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Top Storylines to follow during Championship Weekend of 2020 NFL Playoffs

Top Storylines to follow during Championship Weekend of 2020 NFL Playoffs

By Kaleb Kraus

The NFL season is winding down, as Sunday will decide the champions of both the AFC and NFC. The biggest shocker of them all is that the Tennessee Titans have marched all the way to Kansas City for a shot at the Super Bowl. It’s Green Bay or San Francisco in the NFC. It has already been a very interesting postseason, this year, but more exciting things can happen during Championship Weekend. Who’s going to Super Bowl LIV? Let’s jump into the top storylines to follow during Championship Weekend 2020.

Jimmy Garoppolo can prove himself

It was quite an odd journey for Jimmy G, that included his odd trade from the Patriots to San Francisco in 2017, but he got a shot at the end of that season. That was followed by a major contract with the 49ers, and the following 2018 season an ACL tear, took him out of play. His contract seems quite worth it now, as he and the 49ers stand one win from the Super Bowl. It wouldn’t be his first as he two rings as Tom Brady’s back-up. Now he has a real chance to prove he belongs. He also has the perfect team to prove that. History is on their side, isn’t it?

Is the defense in Kansas City legit?

Last season, the Chiefs couldn’t get a third-down stop in the AFC Championship when they most needed it. We all understood it they had an elite offense, but the defense was lacking majorly. That looks to have turned itself around. As they allowed around 10 points and less than 300 yards in their last five games during the regular season. After a terrible start in the divisional round against Houston, the Chiefs roared back and held the Texans to just seven points in the second half. Kansas City’s defense isn’t elite, but it might have the tools it needs to make the stops they need in the AFC Championship and advance to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years.

Packers must solve the 49ers defense

San Francisco reminded everyone how good their defense was last week as they completely shut the Vikings offense down in their divisional round win. The 49ers have played at that level for most of the season, including when they last met the Packers earlier this season in a 37-8 victory over Green Bay. They held Green Bay to just 198 total yards, and Aaron Rodgers only passed for 104 yards. The Packers must make the right adjustments or no Super Bowl for Green Bay once again.

Running Backs still matter

It’s still waiting and see, until free agency this offseason, but Derrick Henry has certainly made some noise in Tennessee. He has made a huge argument that running backs remain a key position for winning a championship in the NFL. Henry has put the Titans on his back, as he has rushed for 180 yards or more in three straight games. Never before seen in the NFL, and it is a passing league, the Titans look Oldschool and are a good way to honor the 100th year of the NFL. A former Heisman Trophy winner, Henry didn’t become featured until late in his third season in the league, has had quite an impactful season at that. It is pretty rare to see a Super Bowl capable team have a marquee player be the running back. Yet he is telling a story that hasn’t been seen in a while.

Last updated: Fri 17th January 2020
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