KBO Betting Online, Where To Bet & How To Bet On Korean Baseball

Pickswise online KBO betting guide has everything you need to know about how to bet on Korean baseball. We look at the top online sportsbooks for where to bet on the KBO. Our Korean baseball betting experts round up the guide with some KBO betting tips, which will give you some extra knowledge for how to win money in KBO betting.

Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)

Unless you’ve bet on or followed Korea Baseball for some time, you’ve probably never heard of the KBO. It’s time to fill you in on the popularity of betting on KBO.

The KBO is the highest baseball league in South Korea. The KBO League was founded in 1982 and started with six franchises, which have now expanded to ten. A majority of the franchises have been named after the companies or business which currently own them. Every KBO team plays a 144-game season. With a balanced schedule, each team plays the other nine teams 16 times. The KBO season starts in March and runs through September.

How To Bet On The KBO

When it comes to KBO betting, there are three main options for betting. Moneyline bet, which is who will win the game. Run line bet, which focuses on who wins the game and by how many runs. Lastly, the game total, which focuses on the combined number of runs scored between both teams. The total bet is placed on whether the game will be under or over the projected total.

Besides those three favorite ways to bet on the KBO, there are also prop bets which include: Team Totals (Total runs by a single team), and the first to score a run. KBO games usually last a full nine innings, however, you can bet on the KBO through selective innings. There are the same, Moneyline, Run line, and Total bets for three and five innings. For example, a bettor can bet on the money line on who will be leading the game through three or even five innings. Fans can also bet on the futures market, which offers bettors a chance on who will win the championship or league division.

KBO Picks

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Where to bet on the KBO

FanDuel and DraftKings are the market leaders in most legal states, and they offer a range of markets on the KBO.

However, BetMGM has slowly risen to the stop for KBO betting. They have a wide range of KBO betting markets, including player props. They also provide live bets odds where bettors can place wagers while watching the games. BetMGM provides a perfect place to bet on the KBO, read our BetMGM review to find out more information on a great KBO betting sportsbook.

KBO Betting Markets


This is a bet on the outcome of the match, choosing a team to win. When there is a minus (-) in front of the odds, the selective team is the favorite to win. The plus (+) in front of the odds means the team is the underdog in the KBO matchup.

Game Total Runs

This involves betting on whether there will be over or under a certain number of runs in a game. Once again, this applies to the full length of the game, even if it goes into extra innings. For example, an average KBO game might have an over-under total at eight runs. If you think the game will be low-scoring, a bet for under eight runs would be placed. Of course, the opposite if you think the game will be high-scoring. Most sportsbooks will give the graded wager as a push or money back if the game lands exactly on eight runs.

Team Total Runs

Instead of placing a bet on the combined runs for a KBO game, a bettor could place a bet on how many runs a single team will score. For example, in the eight-run game-used above, there could be odds for the NC Dinos team total runs at 4.5 -110. This means if you think the Dinos will score more than five runs, place the over. Once again, the opposite if you think the Dinos will score less than 4.5 runs with the under.

3 or 5 Inning Bets

As stated above in the How to bet on the KBO section, there are fun and thrilling three or five-inning bets. If one bettor does not want to wait until the final out of a nine-inning game, a three or five-inning bet can be placed instead. A bettor can place a money line, run line, or even total runs. For example, a bet can be placed that one team will be winning after three or five innings—the same for the run line or combined runs.

Futures – Championship Winner

You can bet on who you think will win the Korea Championship series and hold the best regular-season record. For example, some sportsbooks offer odds before the season on who will win the Championship and regular-season crown. If you are confident one team could win it all before the season starts, it’s worth getting the best odds before the season starts throughout the season.

KBO Betting Tips

The KBO is not the same as the MLB: Don’t treat the KBO and the MLB the same. They are very different leagues and hold different characteristics. For example, the KBO is known for the longball. A little over a month into the 2020 KBO season, each game is scoring an average of 5.7 runs per game. In comparison, the 2019 MLB season recorded 4.8 runs per game. Also, there were a total of 2.4 home runs per game in the 2018 KBO season before changing the balls. The KBO is known for their high scoring games, so often look for a solid over bet.

Take into account home advantage more when betting on KBO: Like most sports leagues, the home team has the upper hand. For the 2019 KBO regular season, Home teams won at a .546 percentage. In comparison, the MLB had a .530 home winning percentage in the 2019 season. Home teams are always the play, especially in the KBO. Often bettors parlay the Total over and the home money line together.