NBA Friday three-team mega parlay (+1198 odds): Spurs are sharp

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We’ve made it to Friday so you know what time it is. It’s NBA Mega Parlay time people. Parlays probably aren’t the smartest bet we can make but who are we kidding? They’re fun and when they hit there’s a magic created that money can’t buy. It’s electric really and we should be so lucky to feel what that electricity feels like. All you have to do is create a sustainable way to bet these things and the rest takes care of itself. I like to drop 10% of a unit and just call it a day. Here’s what I’m doing tonight.

Don’t just read about this parlay though. You’d be crazy to do that! Our team has put together picks on the side and total of all the games on the NBA slate today/tonight. You can also follow me on Twitter for any other bets I might throw out throughout the day.

San Antonio Spurs -4.5 (+112) * Alt Line

New York Knicks ML (+176)

Minnesota Timberwolves ML (+122)

Parlay Odds: +1198

San Antonio Spurs -4.5 (+112) * Alt Line

I went with an alt line over at FanDuel for this one because it’s Friday and Fridays call for a little more juice. You know it, I know it, let’s just lean into it. The reason I picked this 1 to spice up is because our experts at PicksWise have the Spurs at -3.5 rated as a 2-star move. They pointed out that San Antonio is 3-1 ATS as the road team while the Orlando Magic is 0-3 ATS at home. If you watched the Magic’s last game against the Boston Celtics, then you know that team can go cold at any point. They shot 32% from the floor that night including 20.9% from three-land. This has beatdown written all over it and all we have to do is lay 4.5 points. Seems easy enough.

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New York Knicks ML (+176)

At first I wanted to back the Milwaukee Bucks here but after reading Matt Wiesenfeld’s reasoning, I had to switch. He’s only taking the Knicks +4.5 but I have more confidence in the Knickerbockers now. For me this is all about the Bucks missing Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton, and Brook Lopez. Sure they waxed the Detroit Pistons the other night but that’s the Detroit Pistons. They need a little more time before they’re competing with the Bucks. The Knicks don’t. They’re coming off a loss which is always what I’m looking for. Hungry teams play harder. It’s science. Meanwhile the Bucks are patting themselves on the backs after beating up on a bad team while shorthanded. They have targets on their backs because of winning the whole thing last season so they’ll have to bring it every night. I think the Knicks win straight up and keep our parlay intact.

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Minnesota Timberwolves ML (+122)

This is another game where you say I like the Los Angeles Clippers but then you read what our guy Filip Tomic says and reverse course. Sure the Clippers just got done picking on the Timberwolves but they made 21 3-pointers that night. Do we seriously think they’re going to do that again tonight? The Timberwolves are top-5 in the NBA at defending the 3-point line so you know that will be a point of emphasis tonight. At the end of the day, the Clippers are a struggling 3-4 team just trying to make it without their star player, Kawhi Leonard. I don’t even think they should be favored in this game. This should cash our parlay.

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