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NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Prop Bets

NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Prop Bets

No game in the entire world of sports inspires more betting than the Super Bowl. Given the number of available props, the actual outcome of the game is inconsequential by comparison. You can bet on basically everything (including the National Anthem and the halftime show). The color of Gatorade with which the winning coach gets dumped is no exception.

This year’s Super Bowl could inspire a record amount of wagering. One, the matchup could not be better: Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Two, in the era of coronavirus people have to occupy themselves with something. What better excuse for not going out can there be than staying at home and betting on the Super Bowl?!?!

How To Bet On The Super Bowl Gatorade Shower

Most sportsbooks will have Gatorade odds at some point leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. That includes FanDuel, which does not have them available right now but was part of the action for last year’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. In that Super Bowl, Purple was a -125 favorite but Orange cashed as a +750 longshot.

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Previous Winners & Trends

Orange was the Gatorade of choice last year for the fifth time since records of this event started being kept in 2001. All five of Orange’s appearances have actually come in the last 11 years. Blue is the only other color with multiple dumps during this 11-year stretch, with two. Dating back to 2001, Clear/Water is in second place with four—all coming in a four-year span from 2005 through 2008. Yellow is next with three douses, most recently in Super Bowl LIII when the Philadelphia Eagles upset the New England Patriots.

Only three times since 2001 has the color of the Gatorade matched the winning team’s color scheme. Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin’s clothes turned Yellow following Super Bowl XLIII, while New England head coach Bill Belichick has twice gotten Blue treatment.

Only four times in the last 20 installments of the biggest game in American sports has the winning coach avoided seemingly certain doom. All four of those Super Bowls were decided either on the final play or in the last few seconds, thus not giving players necessary preparation time to issue a Gatorade bath.

Here is the full list of the last 20 Super Bowls:

Super Bowl No. Liquid Color Winning Team
35 Yellow Baltimore Ravens
36 None New England Patriots
37 Purple Tampa Bay Buccaneers
38 None New England Patriots
39 Clear New England Patriots
40 Clear Pittsburgh Steelers
41 Clear Indianapolis Colts
42 Clear New York Giants
43 Yellow Pittsburgh Steelers
44 Orange New Orleans Saints
45 Orange Green Bay Packers
46 Purple New York Giants
47 None Baltimore Ravens
48 Orange Seattle Seahawks
49 Blue New England Patriots
50 Orange Denver Broncos
51 None New England Patriots
52 Yellow Philadelphia Eagles
53 Blue New England Patriots
54 Orange Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Odds 

Unsurprisingly given its recent dominance, Orange is the current favorite for Super Bowl LV on Feb. 6. It is followed by Red/Pink, Yellow/Green, Blue, Clear/Water, and Purple.

Even though the Gatorade color has matched the winning team’s color only three times, Red still saw its odds soar following the Bucs’ and Chiefs’ respective wins in their conference championship games. With Red’s rise, Orange’s odds slightly decreased and those off Clear/Water, Blue, and Purple took a bigger hit. Yellow/Green remained idle at +250.

Odds going into the Super Bowl

Orange +150
Red/Pink +225
Yellow/Green +250
Clear/Water +800
Blue +800
Purple +1000

Odds going into the conference championships

Orange +125
Yellow/Green +250
Purple +600
Blue +600
Clear/Water +700
Red/Pink +800

The two remaining teams, of course, are the Chiefs (Red) and Bucs (Red). Yes, it’s a red vs. red Super Bowl. If there is one sure bet on these Feb. 7 festivities, it’s that the red team will win. Unfortunately, everything else—including the Gatorade bath—is much tougher to predict. As mentioned above, the Gatorade color is rarely correlated with teams’ uniforms. That’s why red isn’t even favored; and that’s why you’ll have to watch until the end of the game even if it’s a blowout.

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Picks and Predictions

Although Orange is a considerable favorite, it still has good value at +150. After all, we have some recent data to work with when it comes to making that pick. The Kansas City Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions and Andy Reid got an Orange bath when his team defeated the San Francisco 49ers last February. So we know the Chiefs like the Orange stuff, and why would they switch things up after that color on the sidelines in 2020 brought them good luck? They shouldn’t… and they probably won’t! Given that we are picking Kansas City to win (and cover), it stands to reason that we like Orange’s chances of once again being the winning color.

It is also worth noting that Orange is a comfortable all-time leader with five baths since records started being kept in 2001. In fact, all five of Orange’s appearances have come in the last 11 years. Blue is the only other color with multiple dumps during this 11-year stretch, with just two.

Red may be a trendy pick given that it is the color of both the Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and its odds soared from +800 to +225 after their respective conference championship victories. Keep in mind, however, that only three times since 2001 has the Gatorade color matched the winning team’s primary color. If you are looking for a longer shot than the favorite, Clear/Water at +800 may be the way to go.

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Last updated: Fri 29th January 2021

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