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World Cup Picks 2022 Explained

There are so many ways in which you can bet on the World Cup, and the experts here at Pickswise are here to help find the best World Cup picks throughout the entire tournament. On an individual game level, you are able to bet on World Cup picks on markets such as money line, goal spreads, goal totals, as well as a whole number of World Cup Player Prop Bets such as anytime goalscorer, or to be shown a card. Check out below for even more on the types of World Cup picks that’ we’ll be bringing you leading up to and throughout the tournament itself.

World Cup 2022 Money Line Picks

Our World Cup money line picks are our most popular soccer picks on the site. The money line pick is the simplest form of sports betting, as you’re picking which team you think will win a particular World Cup match. The one intricacy with soccer betting on the money line is that the draw is also an option, and an outcome, even if overtime is played in the knockout stages, the draw will still cash on the money line if a game finishes all tied after 90 minutes. We’ll bring expert insight and the best World Cup money line picks on every game throughout the 2022 tournament so be sure to check back daily for our picks. 

World Cup 2022 Goal Spread Picks

World Cup goal spread picks are not quite as popular as the spread in some other sports such as the NFL, but that’s mainly because soccer in general is much lower scoring. However, there are great opportunities and spread picks out there from game to game, and it remains a popular option amongst soccer bettors. They’re particularly popular amongst strong favorites, such as if Germany were to play Costa Rica, they would likely have short odds of maybe -300, which may not appeal to bettors, so they may opt for Germany -1 at -100 instead. Our experts will be on hand all tournament long to provide the best World Cup spread picks and analysis, so be sure to check back throughout. 

World Cup 2022 Goal Totals Over/Under Picks

Another popular market in soccer betting and thus at the World Cup, is the goal totals market. The World Cup over/under picks are picking whether you think there will be more, or fewer goals than the line set by the sportsbooks, these lines will typically be 1.5 or 2.5 goals but you can increase these as you see fit with most sportsbooks and the odds will change depending on that. Here at Pickswise we’ll be on hand all tournament long to provide key insights, statistics and trends on every game to help you bet better with our World Cup goal totals Over/Under picks

Team USA Soccer – USMNT Picks

All eyes in the US will be on the US Men’s National team and how they fare in the 2022 Qatar World Cup after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The USA, Canada and Mexico will jointly host the 2026 World Cup so a good run here could provide inspiration for a new generation of soccer fans across America. Our experts will also be keeping a close eye on the USMNT, with our squad analysis, previews, picks and predictions on every game they play, including the big clash against England in the group stages. So be sure to check back for all of our USMNT Soccer picks and analysis right the way through the tournament.

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