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What We learned From Week Six Of The NFL

What We learned From Week Six Of The NFL

Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season was filled with surprises and statement victories across the board. Here is what we learned from week six of the NFL as one of these facts includes playing on a soccer field.

The New England Patriots demise was greatly over exaggerated

It seems to be a recurring theme the last few years with the New England Patriots. They get off to a slow start and people panic. Is this the end of Tom Brady? Is the dynasty finally over? A couple weeks later the Patriots win a few big games and everything is okay again. That seems to be the case this year with the Patriots moving to 4-2 after starting the season 1-2. Everyone seemed to mark Sunday’s matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs as a measuring stick game and they passed with flying colors.

Brady threw for 340 yards and a touchdown. Running back Sony Michael looks like the real deal rushing for 106 yards and two touchdowns. This team looks fine, and the AFC still runs through Foxborough.

Adam Thielen is Elite

The story about Adam Thielen coming from a division two school on a $500 scholarship is cute, but lets lay out what he is, an elite NFL receiver. Thielen had another 123 yards receiving on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals raising his season total to 712 yards and four touchdowns.

He is an elite route runner and it sure looks like his names deserve to be up there right alongside the Antonio Browns and the Michael Thomas’s of the NFL.

Jon Gruden took the game in the soccer stadium a bit too literal. 

Jon Gruden must have been very confused about going over to England and how to play football. The Oakland Raiders finished with only three points and that is a score that should have happened on the soccer pitch. Gruden has been known as a great quarterbacks coach but not even he has been able to save Derek Carr’s career. Carr only threw for 142 yards against the Seahawks and it looks more and more likely that the Raiders could move on from him this offseason.

Blake Bortles is still a mess

Blake Bortles did enough last season to earn a contract extension but right now it appears that the Jaguars might be really regretting that decision. Bortles has really struggled the last few weeks throwing only two touchdowns and five interceptions in the last two games.

He looks to be back to the guy who is uncomfortable in the pocket, and the Jaguars need Leonard Fournette back ASAP if they want to save their season.

The MVP race is wide open

The MVP race this season is wide open and there are a ton of good candidates to win the award. Patrick Mahomes is going to win the rookie of the year, but there is a good chance he could also take home MVP. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley both have to be in the conversation with the way they have led the Rams offense.

On the defensive side, Khalil Mack can’t be ignored for how he has risen up the Bears and helped them get off to a fast start to the season. Some of these guys will fall off as the season goes on, but right now it really could be any of the guys mentioned above.



Last updated: Wed 17th October 2018

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