College Football Computer Picks

Here you will find our College Football computer picks for every week of the 2022/23 season. Our NCAAF computer picks rely on facts and figures to provide you with the best, unbiased, stats-driven College Football projections throughout the entire season. Find out the expected number of touchdowns, rushing yards and overall NCAAF score predictions according to our super computer.

Our best performing College Football computer picks are ones that have the best of the game and value identified icons under the best bets tab of each game

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What Is A College Football Computer Pick

A College Football computer pick is an entirely unbiased stats-driven pick on the outcome of a certain College Football game. Our College Football supercomputer runs advanced statistical models to provide free college football computer picks for the Power-5 Conferences and any matchup featuring a top-25 team.

With so many stats available for every facet of the game, we are able to use this data to run non-biased simulations to paint a picture of how the numbers see the game going. Each college football computer pick is the result of over 10,000 simulations, with the results of those simulations  then compared to the live sportsbook markets and odds. Doing this allows our supercomputer to identify the best computer picks and value selections for every Power-5 or Top-25 game throughout the season.

Our supercomputer will compare the lines and odds with the Money Line, the Over/Under Totals and Against the Spread for each of these games, and give its pick on either side, as well as a percentage chance of winning.

Check out all of this week’s NCAAF computer picks right here, on the College Football Computer Picks page. 

How To Use And Bet On Our College Football Computer Picks

There are many ways you can use our College Football computer picks, with a wealth of information on offer for each Power 5 conference and Top-25 game.

For each game, you’ll find our NCAAF computer picks for the Money line, Spread, and Points Totals markets. These picks are taken from our supercomputer’s college football score prediction. By running 10,000+ data simulation around individual player and team performance, our supercomputer makes its college football score prediction for the game. It then compares that prediction to the live betting markets and odds, highlighting which side it likes, the percentage chance and the best College Football Odds on offer

We also highlight the best bets of the game as per the college football computer predictions and also highlight the best value bets which combine our best plays with the real-time odds.

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Supercomputer College Football Score Predictions 

One of the most popular uses of our computer picks are the college football score predictions. With the wealth of statistics in our armory, our supercomputer can crunch the numbers to predict how the player and team stats see the game going, derived from the expected points total of each team.

Our Supercomputer runs over 10,000 simulations to map out every Power 5 and Top-25 ranked match and create a college football score prediction for each.

By doing this you can get free unbiased college football score predictions, which are then automatically compared to the live sports betting lines and odds to find the best bets for that game.

College Football Computer Picks Against the Spread 

By far our most popular pick on our college football computer picks is our NCAAF Computer Picks Against the Spread

Here you will find the current spread line along with our supercomputer’s probability predictions for each team to cover the spread, along with the best available odds for each side. Lines can, and often do change leading up to a game, so our computer never rests. We run continuous simulations and as the lines and odds change this will be reflected in our picks, best bets and value selections. You can find the last time our Supercomputer refreshed the picks and data on site, so rest assured that what you see is up to date and a real-time college football computer projection. 

College Football Computer Picks Over/Under Points Totals 

Here you’ll find the current points total line for that matchup, along with our supercomputer’s probability predictions for both over and under that total, along with the best available odds for each side. Our simulations are continuous and as such our page regularly updates to take into account any line movements and also the impact that has on the predictions, and odds. This allows us to stay up to date with what can at times be a volatile market. In a close game a point either side can make all of the difference, so rest assured what you see is up-to-date and reflects the current odds and betting lines. 

College Football Money Line Computer Picks 

The supercomputer also predicts the outcome of the match. Betting on the college football money line is the easiest way to have a bet on a game, you pick a side and place a bet on that side. Some of the money lines in the college football game can have really bad odds for when a big school plays a smaller school, but for those closer games like Georgia vs Clemson, our supercomputer money line picks are great. The supercomputer will calculate the chances of each team winning the match from running over 10,000+ simulations.. It also details the current best odds for each team to win so you know you’re on the best bet at the best price. 

College Football Computer Picks Best Bets 

With a wealth of information, and numerous ways to bet on every single game of the College Football season, our College Football Computer Picks Best Bets is the best place to start. Every Power 5 and Top 25 game will have a Best Bets tab on the computer predictions page displaying just that, our best computer picks for that game.

Our supercomputer generates multiple predictions for each game, but here you can find the ones our supercomputer likes most, those it projects as having the best statistical chance of cashing.

Along with the best bets, and arguably one of the most useful tools alongside the college football computer picks, which is the value identified button. This shows when the supercomputer identifies a discrepancy between our projections and the live betting markets and odds. What this means is that it predicts something that goes against or offers value against the sportsbooks’ odds. Being able to consistently identify these spots between our projections and the sportsbook odds is key to seeing long term success when wagering on a sport like college football.

You can find these value identified predictions by looking for a golden coin with a dollar sign next to a pick or prediction. 

What Are Your NCAAF Score Predictions For This Weekend

The Pickswise Supercomputer runs over 10,000 real-time, dynamic statistics-based simulations to create all of our NCAAF computer picks every week.  By mapping out player and team-based performance simulations our Supercomputer considers every angle to produce an NCAAF score prediction. Our Supercomputer then uses this NCAAF score prediction to compare our predictions to the live odds and betting lines to find the best opportunities and value selections. Our Supercomputer runs through all of the top College Football matches this week, which includes the Power 5 conferences as well as the Top-25 ranked teams. Cehck out all of this week’s NCAAF Computer Predictions and NCAAF Score Predictions from Thursday or Friday every week.

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