The home of March Madness Odds. With a wide variety of March Madness Sportsbooks to choose from when wagering on March Madness, it is always important to shop the odds.

Here, on the March Madness odds page, you can do just that throughout the tournament. With March Madness odds and lines across the top markets, you can quickly find the best odds and lines for the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

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How To Read March Madness Odds

There are so many different ways you can Bet on March Madness from game to game to the futures markets. At times, with so many markets and odds, reading these March Madness odds can be tricky, particularly for those new to sports betting. Here on the March Madness Odds page, we display the odds and lines, as well as how to read them. Anything March Madness odds, we have right here.

You can also use our Betting Odds Calculator to calculate your potential winnings on any March Madness bet.

March Madness Money Line Odds

The simplest form of March Madness odds is the money line. Betting the money line simply means betting on a team to win. With no such thing as a tie in a single-elimination tournament like March Madness, there will always be a winner and a loser.

March Madness money line odds will usually be displayed in American odd format and can be identified by a + or – symbol before the odds, with the ‘-’ sign displaying the favorite and the ‘+’ sign the underdogs. Bet slips on online sportsbooks will calculate your potential winnings for you, but the ‘-’ tells you how much you must stake to win $100 at those odds, where the ‘+’ odds display how much you’ll win for a $100 stake.

At Pickswise, we preview every game ahead of tip-off, providing March Madness Picks for the moneyline and other markets alongside statistical analysis and expert reasoning.

March Madness Odds Against The Spread

March Madness odds Against the Spread is the most common wager type throughout the NCAA Tournament, particularly in the early rounds which may lack parity.

Unlike the money line odds, which change drastically, the spread changes game to game, and the odds stay fairly consistent, usually around -110. With the spread, you’re not betting on which team will win the game outright, but which team will cover the spread, a line determined by sportsbooks.

The line will see the favored team have to win by more than the spread, or the underdog to win or lose by less than the spread line. The spread does change from sportsbook to sportsbook and every point in your favor counts, so be sure to shop around for the best point spread, which we’ll show right here on our March Madness odds page.

If you’re looking for expert betting advice to go with the odds, check our March Madness Predictions, where our expert handicappers provide full previews for every game of the tourney.

March Madness Points Total Odds

The March Madness Points Total odds are the best way for sports bettors to get involved in a game if they’re not confident in taking a team on the money line or a spread.

The points total, while is won or lost as a result of how the game is played, the result itself does not necessarily matter.

Instead of wagering on one team or the other, you’re betting on whether the combined points totals from both teams will be over or under the line which like the spread is set by sportsbooks. Also, just like the spreads, it’s the total number of points that changes game to game rather than the odds, which stay at around -110.

The points total line fluctuates leading up to the game and can be different at different sportsbooks so the March Madness Odds page right here is a great way to find the best odds and lines for your totals wagers.

There are many ways to bet on the Madness, so we give betting advice across all the top markets we’ve mentioned, but it doesn’t stop there. We also have selections for March Madness Props and Parlays, with our most confident picks across all markets making our March Madness Best Bets.

March Madness Futures Odds

You can also bet on a select few March Madness futures odds leading up to and during the tournament itself. March Madness futures odds have three main markets in the outright tournament winner, a team to make the Final Four, and also on the NCAA Most Outstanding Player. These odds change as the action unfolds, leading up to Selection Sunday and also again after the bracket is set, and then updated shortly after each game or round.

March Madness Tournament Winner Odds

A market that is what it says it is, a bet on who will win the entire March Madness Tournament. This market is available before the college basketball regular season begins and is updated throughout the season and round-by-round in the tournament itself. Due to the nature of a single-elimination tournament, it can be tricky to find the winner, but if you do, you’ll likely be handsomely rewarded with some great March Madness odds.

March Madness Final Four Odds

To wager on a team to make the Final Four is a slightly safer pick than to win the tournament outright. This market gets a shake-up on Selection Sunday with the bracket and route to the Final Four a huge factor in who is and isn’t a good pick. Many sports bettors will take a team they like and wager on them to make the Final Four as well as the Outright Winner market. It’s also worth considering separating your Final Four wagers or picking a couple of teams from different regions in the hope they all make it to the Final Four.

John R Wooden Award Odds

You can wager on the winner of the NCAA Most Outstanding Player odds, also known as the Wooden Award, which is basically the MVP of the March Madness tournament. Unlike the other futures, this market is usually available close to or after selection Sunday. One stronger trend in finding the winner and a good value pick in this market is finding a player on the team that wins the tournament or at the very least is a Final Four hopeful. 


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