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A parlay bet is a bet on multiple selections all to win, making it a high-risk, high reward style bet. With multiple games every tournament night during group play, the NBA In-Season Tournament is a great opportunity for multi-game parlay bets on these higher stake games. Once elimination games start there’s further opportunities for some big win parlay bets across multiple games each round, and why not try a same-game parlay for the championship?

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What is an NBA In-Season Tournament Parlay?

A parlay is multiple bet selections combined on to one bet slip, the idea being you multiply your odds but all your selections have to win for your bet to payout. 

When applied to the NBA In-Season Tournament, it’s when you combine multiple NBA In-Season Tournament Picks on one bet.

Since each round of tournament games are played on the same night (Tuesdays and Fridays) parlays offer a unique opportunity to bet on the NBA Tournament.

Whether you are new to parlays or a veteran, we recommend targeting Tournament nights for your NBA parlay bets as tournament games have potential elimination raising the stakes. the added incentive keeps most teams engaged beyond an ordinary regular season game . 

How to Bet On NBA In-Season Tournament Parlays

Parlay betting on the NBA In-Season Tournament won’t be too different from parlay bets on other regular season games, all the top sportsbooks will have the same betting markets available and all of them should be eligible to add to a parlay. From Money line and totals to point spreads and even NBA In-Season Tournament Props, The potential bets you can parlay are practically endless.

The next thing to decide is if you want to play a parlay across multiple tournament games on a given night or just focus on one. Each of these will have their own pros and cons. For example, in a same game parlay you could combine bets that are likely to be affected by each other, such as Steph Curry to score over 30 points and the Warriors to win, and maybe a star player on the opposing team to score less than 30. 

Creating a parlay across multiple games means you could choose one aspect of different games. For example, you could simply make money line bets for your most confident game predictions across that night’s Tournament action, without worrying about the specifics of each game. 

By combining into a parlay you can boost your NBA In-Season Tournament Odds whilst still betting on the favorites, if that’s the way you think it will go. 

How to win an NBA In-Season Tournament Parlay

There are several strategies for NBA Parlays that we recommend like keeping to 2-4 bet selections per parlay. All of these same strategies also apply to parlays on NBA Tournament games, but there are also some other things to consider.

What is each team’s attitude towards the tournament? 

  • Competitive teams in a championship window may not be targeting success in the tournament, whereas younger teams who aren’t expected to be having a deep playoff run may give their all to try and win in the tourney 
  • You should consider this when compiling your parlay, you don’t want to be let down by a favorite that has bigger aspirations down the road.

Stay Up to Date with Every Team’s record and news

  • By design a parlay bet will require you to be up to date on multiple teams recent performance, injury news and how they matchup with their opponents. Keeping up with all this for one team is hard enough so be sure to lean on some expert advice
  • At Pickswise, our team of expert NBA handicappers have decades of experience at your disposal, we have full match previews for every Tournament game with our own parlay selection for the nights games, we do all the work so you can have all the information you need to place smarter parlays

Know everything there is to know about Parlay bets

  • A smart parlay is one that uses the odds to its advantage, by using Pickswise’ Parlay Odds Calculator you can check the odds for any of the parlays you’re considering, don’t leave it to chance, make sure you know all the risk and all the potential winnings before you place your bets. 
  • We also have plenty of other resources to help you make smart parlays. Check our guides to the best parlay betting sites and same-game parlays
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