all they have done is to continue to win games.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs (LW 3)

The Maple Leafs offense has gone cold and now with Auston Matthews out at least four weeks with a shoulder injury, they are going to need to find a new place to get the scoring.

6. San Jose Sharks (LW 17)

The Sharks have won four of the last five games and in those four wins the offense has had no issue scoring goals.

7. Minnesota Wild (LW 15)

The Wild started off the season slow but the defense is solid and the offense is really starting to click.

8. Colorado Avalanche (LW 4)

The Avalanche have also been hot, but a loss to the Minnesota Wild means they fall one spt behind them in the standings.

9. Edmonton Oilers (LW 19)

The Edmonton Oilers had a really bad start to the season but three wins in a row in the last weeks make some believe this team might be back.

10. Boston Bruins (LW 12)

The Bruins were 2-1 in the week and the two wins were easy wins. The defense has been troublesome at times but if they can get that figured out, watch out.

11. Columbus Blue Jackets (LW 18)

The Blue Jackets have been a hard team to figure out this year. After a big win they seem to have an ugly loss and sometimes they can’t seem to get out of their own ways.

12. New Jersey Devils (LW 5)

There weren’t many expectations for the Devils coming into the season but they surprised a lot of people with their start. It looks like they have now fallen back to earth and don’t be surprised if this team continues to fall down in the rankings.

13. Washington Capitals (LW 16)

The Capitals offense is one of the best in the league but their defense is one of the worst. So which one is going to  win out?

14. Chicago Blackhawks (LW 10)

The Blackhawks seemed to be off to a good start to the season, but two losses to end the week sees them fall a few spots in the rankings.

15. Vegas Golden Knights (LW 21)

The Golden Knights seem to be figuring it out and it’s about time, because with as much talent as this team has they should be in the top ten.

16. Montreal Canadiens (LW 9)

The Canadiens continue to win but they really haven’t been impressive. It seems only a matter of time before they start to fall.

17. Calgary Flames (LW 14)

The Flames have lost three in a row and although it was against tough competition, this team needs to figure it out soon.

18. Buffalo Sabres (LW 22)

The Buffalo Sabres have quietly won three of the last four games and it looks like this team is finally turning the corner.

19. Carolina Hurricanes (LW 11)

The Hurricanes are a fun team to watch, but their lack of focus to the small details has really hurt this team.

20. Anaheim Ducks (LW 6)

The Ducks were off to a flying start but now they have lost five games in a row and there are some questions about how far they will fall.

21. Dallas Stars (LW 25)

The Stars would have climbed higher if it wasn’t for a bad loss to end the week against the Detroit Red Wings.

22. Vancouver Canucks (LW 20)

The Canucks have played alright compared to what many expected for them this year, but they are still a bottom third team in the league.

23. Arizona Coyotes (LW 29)

The Coyotes are a good defensive team and if they can start to score goals like they did against the Lightning they can save this season.

24. St. Louis Blues (LW 26)

If it wasn’t for a win in their last game of the week against the Blackhawks this team would be near the bottom of the rankings.

25. New York Islanders (LW 24)

The Islanders season has been a failure so far but they did win back to back games over the weekend, that’s at least some progress.

26. Ottawa Senators (LW 13)

The Senators came crashing back to earth and have lost three games in a row. This season could get ugly for them.

27. Los Angeles Kings (LW 28)

The Kings season has been so bad they switched coaches. Hopefully, he can breathe some fresh air into this team because they really need it.

28. Philadelphia Flyers (LW 23)

The Flyers have lost three games in a row and the offense is really struggling.

29. Florida Panthers (LW 30)

The Panthers only have seven points on the season and the injuries continue to pile up for this team.

30. New York Rangers (LW 27)

This team is going through a full-blown rebuild, and it is shown with the results on the ice.

31. Detroit Red Wings (LW 31) 

The only thing nice about this team is their Arena.

Last updated: Tue 30th October 2018

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