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XFL players react to league suspending amid coronavirus concerns

XFL players react to league suspending amid coronavirus concerns

The sporting world has taken quite the hit from the COVID-19 outbreak as the virus has infected well over 100,000 people and killing nearly 5,000 globally so far. With the World Health Organization officially declaring a global pandemic, it was time for sporting events to make sure the virus would not keep spreading at a fast pace. It was a domino effect that started in the NBA as a Utah Jazz player tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before tip-off against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday. The game was canceled and soon the league was suspended. Other sports would follow in the same footsteps including the new XFL league that was only halfway through the season. 

The XFL was another chance for a lot of underrated football players to showcase they could reach the promised land in the NFL. Unfortunately, the XFL has suspended the rest of the regular season with the following statement.

Even though the league is following in the footsteps of others to make sure others are safe from the virus, players across the league shared their emotions on the decision. Below is a list of XFL players who quickly reacted to the news of the season coming to a close. Let’s hope we can see some of these same players in the NFL this upcoming season.

XFL thank you for the wild ride and stay safe everyone

Last updated: Thu 12th March 2020
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