MLB ALDS same game parlay (+908 odds): Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox

Xander Bogaerts Red Sox

The Tampa Bay Rays are getting eliminated from the MLB playoffs tonight by Eduardo Rodriguez and the Boston Red Sox. Why? Because the Boston Red Sox have what’s called “October bats”. October bats don’t always work in months not called October, which makes them tricky. But in the month of October, they work every time (except once this October). Tonight at Fenway Park, the Red Sox are going to demolish the Tampa Rays. Again. Us bettors have a choice; back the October bats and watch the Red Sox win a game that flies over the total which will net us a bunch of cash. Or don’t bet the Red Sox -1.5 and over 12.5 and watch what I just described happen but not win a bunch of cash. Seems easy to me.

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Boston Red Sox -1.5 (+172)

Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox over 12.5 (+270)

Parlay odds: +908

Boston Red Sox -1.5 (+172)

I wish I had numbers to back this one up but there’s just no way to quantify October bats. All you can know for sure is that they can’t be beaten and they likely will win by at least 2 runs. That’s all that can be known for sure. I can tell you this much, Collin McHugh is not an October arm and the Rays have him starting tonight. Obviously he’s not going to go long, but in 1.2 innings pitched the other night the Red Sox scalped him for 2 dingers. The kid threw only 37 pitches and 2 of them ended up in the seats. I know you’re thinking what about — Eduardo Rodriguez — but here’s the thing, we need him to give up a few runs because of the next pick in the parlay. Keep in mind he had the worst start of his life (probably) last time and the Rays scored 5 only runs that game. Five runs won’t cut it tonight but it will help this parlay.

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Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox over 12.5 (+270)

October bats means October runs, and all we need is 13 for this to get home. We know the Red Sox are going to win by at least 2 runs but, the Rays may just put up a fight. After all, they might not be ready to join the Yankees on the sidelines watching the best team in the AL East play for the World Series. Four guys in the Rays’ lineup have taken Rodriguez deep at least once in their careers, so there is that. I’d say the Rays are good for 4-5 tonight, which makes the Red Sox’ magic number 8. When you have October bats, 8 runs is nothing in an elimination game. Anything under double digits is stealing. This one feels like a 10-4 type stomping which would win our parlay easily.

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