NFL Prop Bets

The home of our top NFL prop bets on this week’s NFL games. Prop betting is an increasingly popular form of sports betting, offering ways to wager on a game other than more traditional means such as moneylines, spreads, and totals. From Player Prop Bets to Team Prop Bets we bring to you our best prop bets from across this week’s NFL action.

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Prop Bets

What are NFL Prop Bets

NFL Prop Bets or Prop Bets in general are bets on the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a specific thing to happen during a game. Instead of betting on the outcome of a game, you’re betting on the proposition of something within the game, offering a. The most popular types of prop bets are NFL players prop bets and NFL team prop bets, with a whole host of markets available on every game of the season.

NFL Player Prop Bets

NFL Player Prop Bets are centered around a player’s performance in a particular game. The most commonly wagered NFL Player Prop Bets are passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, or a combination of the two for all-purpose yards. Near enough all online sportsbooks offering odds on football will also offer odds on Player Touchdowns, be it First, Last, or anytime. Defensive players aren’t forgotten in the Prop Bet markets either, with options to wager on a player to record an interception or a sack often also available.

In the age of statistics and fantasy football, player prop betting is a great way to utilize the wealth of information available to place a wager on a player’s performance. Our experts analyze the game conditions from injuries, the weather, to how the teams and players match up, everything is considered in highlighting the best NFL Player Prop Bets available on NFL games this week.

NFL Team Prop Bets

The long list of possible NFL team prop bets can be a daunting and overwhelming one, with almost any part of the game a possible wager. The most common examples of NFL Team Prop Bets include Which team scores first? Which team scores last? 1st turnover a fumble or Interception? Will a team score three times unanswered?

With obscurity comes opportunity and these markets take meticulous research to master, but our experts take care of that for you. With all of our top NFL Team Prop Bets listed right here and the NFL games this week.

Best sportsbooks for NFL Prop Bets

Prob betting is becoming increasingly popular and the prop bets markets are championed by no sport more than professional football. Almost all online sportsbooks, even the smaller companies will offer prop bets on NFL games, but the bigger online sportsbooks such as FanDuel and DraftKings tend to lead the way in terms of variation within the prop bet markets.

Just as important, if not more so than variation, is value. With the popularity and the number of sportsbooks offering NFL prop bets, be sure to compare the prices of your NFL prop bet picks, as you often see one sportsbook price up a player to score first at +400 but another could offer +600.

As with all of our NFL picks, we post the best odds and the sportsbook offering those odds next to our NFL prop bet selections, but if you want more information about the best online sportsbooks to wager with, check out our comprehensive online sportsbook reviews here, or our full NFL betting guide here