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Get our top MLB futures for the 2021/22 season. Our experts look ahead to the end of the season to find the best MLB futures odds and bets, including who will win the AL and NL, divisional winners, team win totals, World Series odds, MVP & Cy Young predictions and more.

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What Are MLB Futures?

MLB Futures, as the name would suggest, is a bet on a future MLB outcome such as the World Series Winner, To Win A Division, To Win A Conference, or MLB Player Futures such as the AL and NL MVP or the AL and NL CY Young Winners. You can usually bet on these markets well ahead of time, from before the season starts, right through until the end of the season, or the end of the regular season for specific markets. MLB Futures are a great way to get a long term interest in a player, team or market.

How To Bet On MLB Futures

Betting on MLB futures is simple, and just like betting on any other type of MLB market at your favorite sportsbook. The majority of online sportsbooks will either have an MLB futures section or possibly refer to the Futures markets as Outright Markets, click whichever of these they use and you’ll find a list of odds for the available MLB futures markets. Depending on the time of the season you’ll find odds on everything from the World Series market, to Division and Conference winners and a variety of player stats and player awards odds such as MVP and Cy Young. Futures bets are not paid out until the conclusion of the event, so for the World Series or MVP bets, you could be waiting all season to cash that ticket if it wins.

2022 MLB Playoffs Picks

In addition to free daily MLB picks, we also provide insight into MLB playoff picks. From wild card ‘play-in’ matchups to Game 7 of the World Series, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of October baseball. In the MLB playoffs, pitching rotations are shortened and home-field becomes an even bigger advantage but it’s important to make sure the lines reflect that. Our experts analyze every playoff game and give you their expert MLB picks to help you make the best selections in the MLB Playoffs to finish off the season strongly and in profit.

2022 MLB World Series Picks

The World Series is the prize in which all 30 teams dream of winning at the start of the season, but some teams have a better chance of winning it than others. You can wager on the World Series winner as soon as the previous season concludes and the odds will fluctuate throughout the offseason in reaction to trades and both player and team news. You can also wager on your World Series picks at any stage throughout the season, with the world series odds also updated in reaction to how the season pans out. Our expert handicappers will provide analysis and expert world series picks before the season as well as highlighting value picks throughout the 2022 MLB season.

MLB MVP Winner Predictions

The MLB MVP is one of the most popular markets that bettors will place in their season long futures. In baseball you will have both and American League MVP and a National League MVP, giving you two darts to throw each season. Finding the league MVP at the start of the season can be tricky, but if you manage it, it be prove to be lucrative. You can also usually bet on the MVP markets throughout the regular season, with odds updated almost daily to reflect the on going play/form of players and reacting to any notable injuries. Our MLB MVP predictions at the start of the season and throughout the season itself will all be found here on the MLB futures page.

MLB Cy Young Winner Predictions

Aside from the MLB MVP markets, the Cy Young markets are the next most popular. Similarly to the MVP, finding the AL and NL Cy Young winners at the start of the season can be tricky, but profitable if you hit on one from the onset. Typically at least a handful of pitchers from each league will have a realistic shot of being crowned a Cy Young winner at the end of the season. But the field will quickly whittle down as the season goes with players having off nights and poor spells on the mound likely to be out of the running. All of our Cy Young winner predictions at the start of the season, and throughout, will be found right here on the MLB futures page.

MLB Futures & MLB Playoff Predictions

The MLB baseball season is a hectic one. With each team playing 162 matches in the regular season, amounting to 2,430 league-wide matches, it’s impossible and highly unrecommended to wager on them all. One way that people like to wager on the MLB season without having to research the daily matchups is on MLB Futures markets and into the MLB Playoff Predictions.
There are many ways in which you can wager on MLB Futures at various points throughout the season, with the most popular being the Outright World Series Winners, but also on Divisional and Conference champions too. You can also wager on MLB Futures Prop Bets which are either team or player-based and are typically based on the number of wins a team will get, or stats leaders in strikeouts, hits, or Home Runs. If prop bets, be it team or player are to your liking be sure to check out our MLB Prop Bets Page for our best MLB Props today and on the futures markets. 

2022 Baseball World Series Predictions

30 teams start on Opening Day with the same goal of winning it all. Unfortunately for 29 of them, they won’t and some teams have a much more realistic chance of winning the MLB World Series than others. you can bet on the World Series immediately after the season comes to a close, and can continue to do so right through the season and into the MLB playoffs. The odds for each team will fluctuate in the off-season due to player trades, and team news and then continue to move up and down in relation to team performance throughout the season. Our expert handicappers will provide analysis and expert world series predictions leading up to the start of the season, and always provide regular World Series predictions and betting odds updates throughout the 2022 season. 

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