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There are many ways in which you can wager on a golf tournament, from a futures bet on a major to the winner of this week’s golf tournament, and countless player props are also available each week. The most common wager type in gold will be on the outright markets, where you can bet on a player to win the tournament outright. You can also bet on a golfer each way, which in effect splits your stake to 50% on the win, and 50% on the place odds. One key point to note with each-way golf betting is the number of places your sportsbooks pay for a place, they will differ from book to book, so be sure to shop them. Here at Pickswise we cover all the PGA Tour events and consider all of the best golf betting markets each week. Our Golf betting tips will include our outright selections, each-way plays, and some select player props, all with an accompanying set of reasons, analysis, and key facts and figures, so be sure to give yourself time to read and digest our golf betting tips.

Golf Betting System – How To Bet On Golf

One of the biggest allures of PGA betting is that a win by a high underdog player can be like a lottery ticket. Billy McRandom winning The Masters at 300-1 can provide a life-changing return on investment. Just know that wins like that are extremely rare though.

The best strategy for PGA predictions is to try and find a golfer who has shot well either recently or at the specific course. That doesn’t always mean winning, but the top 10 finishes where the golfer may just be a tweak or two away can be a sign of future success.

Many wagerers find more success with PGA betting on the weekend rather than at the start of the tournament. You will have had a couple of days to see how a player likes the course and the field will have dwindled as well – but so will the odds.

Types Of Golf Bets

The best thing about golf bets is the variation available to bettors for each tournament. A varied approach to your golf wagering is a good way to add excitement to the tour but also means there is something for everyone, be it a longshot, a prop bet, or a solid favorite bet to bet on. Here are some of the most commonly wagered types of golf bet, but be sure to check out our Golf Betting Guide for a full breakdown of betting on golf, and our experts’ top-5 tips for betting smarter on golf.

Win Bets

The most commonly wagered golf bet on any given tournament in unsurprisingly the win markets. The win golf bets are just that, a golfer to win the tournament or in certain instances, you can bet on them to win a round.

Each Way Bets

With the large field sizes and the fact a tournament is played across four days, a fair number of longshots win or come close to winning on the tour. Even on the biggest stages, with the likes of Charl Schwartzel and Angel Cabrera winning the Masters Tournament at odds of +10000 and +12500 respectively. Some sportsbooks will offer up to 8 or 10 places in the biggest golf tournaments, and even hitting a place with a longshot can see you hit a nice payday.

To Finish Top-5, 10 or 20

Picking the winner of a golf tournament is tricky, to pick the one in a hundred who plays best over four days, can feel at times like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Wagering on markets such as a Top-5, Top-10, or Top-20 finish allows for that extra wiggle room, that room for slight error. While the odds won’t be as big as the win markets, these offer a great chance of finding a winning wager

Player Round Scores – Over/Unders

Bets on a player to win is far from the only type of golf wager available on any tournament. PGA picks can also be made on individual golfers and whether they will shoot ‘over’ or ‘under’ a certain score for that round.

Golf Prop Bets

Prop bets are a great alternative to win markets, as you aren’t necessarily wagering on the outcome of the tournament itself. The most common types of golf prop bets include a hole in one to be made in the tournament or players to make the cut, right through to the wacky, such as Will the winner cry on the 18th green of the Masters, or who will the masters champion hug first. Of course, these are less skill-driven wagers, but they’re fun and have become increasingly popular amongst bettors. 

Golf Player Head-to-head odds – 2-balls or 3-balls

Head-to-head odds are also widely available where you can wager on a matchup between two players. This allows for a great way to use expert knowledge of the courses, player form, conditions, pin positions, and much more to figure out who will be better suited in any given tournament.

Best Golf Bets Today 

All of our pre-tournament golf betting advice and analysis is available right up until the first tee time, with a full breakdown of our selections and best golf bets today. We will also have daily best golf bets such as 3-ball bets, Round Leaders, and Player Over/Under Props, so be sure to check back leading up to and throughout this week’s PGA golf tournament  

Golf Betting Online

With its increased popularity in the sports betting world, Golf betting online is readily available with the majority of online sportsbooks for all of the PGA tour tournaments, throughout the season. Golf betting online is a great way to add some extra excitement to the big tournaments and one of the best things about golf betting is the number of ways in which you can get involved. The length of a golf tournament allows for ample opportunities to invest in a wager, and with it, there is a long list of bets you can place from the outright winner to Top-10 or Top-25 finishes or three-ball wagers, and even in-play betting after each round, the possibilities with golf betting online seem endless.

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