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What We Learned from From Week 5 In the NFL

What We Learned from From Week 5 In the NFL

A lot happened in Week 5 in the NFL, but what were some of the highlights that shined across the league? Let’s take a look a look at what we learned from another surprising week in the NFL.

Kansas City Can Play a Little Defense

Last week there was a showdown for short term supremacy in the NFL between Kansas City and Jacksonville. The Chiefs won the contest and by playing some actual defense cemented there spot atop the AFC, for now. There is no doubt the Chiefs are one of the best offensive teams in the league but if they can be just a little more balanced than they are a real Super Bowl Contender.

Not So Fast Jacksonville

I am not sure I am not the only one who wants this Jags team to be really good. They almost beat New England in the playoffs last year and when they did get that win a few weeks backs it felt like a real launching point. Now they are just 3-2 and they have not looked good in those losses. Blake Bortles is reverting to his much maligned form and Leonard Fournette isn’t healthy. What are we supposed to make of these guys is any guess but they are not the second coming just yet.

That Drew Brees Guy is Pretty Darn Good

It was a nice scene on Monday night as Drew Brees became the all time leading passer. I love a good debate about who is the best ever and certainly think that winning Super Bowls matters but I am not sure why he is slighted when compared to others who have won the big game only once. Anyways, the way he is directing the Saints offense right now I am not sure they are not the best team in the NFC, perhaps even ahead of the Rams. (I had the over on 29.5 points on the Saints at +105…pretty easy money)

Something Had Got to Give in Atlanta

Drawing on the NFC South Atlanta did it again. They lost their fourth game to fall a full three games behind New Orleans and even though a lot of those wins have been close there is nothing that makes you think they are going to turn it around. They are 1-4 ATS as the market persists in believing that raw talent might eventually overcome bad coaching. The offense takes a ton of heat but they have also given up 43, 37 and 41 points the last few weeks. Nobody is safe but they do have two winnable games before their bye. Buying Opportunity!!

The New Elites (Bengals/Bears/Rams/Chiefs)

Perhaps this shouldn’t apply to the Rams, who made the playoffs a year ago but what are we to make the of the likes of the Chiefs above, and teams like Cincinnati and Chicago. In the case of the Bears and Bengals they certainly look good enough to the their respective North Divisions and if the Bears have a top defense and the Bengals a top offense maybe they can upset. At the very least these teams are forcing us to take notice. K.C., Chicago and Cincinnati are a combined 10-2 ATS this season.

Last updated: Fri 12th October 2018

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