What Is A Same Game Parlay?

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Same Game Parlay’s Explained?

A Same Game Parlay is no different than any other parlay, aside from the fact that the betting selections come from one particular game/match/etc. There can be significant benefits to parlaying selections from one sporting event since events can be correlative, meaning that if one selection wins, another is inherently more likely to win. This contrasts parlays involving multiple events since there is generally little correlation between them unless there is a regional weather factor or some other unusual fringe consideration.

For a basic example of a Same Game Parlay, you might bet on an NFL team to win a game while also parlaying that selection with the over. You may feel that many points will likely be scored, assuming they win. You could also parlay a team to win with the under if you believe they are more likely to emerge victorious in a low-scoring matchup. There are far more correlative Same Game Parlay options, although sportsbooks only allow specific Same Game Parlay selections at their discretion. Let’s look at which sportsbooks offer Same Game Parlays.

Which sportsbooks offer Same Game Parlays?

In our modern online betting landscape, many reputable US-regulated sportsbooks, such as those we recommend, offer Same Game Parlays. Even in traditional brick-and-mortar sports betting at retail casinos in Las Vegas, Same Game Parlays, such as pairing a team with an over in an NFL or NBA game, have been a standard option.

To iterate again, some Same Game Parlays are deemed so correlative that they would give the bettor a considerable advantage over the house. Sportsbooks will restrict you from placing these parlays. An example would be something like the over on a quarterback’s total passing touchdowns parlayed with the over on one of his receiver’s total receiving touchdowns. Clearly, these two outcomes are highly correlated.

On the contrary, the over combined with a team on the money line or point spread may have a minor correlation, but not enough for a sportsbook to restrict it generally. When attempting to place a Same Game Parlay on any of our recommended sportsbooks, the bet slip will tell you if the selections are not eligible. Here we will look at the top sportsbooks offering Same Game Parlays.

Same Game Parlay FanDuel

FanDuel Sportsbook has been a pioneer in the Same Game Parlay department, as one of the first adopters among online sportsbooks to heavily promote Same Game Parlay options for NFL, NBA, MLB and more. You will find a wide selection of Same Game Parlays on FanDuel, including some that are fairly beneficial to the bettor and may not be allowed on many competing sportsbooks.

It is easy to bet a Same Game Parlay on FanDuel. Head over to FanDuel Sportsbook, find your sport of choice, and you will see a list of games available to bet on. Upon clicking a game you want to wager on, a Same Game Parlay tab will appear at the top of your navigation bar. Click on this option to find and select the bets you want to parlay together. A handy tool is that FanDuel puts a blue and green SGP (Same Game Parlay) logo under games for which this bet type is allowed.

As you add selections to your bet slip, you will see what you would stand to win on your Same Game Parlay, updated based on your wager amount. If your selections are not eligible for a Same Game Parlay, the FanDuel bet slip will alert you to modify your bets. Upon confirming that your selections, bet amount and potential winnings are to your liking, click “Place Bet,” and your wager will be placed. 

Same Game Parlay DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook also offers Same Game Parlays. These bets are available for NFL, MLB, NBA and some soccer matches. DraftKings, like many other sportsbooks, refers to Same Game Parlays as SGPs. The process is simple, although there are a few standard rules. These include that you cannot place a Same Game Parlay involving in-game betting. Also, selections must be made on pre-game lines and odds.

It is easy to bet a Same Game Parlay on DraftKings. Simply navigate to the NFL, MLB, NBA or soccer page at DraftKings Sportsbook. You will find a list of upcoming events, and any eligible for Same Game Parlays will be marked as such. Add your picks to your bet slip, and you can enter your wager amount and see what you would stand to win.

If any selections are not eligible or allowed for Same Game Parlays, the bet slip will tell you. Assuming all selections are valid, submit your bet, and it will appear under your account’s “My Bets” section.

Same Game Parlay BetMGM –  One Game Parlay

BetMGM is another leading sportsbook that offers Same Game Parlays, although it has branded this bet type as a “one game parlay.” Still, the concept is just the same. These bets, including some eligible prop betting options, are offered for NFL, NBA and soccer.

The process is straightforward; navigate to the sport you would like to bet on, and you will see a list of games available. Games that allow one game parlays will have a logo underneath to let you know this bet type is an option.

Upon clicking on the game you will see which one game parlay options are available. Add these to your bet slip, enter a wager amount and you will see what you would stand to win. Once you are happy with your selections, submit your bet. It will be available to track on your BetMGM account.

Same Game Parlay Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook, not to be outdone by other top competing sportsbooks, offers Same Game Parlays as of 2021. The process is very similar to other sportsbooks. Caesars offers this bet type for NFL and NBA, and other sports may be added to the mix shortly.

Navigate to the NFL or NBA section of the sportsbook and select a game you would like to bet on. You will see which options are eligible for a Same Game Parlay. Add these to your bet slip, populate a bet amount and you will see what you would stand to win. Once you are happy with your selections, click submit and your wagers will be processed.

Same Game Parlay bet365

Bet365 is another top sportsbook allowing Same Game Parlays. Like every other sportsbook on our list, the process is easy. Same Game Parlays are allowed on NFL and NBA sporting events, and more sports may be added in the near future.

Select the “Parlay Builder” tab after finding a game you want to bet on. You will see a list of Same Game Parlay eligible betting options. As you select bets they will be added to the bet365 bet slip. Enter your wager amount, see your potential winnings and submit your bets if you are happy with your selections. They will be processed and available to track on your account.

Same Game Parlay BetRivers

BetRivers is another highly recommended industry sportsbook with Same Game Parlay options on select sports like NFL and NBA. Much like other competitors, the process is straightforward.

Navigate to the sport you would like to bet on, and you will see what Same Game Parlay options are available. Add selections to your bet slip, input a wager amount, see what you would win, and if you are happy with your bets, submit them and BetRivers will process them.

Why bet on a Same Game Parlay?

There are a few reasons to bet on a Same Game Parlay. For casual bettors, increasing the action on a single sports betting event you may be watching can be fun. However, there are also reasons for astute bettors to seek out this bet type. 

As mentioned, sportsbooks do not offer all bets as Same Game Parlay options since many are too favorable for the bettor. Still, it is possible to find somewhat correlative Same Game Parlay options that give you a better chance of winning rather than betting on entirely independent events from different games.

Same Game Parlay advice and tips

The best type of Same Game Parlay to make is one involving correlated outcomes in a sporting event. You will often find these with prop bets, either paired together or with a game outcome. Of course, sportsbooks limit these options out of self-interest, yet, you can find slightly correlated sporting events from the same game that can give you an edge compared to betting parlays involving multiple sporting events.

Typical examples involve totals and sides in situations where a higher or lower-scoring game is more likely to result in one side winning. You may also be able to find props correlated with sides and totals that give you an edge, as that prop is more likely to happen in a lower or higher-scoring game or in the event of one or the other team winning. While you will rarely find highly correlated props, you may also see minor connections that give you a slightly higher chance of victory.

What is a One Game Parlay?

There is no difference between a One Game Parlay and a Same Game Parlay. Particular sportsbooks such as BetMGM use the “one game parlay” phrase, while others use terms such as single game parlay or the standard Same Game Parlay language. It makes no difference in practice.

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