NBA Parlays

The home of our NBA Parlay picks. With up to 15 games a day, there are many opportunities to wager on the NBA action throughout the season. With many games on a slate, placing a wager on multiple markets, and games can require a large bankroll. Our NBA Parlay picks are a great way to avoid that, with bigger odds you can risk less but still have an interest in multiple NBA games. With increased odds comes increased difficulty, as all selections must-win for the parlay to cash. Our expert handicappers analyze every game before carefully selecting our top NBA picks to create our daily NBA Parlay with full reasoning for each selection. 


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NBA Parlay Picks

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4What is an NBA Parlay bet

An NBA parlay bet is a single NBA wager with multiple selections, each selection must-win for the bet to cash, but the odds of each selection are multiplied to offer much bigger odds.

You can combine a variety of NBA picks from different markets if you choose to form an NBA parlay, from Moneyline picks to spreads and totals.

Parlays are a great way to wager on big favorites with their odds likely small for straight wagers, you would have to stake a lot to win a little. By combining the selections into a parlay your stake rolls onto each selection, the only catch being they all must-win for the ticket to cash, one loser, the entire bet is lost.

On fixed odds markets such as spreads and totals where each selection will be priced around +/-110, a three-team parlay will pay around +600, so your $100 stake will see you profit $600 plus your $100 stake, $700 in total, with a four-team parlay paying around +1200, returning a total $1300 for your $100 stake.

How to win an NBA Parlay bet

NBA Parlay bets, despite their popularity, can be tricky to land with upsets commonplace in the NBA and just one losing selection needed for the parlay to lose.

With that in mind, you must be selective with your NBA picks and parlays, and here are a few tips to consider when trying to win an NBA parlay bet.

  • Keep to 2,3 or 4 team parlays The difficulty of winning parlay increases with each selection you add, and while the odds do too, sticking to 2,3 or 4 team parlays gives you the best chance to see profit over time.
  • Use parlays to combine multiple strong favorites – If you like the Bucks to beat the Celtics but their Moneyline odds are -250, you may not want to risk $250 to win a profit of $100. Instead, you can add a couple of other strong favorites, say for example the Lakers and Clippers are also -250, a 3-team parlay on these would pay around +175 and $175 profit from a $100 wager.
  • Shop around for odds – Not all online sportsbooks have the same odds, and while there is often only a marginal difference, if you can wager three picks at -200 each instead of -250, your payout would be $337.50 instead of $274.40 to a $100 stake.
  • Manage your bankroll  Being disciplined with your bankroll is key to making a profit across an NBA season. If you keep your stake consistent on NBA parlay bets, with 3-team parlays at odds of around 6/1, you only need to win 1 in 7 parlays to break even, any better than that is profit.

How to bet on NBA Picks and Parlays

Betting on NBA parlay picks is a simple process with any of the top online sportsbooks. To place a wager on an NBA parlay, simply click basketball and then NBA where you’ll find the upcoming matches, add all of the parlay selections to the bet slip and then click the parlay option on the bet slip, enter your stake and click place bet and you’re on.

The Betslip will automatically calculate your parlay odds and potential payout so you need not worry about calculating those yourself.

Unsure where to place your NBA parlay bets? Check out our comprehensive online sportsbook reviews, where we break down all the key information and promo codes for all of the top online sportsbooks.

Expert NBA Teaser Predictions

NBA teasers are one of the few sports where these types of bets are utilized besides pro and college football. The most common points available in NBA teasers are 4, 4.5, and 5 with some books offering 7 points. You can apply these points on anywhere from 2 to 14 games with each bet you add the payout odds increasing. Of course, for an NBA teaser to be graded a win, each team on the ticket must be graded a win.