NFL Draft betting picks and tips from Pickswise experts answering your questions about betting on the 2021 NFL Draft. We cover, can you bet, where you can bet and how you can bet on the 2021 NFL Draft. We also have betting picks, predictions, and prop bets where we find betting value in the Draft betting market.

Best NFL Draft Bets

Pickswise is the home of all things NFL Draft Betting from the best bets, odds and predictions.

The NFL Draft is one of the biggest dates in the NFL calendar and something football fans look forward to during the seemingly never-ending offseason. With the NFL Draft now bigger than ever, sportsbooks also have an increasing number of betting markets available for us to try and profit from. With so many NFL Draft Picks and an endless number of bets available, it requires a lot of research to find the best NFL Draft Bets. We all know or think we know that Trevor Lawrence will be heading to the Jacksonville Jaguars as the First Overall Pick, but at odds of -6000, there is little value in playing that. Our expert NFL handicappers here at Pickswsie did deep, and beyond the obvious to unearth the hidden gems and best NFL Draft Bets for you. All of our NFL Draft Predictions will come with a full analysis of why we like that pick, factoring in previous draft trends, each teams’ needs, college tape, Combine and Pro Day results, and much more ahead of making our NFL Draft Predictions.

How To Bet On The NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft being a bigger event than ever before, there are many ways in which you can bet on the NFL’s big offseason event. The closer we get to the draft, the more markets will become available. The most common bet type on the NFL Draft is for who will be the First Overall Pick, but heading into the 20201 NFL Draft, Clemon’s Trevor Lawrence is widely believed to be locked in at first overall and his odds of -6000 reflect that. There are however many other NFL Draft Prop Bets available for Draft Night such as the third-overall pick, first of their position group selected, i.e first Running-Back Selected, or first Wide-receiver selected.

The betting options will focus on the best prospects and those at the skill positions. You will see lines for over under lines for players to go before or after a certain pick or you can bet on their landing spot, i.e the team that will select them.

You will also be able to bet on how many of a certain position will be drafted in the First Round or overall, as well as pitting two players such as Mac Jones or Justin Fields to be drafted first.

There really are a huge number of ways you can put your expert NFL Draft or College Football knowledge to the test on Draft night and here at Pickswise, our NFL experts will be finding their favorite NFL Draft Betting plays from the long list of available markets.

How Do NFL Draft Betting Odds Work

NFL Draft Betting odds work in a similar way to that you’ll be accustomed to when betting on any sport. You will either be betting on two possible outcomes such as over or under a certain Draft Pick, or you’ll be betting a single outcome such as First Overall Pick, or First Running-Back to be drafted.

As normal with any type of prop bet the possible outcomes will be listed, along with the odds for that outcome. Take the First Overall Pick, for example, Trevor Lawrence currently has odds of -6000 to be the first name off the board, which means a $100 bet would only return $1.67 in profit.

Many other markets such as Player Positions will offer better odds than this year’s First Overall, such as Kyle Pitts O/U 5.5, either side of the line will pay close to -110 meaning a $110 bet would return $100 in profit.

Be sure to shop around, as the odds and also the lines on some player positions can vary considerably from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Where To Bet on the 2021 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a big event in the NFL calendar and as such, a growing number of the top sportsbooks will be competing with one another to offer the best Super Bowl bets. Many will have the same or similar markets such as First Overall Pick, Second Overall, and so on, as well as many player props, Number of specific college teams’ players drafted or even split up by position group. With this, they will be competitive in what they offer and in particular the odds they offer them, so shopping around is always important. 

This gives us, the bettor, a great variety of NFL Draft bets we can wager on and at competitive odds.

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