MLB Odds

MLB Odds 

Get the latest MLB futures odds including the best MLB world series odds for all of the teams in the hunt. You can also compare the sportsbooks’ odds for the leading Team Futures and Player Futures, including MLB Division Winners, Conference winners, Home Run Leaders, and Cy Young award winners, among many others. Check out all of the MLB Futures Odds right here, all season long.

MLB Money Line Odds 

MLB Money Line odds are the simplest form of baseball odds, they simply represent the odds-chance of either team winning the match. With no ties in the MLB, the Money line is simply choosing win or lose, making it the most simple type of MLB odds to decide upon.. 

MLB Money line Odds will usually be displayed in the following format, known as American Odds. The Money line favorite will be given a negative number such as -200, and the underdog will be given a positive number such as +200. With a favorite and a negative number, the number tells you how much you must stake to win $100, so at -200 a $200 wager will return $100 profit, $300 total. An underdog or a positive number such as +200 shows how much you will win for a $100 stake, so a $100 bet at +200 will turn a $200 profit, $300 total. You can also use our Betting Odds Calculator to calculate your potential winnings on any MLB bet.

MLB Run Line Odds 

The MLB Run line odds is most like the NHL Puck line, and unlike the NFL and NBA spreads, as it’s the odds that change range than the line itself, game-to-game. With the MLB run line odds, the run line will sit at +1.5 or -1.5 for each game and the odds will move depending on the teams’ perceived chances by the oddsmakers. Just like the Money line, the run line odds will be displayed in the American format, meaning the negative number shows how much you must stake to win $100 and the positive number, how much you will win for a $100 bet. 

What does the run line spread actually mean? Well, the MLB team that is favorite will be given the negative run line, such as -1.5, meaning they need to win by more than 2 runs for your wager to be successful. Conversely, if betting on the underdog, they have to lose by two or fewer runs or win for your bet to come through.

We have all of today’s MLB Run Line Odds, right here on the MLB odds page, every day of the season. Check out where to get the best MLB Odds against the spread right now.

MLB Totals Odds – MLB Over/Under

Betting the MLB totals or over/under the total number of combined runs scored in a match is a great way to have a wager on a game where you don’t like either side on the Money line or run lines. Betting the MLB Totals is to bet that the total runs scored will be over or under a line set by the sportsbooks, typically anywhere between 7.5 and 9.5 runs per game. The odds will also change depending on the matchup and which way the sportsbook’s lean on the over/under. Research is key in betting the over/under, particularly with pitching matchups, bullpens, and the hitting lineups, and how they’ve fared against certain pitchers and conditions previously. Our experts at pickswise take all of this and a whole host of advanced statistics into account when making our MLB Picks on the over/under markets and in determining whether a particular pick is at the right odds or not. Check out all of today’s MLB odds for the run line, every day of the season, right here on the MLB Odds page.  


MLB MVP odds are a topic of discussion all season long, with fans, analysts, and even players often weighing in on who they think the AL and NL MVPs should be each year. With it being such a topic of discussion the MLB MVP odds are often published before the season, and are constantly updated, even daily at times, throughout the season, right up until the awards have been decided. This gives us plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the MVP odds, and you’ll find all of our analysis, and the latest odds from all of the online sportsbooks, in one place, right here on the MLB Odds page. 

MLB Rookie Of The Year Odds

The MLB Rookie Of The Year odds are discussed in a similar vein to that of the MVP race. The Rookie Of The Year award has been won by some of the biggest names in baseball, with the likes of Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuna Jr, Shohei Ohtani, and Cody Bellinger all recent winners, just to name a few. With this, there is excitement around discussing or trying to unearth the next star of the major leagues, and the MLB Rookie Of The Year odds and market is a great way to do that. The Rookie Of The Year odds will be posted ahead of the season and updated throughout depending on players’ performances during the season. We bring you the latest betting analysis and odds for the Rookie Of The Year contenders, all season long. Check out the latest Rookie Of The Year odds, right here, today. 

MLB Cy Young Odds

The MLB Cy Young Odds normally establish themselves quite quickly into the season, with a couple of pitchers from both the AL and NL, racing to the top of the betting. In some seasons, however, you can get find a handful of contenders in the hunt late in the season, but it only takes one or two rough outings to see those odds drop. We bring the latest Cy Young Odds and analysis all season long, right here, in one place. Check out the latest Cy Young Odds, today.

MLB Odds To Win Division

Baseball is a marathon and not a sprint. The reason the MLB schedule is 162-games long is to ensure the cream rises to the crop. Anyone can beat anyone, on any given day and this is why a lot of MLB bettors stay clear of the majority of day-to-day action and focus on the team’s futures. One of the most popular ways to do this, aside from the World Series odds themselves, is through the MLB Odds To Win the Division. With 6 division titles up for grabs, and some divisions much more contested than others, you must do your due diligence ahead of locking in those MLB division odds. You can also parlay these selections with most sportsbooks, and those MLB division odds can rack up pretty quickly when doing so. Check out the latest MLB odds to win the division right here, all season long. 

MLB Live Odds 

Live betting in general and MLB Live Odds is one of the fastest-growing areas in sports betting. The ability to bet on live MLB odds while watching the game adds another level of dynamism and excitement to the experience. There are many different types of MLB Live odds available during the game including the Money line, run line, run totals, and a select number of team and player props.

MLB Baseball Lines

Here at Pickswise we bring you all of the latest and best MLB baseball lines from all of today’s matches. Our MLB baseball lines include the money line odds, run lines, and run totals lines, all in one place, with the best odds highlighted from the best and most trusted sportsbooks in the US. Check out today’s baseball lines, above, right now.

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