NFL Teaser Picks and Parlay for Week 4: Bengals to roll Jaguars

Joe Mixon NFL Teaser

We took it to all of the fantasy nerds last week with their fancy stats and whatnot. We won both the NFL teaser and the parlay and all it took was 2 eyeballs and a functioning brain. When you’re taking 2 teams and moving the line 6 points, you should be able to win. We don’t need a spreadsheet and snap counts to win those. The same goes for a moneyline parlay. If I was in charge, it would be a rule that everyone has at least 1 NFL teaser and moneyline parlay a week. It’s just good form. Here’s what I have for Week 4.

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Week 4 NFL Teaser – 2-team 6-point (-120)

Cincinnati Bengals -1.5

When I’m doing an NFL teaser I either take a team that I know will win and drop them down to a -1 type number or I’ll take a team I think can win and make them a +9 or so. This week we have 2 teams on the board that I think will win easily. Why not tease them to a respectable number and be done with it? After watching the Jaguars play the Cardinals last week, they are an easy team to fade. Sure they were up at the half, but that was because they got a kick-6 right at the end of the half. They got their only other touchdown just minutes before on a decent drive but nothing special. This week in Cincinnati they will see the NFL’s 4th-best defense in the Bengals. Trevor Lawrence is highly likely to turn the ball over at least once, so there’s that too. I think the Bengals will cover the 7.5, so a tease here feels like free money.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1

I’ll keep this one short. I don’t think there is any chance in hell the Patriots win this game. Not only that but I don’t think they can even keep it close. If you don’t think Tom Brady is as motivated as he’s ever been, you’re crazy. In his mind the Patriots didn’t want him and that is all that guy needs. Here’s the thing, the motivation really doesn’t even matter. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are light years ahead of where the New England Patriots are right now. The only team the Patriots have looked good against this season is the New York Jets. That says a lot. Mac Jones still has a lot to learn and it is going to feel like a road game for him in Gillette Sunday night. This one should be a beating so this clearly belongs in this week’s NFL teaser.

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Week 4 NFL parlay (+128)

Buffalo Bills ML

Here’s another one we can keep short. There is no way on God’s green earth that the Buffalo Bills are going to lose to the Houston Texans on Sunday. Davis Mills will be the worst starting quarterback in the NFL this weekend. He has one target that he can really count on and that guy will be shadowed by Tre’Davious White (most likely). The Bills just boat-raced a pretty good defense last week in the Washington Football team. They are on a mission throwing the ball all the time and running their offense at the fastest pace in the NFL. All gas and no brakes will be a huge problem when Mills has to hang points on Buffalo’s 2nd-ranked defense in the NFL (DVOA). The Texans have no chance of winning this game.

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Kansas City Chiefs ML

The Kansas City Chiefs could be 3-0 right now had it not been for some nonsense. Obviously nonsense happens in the NFL but still, you can’t pinpoint when it will happen. If Clyde Edwards-Helaire doesn’t fumble against the Baltimore Ravens, they likely win that one on a field goal. If they didn’t turn the ball over multiple times in the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers, then they likely would have won that game. I get that nonsense happens but when opponents are dependent on it, they look bad when it doesn’t happen. The Eagles showed Monday night that they can’t stop an elite offense. That’s fine for some teams but Jalen Hurts isn’t the type of guy I want quarterbacking my team if we’re chasing points. I think the Chiefs win this game on the road.

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Los Angeles Chargers ML

I wanted to throw the Buccaneers in here, but that would be cheap so I went with the Chargers. People are buying the Las Vegas Raiders and I get it but when looking at who they beat, I start to wonder when they will lose. They always seem to be in a dogfight and that has to catch up with them at some point. Watching Jacoby Brissett go up and down the field on them last week made me wonder what Justin Herbert will look like this week. The Chargers are for real and while the Raiders might be better than people think, they still can’t be trusted. With this game being on Monday night, we can always hedge out too if we get spooked. It won’t be for a lot but it will be for a profit. Still, I doubt we will have to do that.

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