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Top 5 NFL Bold Predictions For Week 8

Top 5 NFL Bold Predictions For Week 8

Each NFL week is usually filled with a few surprises and that won’t be any different in week 8. Let’s break down five NFL bold predictions that will happen in week 8.

Blake Bortles gets benched….for good

This might not actually be this bold of a prediction but I think this is the weekend that Blake Bortles gets benched for good. Historically Blake Bortles has played well across the pond, but that is going to change on Sunday against the Eagles.

Bortles has a clear fumbling issue and with the Eagles defensive line, they should be able to create a few of them. I don’t think Bortles will even make it till halftime before he gets the plug pulled and they won’t be going back to him next week.

The Rams and Packers combine for at least 65 points.

If you like offense make sure you tune into the Rams and Packers game because there is going to be a ton of scoring and I think they will score at least 65 points.

The Packers defense isn’t good and in their last game gave up 30 points to a banged up 49ers offense. If the 49ers did that can you imagine how many the Rams can score?

Aaron Rodgers is going to have to score a ton of points too to try and keep it close. Rams win 37-30.

Andrew Luck Throws four touchdowns for the third week in a row

Andrew Luck looks like the Luck of old and this weekend he gets to go against a bad Oakland Raiders defense. In each of the last two games Luck has thrown four touchdowns and he will do it for the third week in a row on Sunday.

When the Colts get into the Red Zone they like to throw the rock and the Raiders won’t have any answer. Luck throws at least four in this one.

Minnesota Vikings open up game repeating the Minneapolis Miracle

The Vikings and Saints face off on Sunday night football and I think they will try and give the Saints some flashbacks. They will open up with the same play that they ran when the Minneapolis Miracle sent them to the NFC Championship game.

I think Diggs will catch that ball and take the ball down the sideline all the way to the end zone. Maybe the flashbacks will be so bad for the Saints they will walk off the field and just give away the game.

Bills give Patriots a scare

The Bills haven’t had a good season but when it’s a rivalry game usually the records can be thrown out because everyone knows the Bills will be up for the game.

It’s unclear who is starting at quarterback but whoever it is I think will have a good game against a Patriots defense that hasn’t been great this year. The Patriots have given up at least 24 points in each of the last three games and look for the Bills to score right around that number. They won’t pull it out but the Patriots will have a scare.

Last updated: Mon 29th October 2018

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