College Basketball Computer Picks

Welcome to the home of college basketball computer picks. With no human bias or outside influence, our computer picks offer you the best objectivity and clarity possible when it comes to beating the sportsbooks. We can’t be beaten when it comes to accuracy either – our supercomputer runs through over 10,000 simulations when calculating each match outcome.

So, How Are The Pickswise College Basketball Computer Picks Calculated?

The Pickswise Supercomputer calculates pre-game college basketball probabilities using machine learning techniques into a Monte Carlo method. This means that our computer takes statistics and simulates a college basketball game over 10,000 times to cater to a deep range of outcomes and probabilities during the game. It first runs individual player simulations based on various stats which we then combine to create simulated match outcomes. The probabilities and predictions are dynamic and updated in real-time with new statistics added all the time and taking into external factors such as team news, and betting lines as they change and become available.

A popular part of our college basketball computer picks are the value found picks where our Supercomputer highlights discrepancies between our predictions and the lines or odds set by the sportsbooks. The ability to consistently find this edge over the sportsbooks will stand you in good stead over time and increase the likelihood of being successful with your wagers.

Our best-performing college basketball computer picks are denoted by our ‘best of the game’ and ‘value identified’ icons which can be found under the best bets tab of each NCAAB game.


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College Basketball Computer Picks

Our college basketball computer picks are the result of a lengthy and complex process. Our algorithm begins by taking individual player statistics, combines them with team statistics, then simulates a college basketball game over 10,000 times to come up with the most accurate and probable outcome possible. Probabilities and predictions are dynamic – that is, they’re updated in real-time – so they will remain live and up to the minute until the match has finished.

Therefore, it pays to keep an eye on this page to check for any important line changes that might help you get some crucial betting value! But again, we do the work for you. A popular feature in our college basketball computer picks is our Value Found picks, where we point out where a potential bet might have the edge on a sportsbook.

These bets are denoted by a ‘value identified’ icon, while our best wager for each game can be identified by our ‘best of the game’ icon. Both can be found under the ‘best bets’ tab for each match. 

A College Basketball computer pick is one run by an algorithm. In our case, our supercomputer simulates match outcomes over 10,000 times before coming up with computer picks and probabilities. Many prefer this way of receiving picks as they are no longer reliant on a human tipster, who may be prone to natural human error and subjectivity. Computer picks are also extremely easy to digest – no reasoning needs to be given, you just need to look at the stats on the screen.

It’s best to start betting on our college basketball computer picks by taking a look at our ‘best of the game’ and ‘value identified’ bets. These ensure you get the best possible value from your bets, as recommended by us.

Then, when you’re ready to actually place your bet, it’s a good idea to use a free bet. Our hub for Sportsbook Promo Codes is just the place – have a look around and keep an eye out for welcome offers, as these generally promise the biggest bucks.

It can be a nightmare trying to work out what you think the exact score for a College Basketball game will be – luckily our supercomputer does all the work for you! By combining statistical analysis and point-scoring capabilities of all the players and teams on show, the Pickswise algorithm will come up with an accurate estimate for the game’s final scoreline.

Once we’ve done this, we can also compare how our predictions compare to those made by the sportsbooks. If there’s big value there, we’ll let you know. Just look out for our ‘best of the game’ and ‘value identified’ icons under the ‘best bets’ tab.

If you’re on the lookout for specific be types, check out our pre-game probabilities. These computer picks include betting against the spread, on the over/under market and on the moneyline. Enjoy!

Against The Spread March Madness Computer Picks and Predictions

Our supercomputer is on hand to provide you with against the spread picks for every March Madness game. Our algorithm works out how likely each team is to cover the spread for a given bet. Remember that injury news, line-up changes and more can affect the lines, so make sure to keep checking this page for the latest live odds and predictions.

Over/Under March Madness Computer Picks and Predictions

The Over/Under market is a favorite among March Madness fans and so our computer picks have you covered. When we think a team will be scoring over or under a certain number of points in a game, we’ll compare our predictions with those of the sportsbooks and tell you if the odds are in our favour. Lines change all the time, so make sure to keep checking this page regularly.

Moneyline March Madness Computer Picks and Predictions

Wagering on the moneyline is the simplest form of sports betting, and as popular as ever, so of course our supercomputer will be scouring through these types of bet. It’s easy to take in too – you just have to look at our predicted match outcome and see if you agree with it. As long as you keep checking this page regularly, since lines can move, you could be making big bucks on our moneyline computer picks during March Madness.