College Football Odds

College Football Odds

Find all of your College Football odds and College Football betting lines for the entire season. We break down the most popular types of NCAAF odds, such as the Money Line, Point Spreads, Over/Unders, Live Odds, Prop Bets, and Futures. Shopping the odds is one of the most important factors in long term sports betting success, and with the continued expansion of online sports betting, sportsbooks are always competing to have the best odds.

New to betting? Fear not, everything you need to know around College Football odds, including how to read NCAAF odds and how to understand College Football odds is right here, provided by the College Football betting experts at Pickswise.  

College Football National Championship Odds

Without a doubt, the most talked about and bet on college football futures odds are the College Football National Championship Odds. Much like the Super Bowl Odds, the following seasons’ odds are readily available shortly after the conclusion of this season’s National Championship Game. The College Football National Championship Odds will fluctuate throughout the offseason with roster moves and recruitment, and then also throughout the season in reference to the onfield action and team performances. Our College Football National Championship Odds update in real-time so check back throughout the season to see the best, and latest College Football National Championship Odds.

College Football Heisman Trophy Odds

The College Football Heisman Trophy Odds are by some way the most talked about college futures odds following the National Championship itself. The Heisman Trophy has been won by some of the greats of the game over the years and experts, bettors and analysts alike love to try and uncover the next winner of the prestigious award. This market is typically wide open to start the year but can take shape pretty quickly after a couple of stellar performances. Quarterbacks, much like the NFL MVP Award have dominated the Heisman in recent years, but De’Vonta Smith proved in 2020 that other positions, a Wide Receiver in this case, can actually win the award, and did so with huge The College Football Heisman Trophy Odds. Our Heisman odds are regularly updated in line with the sportsbook’s changes, with performances and injuries the two big mitigating factors in seeing the lines move. Check back throughout the season to see the latest The College Football Heisman Trophy Odds.

College Football Spreads

College Football Against the Spreads is unquestionably the most popular form of College Football odds. Unique to the sport, both NFL and College Football betting lines against the spread are often discussed widely by sports pundits and experts throughout game week. Here at Pickswise, our experts are on hand every week to trawl through all of the stats, trends, team news and more to provide a full analysis and break down all of the Power 5 and Top-25 Ranked College Football Spreads. Check back throughout the season to compare all of the  top College football spreads, from the best online sportsbooks this week.

NCAAF Odds – NCAAF Spreads Explained

So what are NCAAF spread? Well, it’s dissimilar to the college football money line odds in that you’re not picking the outright winner of the match, but instead who will cover the spread as set by the sportsbooks. Similarly to the Money line, you’ll have a favorite and an underdog, but instead of these being reflected in the odds, they’ll be reflected in the spread line. This means that a bigger favorite will have to concede more points to cover the spread and likewise, the underdog can lose by more and still cover the spread.

If the match finishes a tie, with the points against the spread taken into account, the result will be a push and your stake returned. For example, If you wager on Alabama -8 and they win 27-19 i.e, by 8 points, it will be a push. If they win by 9 or more, then your ticket will cash, 7 or fewer, your ticket will lose. 

College Football Money Line Odds

College Football money line odds are the simplest form of college football odds. Money line odds are simply the probability of each team winning the game and used to calculate the amount you’ll win if successfully bet on them. With overtime periods played, there are only two possible outcomes, Team A or Team B to win so you’ll have money line odds for each team. 

College Football money line odds are typically displayed in American odds format, whereby the favorite will be given a negative number, -200 for example, which shows the amount you must wager to win $100 profit. The money line underdog will be the team with a positive number, +175 for example, this indicates the amount you’ll win for a $100 wager. You can also use our Betting Odds Calculator to calculate your potential winnings on any College Football bet.

College Football Over/Under Odds (Points Totals)

The College Football Over/Under odds remain pretty much the same from game to game, much like with the odds against the spread, where instead of the odds changing, the line itself does. The actual odds of the college football over/under lines will typically be around -110 but can go up as high as -120, at this point instead of the odds getting any worse, the line itself will change in that direction, i.e up or down a point. 

College football can see some real high lines on college games, particularly if a shootout or blowout is predicted. With this, it means we can see big fluctuations throughout the game week in both the lines and the odds. Here on the college football odds page we bring you all of the latest and best NCAAF odds so you know the best place to shop to make sure you’re betting better. 

College Football Futures Odds

College Football Futures odds allow bettors to place wagers on bets that will conclude further down the line rather than the outcome of a single match. These markets include the likes of the National Championship Odds, Conference Winners, To Make The Playoffs and Individual Player Awards. Placing a futures bet is a great way to have a prolonged interest throughout the college football season, be it a team-based bet such as the winner of the SEC, or a player-based bet such as the winner of the Heisman Trophy.

College Football Odds This Week

With so many games played, there are thousands of college football odds this week. Here at Pickswise, we look at the Power 5 conferences and every top-25 ranked team. You can find all of the NCAAF odds including the money line, spreads and totals odds and lines for this week, right here on the college football odds page. Our experts take the odds movements and line movements into consideration ahead of every game this week, and you can find their thoughts and College Football Picks ahead of each of these games this week. 

College Football Odds Today

We publish all of our college football odds as soon as they are made available by sportsbooks. This typically occurs a day or two after the teams’ last match, allowing oddsmakers to weigh up the teams and their chances of winning. Check back here on game day for the best real-time NCAAF odds today. Our college football odds update in real time to allow you to compare the odds from the best online sportsbooks, and ensure you’re getting your bet at the best possible odds.

College Football Playoff Odds

College Football Playoff Odds are the oddsmakers’ calculated chance that a particular team will make the playoffs. With the current playoff format, and there only four teams advancing to the playoffs you can still get decent value odds, though not as big as the odds for a team to win the National Championship. To start the season there are typically at least 2 or 3 teams that will have much better odds than the field, think Alabama’s the Clemson’s and the Ohio States of the world. There is every chance that one or more teams will start the season with negative money odds to make the playoffs. The odds to make the playoffs won’t be available as soon as the national championship odds themselves but they will be available ahead of the season and updated regularly throughout.

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