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Get the best NFL Draft expert prop bets for 2021. A full list of NFL Draft betting props available, including the best ones to take, and we outline the best online betting sites for you to make your NFL Draft Prop Bets.

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What Is An NFL Draft Prop Bet

An NFL Draft Prop Bet also known as a proposition bet is when you are betting on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific thing to happen during the NFL draft. The most common types of NFL Draft Prop Bets will revolve around specific draft picks, such as First Overall, specific players, such as them being drafted over or under a specific pick, or around position groups, such as First Running Back selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. There are many more NFL Draft Props that you can wager on away from these more common markets. NFL Draft Prop Bets are a great fun way to add some extra excitement while tuning into the Draft. Whether you want to bet on your favorite ex-college player, the player that your NFL team will draft, there are countless ways to get involved with NFL draft Props.

The Pickswise Expert NFL handicappers will also be on hand to provide expert analysis, trends, key information, and ultimately the best free NFL Draft Predictions ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Where To Bet on 2021 NFL Draft Prop Bets

The NFL Draft is a big event and as such, the majority of online sportsbooks will offer a wide variety of NFL Draft Prop Bets.

Like any type of sports bet, the sportsbooks will be competing for the most markets, unique markets, and importantly the best odds on offer. With this, shopping the odds and markets for your NFL Draft Prop Bets is imperative. Most will offer the main NFL Draft Prop Bet Markets such as the First Overall Pick, Second Overall Pick, and a host of player position markets, but each will have its own list of players and positions on offer, so be sure to look around for which markets and odds each sportsbook has posted.

Check out our NFL Draft Sportsbooks page where we list all of the best online sportsbooks for your NFL Draft Prop Bets, including comprehensive web and mobile app reviews, all of the need-to-know information about that sportsbook, and all of the best signup codes and offers available in your state.

NFL Draft First Overall Pick Prop Bet

The most popular of all NFL Draft Prop Bets is unquestionably the player to be selected First Overall. It is typically the only market you can bet on year-round, with more and more NFL Draft Props added closer to the event itself. In 2021 most NFL experts and fans alike are fully expecting Trevor Lawrence to be heading down to Jacksonville as the First Overall Pick and the betting odds of -6000 certainly reflect that. These odds mean a $100 wager would only net you a profit of $1.67, offering zero value in the market. Earlier in the season you could have got better odds, but not by much, Lawrence has been the presumptive number one pick in this draft class, pretty much since his Freshman Year. Most years will offer a more betting-friendly market for this prop, but Lawrence looks to be an exception to most rules. 

NFL Draft Second Overall Pick Prop Bet

While not quite the foregone conclusion that the First Overall Pick seems to be in the 2021 NFL Draft, Zach Wilson has quickly emerged as the strong favorite to be the second pick in the draft with the New York Jets definitely in need of a Quarterback. Wilson’s odds once again reflect this narrative and is priced at around -3000 to be second-overall meaning a $100 wager will net you $3.33  profit. Justin Fields was long the presumptive second pick to Trevor Lawrence but his draft stock seems to have slipped slightly with the emergence of Zach Wilson. That does however mean his odds are much bigger than some would have expected just a few months ago and can be bet at +1200 if you think the New York Jets will flip the script and take Fields second-overall. North Dakota State’s Trey Lance has the third-best odds at +2500.

NFL Draft Third Overall Pick Prop Bet

The Third overall pick NFL Draft Prop Bet is where it gets interesting in the 2021 NFL Draft. Unlike the first two picks to which the odds suggest Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson are locked at one and two, the third overall pick, for which the San Francisco 49ers have traded up to get from the Houston Texans, seems a little more open. Most people seem to agree that the 49ers would only make this move with the aim of drafting a franchise QB, but will it be Alabama’s Mac Jones, Ohio State’s Trey Lance, or North Dakota States Trey Lance? The odds suggest it’s Mac Jones that Kyle Shanahan has his eye on and he’s favorite at -270, which are short odds but not quite as short as the first two picks. You can get +200 for Fields and +460 for Lance, or if you think they aren’t there for a QB, could they be taking who many think could be the second-best player in the draft in Florida Tight End Kyle Pitts at +5000.

NFL Draft Prop Bets - Player Draft Number Over/Under

The NFL Draft Prop Bets on the Player Draft Numbers are great over/under bets if you want to place a wager on one player in particular. Sportsbooks will typically offer these on the marquee skill positions players such as the QB’s mentioned above, or leading wide receivers such as Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, or Jaylen Waddle. Take Ja’Marr Chase, for instance, his Draft Number line is set at over or under 6.5, meaning if you think he’ll be taken in the first 6 picks you bet the under, or if you see him sliding to 7th or worse, you take the over. These markets are all about predicting who will be drafted ahead of his likely landing spots, and also where his likely landing spots may be.

Our expert NFL handicappers will be on hand throughout the entire 2021 NFL draft to provide this kind of expert analysis. We look at team needs, coaching fits, previous NFL Draft trends, and much more including the best NFL Draft Betting Odds and Lines ahead of making our 2021 NFL Draft Predictions.

NFL Draft Prop Bets Player Positions

The NFL Draft Prop Bets Player Positions markets will break down all of the leading draftees from each position group and price odds for individual players to be the first of their position group to be taken off the board. Some groups are typically easier to call than others, meaning the odds will be worse, such as Ja’Marr Chase looks all but certain to be the First Wide Receiver Drafted, but his odds of -950 to be so, reflect that. Other skill position groups can often be fruitful betting opportunities, such as defensive linemen, cornerback, or even running backs where the opinion of who is best in each class is less talked about and certainly less clear. These position groups can see much closer odds at the top of the market and have historically been more open to surprise picks and longshot odds, winners.

Our expert NFL handicappers will be providing full draft class analysis on each position group highlighting who we think could be the best value NFL Draft Picks across the available sports betting markets.