Louisiana Sports Betting

Your definitive guide to sports betting in Louisiana. Within this Louisiana sports betting guide, we cover everything you need to know regarding the legality and safety of wagering on sports in the Pelican State. We take a look at how and where you can bet on sports in Louisiana, including a look at the best sportsbooks and mobile betting apps available in the state. We also find the best promo codes and sign-up offers for new players in Louisiana, so you can get off to the best possible start when wagering on sports.



Is Sports Betting Legal In Louisiana?

Sports betting has not yet launched in the state of Louisiana but is expected to be in the fall of 2021 or early 2022, thanks to voters’ approval in the November 2020 voting referendum. The November referendum was a parish-by-parish vote on whether sports wagering activities and operations should be permitted in their parish, to which 56 of 64 parishes passed the vote.

Voter support was overwhelming and plays a big part in the eventual legalization of sports betting in Louisiana, but additional legislation must be passed in order to reach that point. The lawmakers must agree upon details such as licensing procedures such as fees and the number of in-state operators as well as things such as tax rates, college betting, and online and mobile sports betting.

We have seen in some states that these details can become sticking points and slow down the process. With the Louisiana State legislature returning in April 2022, sports betting will launch at the earliest in the fall of 2021.

How Did Louisiana Sports Betting Become Legal?

Louisiana has taken its first step, albeit a big one in passing the vote to legalize sports betting in 56 of 64 state parishes. More legislation is to follow before Louisiana sports betting can become legal and fully operational.

The next steps for the state will be discussions regarding items such as licensing, fees, taxes, and whether online and mobile sports betting will be legalized or just in-person retail betting.

Once these details have been ironed out casinos, of which there are over 20 will apply for licenses to offer sports betting within their establishments throughout the state of Louisiana.

Where Can I Bet On Sports In Louisiana?

Currently, you are unable to wager legally in the state of Louisiana. The current timeframe suggests that sports betting could be launched in Louisiana towards the end of 2021 or Q1 of 2022 providing key follow-up legislation is passed following November’s referendum.

Online sports betting operators such as Draftkings and FanDuel made donations to the Lousiana Wins campaign leading up to the referendum and it would be no surprise to see them operating in Lousiana, as they are in other states already, should they be allowed post-launch.

Best Online Louisiana Sports Betting Sites?

Check back once sports betting goes live in Louisiana for our experts’ analysis on which are the best online sports betting sites.

Overall Best Louisiana Sportsbook

Check back once sports betting goes live in Louisiana for our experts’ analysis on which is the best overall online sports betting site to use.

Best Louisiana Mobile Betting Apps?

Check back once sports betting goes live in Louisiana for our experts’ analysis on which are the best Louisiana Mobile sports Betting Apps available.  

Overall Best Louisiana Sportsbook App:

Check back once sports betting goes live in Louisiana for our experts’ analysis on which is our choice for the number one mobile sports betting app in Louisiana. 

How To Bet Sports Online In Louisiana?

Currently, you are unable to legally bet on sports online in Louisana. However, 56 of the 64 parishes across Louisana passed the vote to legalize sports betting in November 2020, so once the remaining legislation is passed, and sports betting is launched, those living in those 56 parishes will be able to legally bet on sports. 

Once the state goes live, we’ll run through all the best places to wager on sports in-state and exactly how to do so.

Can You Bet On Sports In Louisiana?

Currently, no. Even though the voter’s passed the voted to legalize sports betting in Louisiana in 56 or the 64 parishes, the remaining legislation is yet to pass, and thus, sports betting is not yet live and legal in Louisiana. As soon as sports betting is launched, we’ll have all the need-to-know information such as how to bet in Louisana and the best sportsbooks, promos, and apps available, right here in Pickswise’s Lousiana State Betting Guide.