NFL Odds

NFL Odds

Find all of your NFL odds and NFL betting lines for the entire  NFL season in one place. Shopping the odds is one of the most important aspects of sports betting,

New to betting? Fear not, everything you need to know about NFL odds, including how to read NFL odds, how to understand NFL odds, and Vegas odds are right here, provided by the NFL Betting experts at Pickswise. You can also use our Betting Odds Calculator to calculate your potential winnings on any NFL bet.

NFL Money Line Odds

NFL Money line betting is the simplest way to wager on an NFL game. With NFL Money line betting you are simply picking which team will win the game outright. With that, the Money line odds are simple, you’ll have set odds for either team to win the match, and if the game results in a tie, the bet is a push and your stake is returned.

NFL Money line odds will be displayed in the following format. The Money line odds favorite will be given a negative number, -250 for example, this shows the amount you must wager to win $100 profit. The Money line odds underdog will be the team with a positive number, +350 for example, this indicates the amount you’ll win for a $100 wager.

NFL Against The Spread Odds & Betting Lines

The NFL Against the Spread Betting lines is unquestionably the most popular form of NFL odds amongst NFL bettors and experts. Unique to the sport, the NFL betting lines against the spread are often discussed widely by sports pundits and experts throughout the game week, in the lead-up to the matches. NFL Betting lines against the spread are also widely used in the NFL expert picks throughout the season.

So what is the NFL against the spread betting lines? Well, it’s dissimilar to the Money line odds in that you’re not picking the outright winner of the match, but instead, who will cover the spread as set by the sportsbooks. Similarly to the Money line, you’ll have a favorite and an underdog, but instead of these being reflected in the NFL odds, they’ll be reflected in the spread, with the favorite conceding points such as -7, and the underdog receiving points, such as +7.

Be sure to check out all of our NFL Picks against the spread this week on our designated NFL picks page

NFL Over/Under Points Totals & Odds

Another popular type of NFL Odds is the over/under or ‘totals’, where you are betting whether the match points total will go over or under the line, as set by the sportsbooks on each game, every week. 

The NFL odds in the over/under markets remain pretty much the same, with either side of the line typically around -110, but instead, it is the betting line that will differ from match to match.

There is a lot to consider in making a pick in the over/under markets, with team news, weather, schemes, and recent performances for both teams, all to be considered for deciding to go over or under the total betting line.

Lines can vary greatly depending on the teams, the location, the weather, and much more. It is not unusual to see one match’s NFL betting line for the totals to be set at 38 points the same week as another match is set for 52, so each match provides a unique challenge.

NFL Live Odds – In-game NFL Betting

NFL Live odds are a great, exciting way of wagering on an NFL game once the event has started. There are many situations where bettors will look at live odds, be it you’ve missed the pre-game markets, you want to hedge a bet if your pre-game selection is doing well, or you’d rather get a feel for the game before getting involved.

NFL live odds are dynamic in-play odds offered in line with the events as they take place, reacting, and reflecting the on-field action.

Most of the main pre-game NFL odds markets are offered as NFL Live Odds, such as Money line, Totals, Spreads, and also some selected Prop Bet markets such as Next Touchdown Scorer and Anytime Touchdown Scorer 

NFL Prop Bet Odds

NFL Odds for Prop Bets are typically split into Team Props and Player Props, with NFL Player Prop particularly popular due to their close propensity to Daily Fantasy Sports contests and their focus on individual player matchups. 

Unquestionably the most popular NFL odds in the prop bet markets are on player touchdowns, with odds on the First, Last and Anytime touchdown scorers offered by the majority of online sportsbooks for every NFL game across the season.

Shopping the betting lines is always important when placing your NFL bet, and some of the differences on player prop markets are even greater than more mainstream spreads and lines. You can often see a player +500 to score first with one sportsbook whereas another is +700, which is a sizeable difference to your profits or losses across a season. Be sure to check out all of our latest sportsbook promos to ensure you’re making the most of the bonuses on offer and having access to all of the best NFL odds on the market. 

NFL Odds & NFL Betting lines this week

NFL odds and NFL Betting lines this week are set almost right after the previous week’s matches have concluded. Sportsbooks take the most recent performances into consideration when setting the lines, and will look to go live soon after each game week.

Typically you see movement in the odds and lines early, so it can pay to bet early if the line moves in your favor, but you also run the risk of being on the wrong side of the line come gameday.

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NFL Odds FAQ's

When you read NFL odds with the majority of online sportsbooks, the layout will be fairly similar with the main three markets, Moneyline, Spread, and Totals on show.

The Moneyline odds favorite will be given a negative number this shows the amount you must wager to win $100 profit, in this case, $500. The underdog will be the team with a positive number, +375 for example, this indicates the amount you’ll win for a $100 bet.

The point spread shows how many points the favorite, has to win by to cover the spread, and how many points the underdog has to stay within to cover.

Over/under 54.5 is betting the total match points will go over or under the spread.

Vegas NFL odds work the exact same way as sportsbook odds, as explained above. Historically Vegas odd would be released much earlier than anywhere else, and while that can still be the case, with the changing legislation around online sports betting its definitely less pertinent today.

One thing that is still used with Vegas NFL odds, and discussed in the lead up to game day, is the Vegas NFL odds opening lines. These are the first NFL betting lines released by the Vegas sportsbooks and casinos once the books open for the following week’s NFL games. This is a useful tool in monitoring line movements throughout the week and particularly discussed with regards to the point spreads which can move a few points across the week.

NFL odds of +200 and -200 are indicators of which team is favorite, and which is the underdog, but also how to calculate your returns on that wager, should it win.

The favorite will be listed with the – symbol and the preceding number shows how much you must stake in order to win a profit of $100. In the example of -200, a $200 stake will return $100 profit, $300 total.

The Underdog will be listed with the + symbol, and the preceding number shows how much you will win in profit from a $100 wager. In the example of +200, a $100 wager would see you win $200 profit for a total of $300.

When the NFL Betting lines come out will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but the majority will post their lines right after this week’s games, some as early as Sunday evening.

Some matches the following week may remain without betting lines if teams are playing in the Sunday Night Football game or the Monday Night Football game, with the NFL betting lines for those teams’ next games posted after this week’s match has concluded.

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