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Five 2019-2020 NBA Win Total Bets That Will Win You Money

Five 2019-2020 NBA Win Total Bets That Will Win You Money

The NBA season starts tonight as our Free NBA Picks along with our expert best bets will be ready to win daily. However the best part of the season starting is everybody will know which future predictions have been worth betting, or not. Let’s take a look at five NBA win total bets you need to bet on for this 2019-2020 season.

Boston Celtics (Over 49.5)

The dropoff from Kyrie to Kemba is not that great. Sure Irving might be more skilled but he has proven to not be worth the headache. Boston is ready to have a broader array of players contribute to their winning and should cruise to a win total in the low 50s. The Eastern Conference is hardly a beast either. I like Boston to push Philly for the Atlantic Division all season.

Detroit Pistons (Over 37.5)

The Pistons made the playoffs last season then exited quickly. They also won 41 games in coach Dwayne Casey’s first season at the helm. I am looking for them to match that this season which could create an easy over. They have a couple of All-Stars upfront and the coach knows how to get more out of malcontent guards.  Look for Reggie Jackson to be better (see the progress of Kyle Lowry) and the Pistons to pace .500 all season long.

Los Angeles Lakers (Over 48.5)

If you have waited on this one you have gotten some value. For starters, I think the Lakers are going to win the division as the Clippers will spend more time managing to get the playoffs healthy than the Lakers. Anthony Davis is in L.A. and he and LeBron should team up beautifully. I like Kyle Kuzma a lot too. The rest of the team is a group of veterans who know how to play winning basketball so as long as those three stay healthy the Lakers are going to be in great shape. Would it shock me to see Rondo lead the league in assists or Danny Green in 3p% with the others drawing attention?  Not at all.

Oklahoma City Thunder (Under 32)

This is not all about not having Russell Westbrook, though a lot of it is. Love him or not he was a Top 10 player in the league and now they do not have one. Chris Paul is not going to be enough and the young guys they got from L.A. have promise but are no sure things. I also think there is a great chance that at some point they go even deeper into a tanking/rebuild situation. If they start dealing Paul, and other veterans, for that purpose I can see a bad team getting much worse by the end of the season. They are not going to bank enough wins early on.

San Antonio Spurs (Under 45.5)

The Spurs are not going to fall off the map but in a really tough Western Conference, I see them creeping closer to .500. I like their young guards, Derrick White and Dejounte Murray, but neither are going to be stars and their stars, DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge have plateaued. They are going to compete hard for coach Pop but the wins are just not going to be there.



Last updated: Tue 22nd October 2019

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