Today's Best NBA Odds and NBA Betting Lines

NBA Odds

Here you will find all of your NBA odds and NBA betting odds related content throughout the entire 2020-21 NBA season. We detail the most popular type of NBA odds, including the main NBA futures markets such as the NBA Championship Odds, MVP Odds, and Rookie of the Year Odds. You will also find a comparison of today’s NBA odds including Moneyline, Against the Spread, Over/Unders from all of the leading online sportsbooks. Shopping the odds is increasingly important as online betting expands across the US so be sure to check out our odds page and make sure you are getting the best NBA odds out there. 

New to betting? Fear not, everything you need to know regarding NBA odds, including how to read NBA odds can be found right here, provided by the Pickswise NBA betting experts. You can also make the most of our great bonuses and promo codes when registering for an online account. Head to our Free Bets page to find the best bonuses in your state now!

Moneyline NBA Odds 

NBA Moneyline odds are by far the simplest form of NBA odds to understand and wager on. With NBA Moneyline odds you are simply wagering on which of the two teams you think will win the match. With no ties in the NBA, it’s a straight right or wrong market, with odds just for the two teams to win available. 

NBA odds on the Moneyline will usually be displayed in the following format, known as American Odds. The Moneyline favorite will be given a negative number, -350 for example, this shows the amount you must wager to win $100 profit. The Moneyline underdog will be the team with a positive number, +400 for example, this indicates the amount you will win if you wager $100 on them to win.

NBA Betting Lines Against The Spread

NBA Odds and Betting Lines Against the Spread are one of the most widely discussed and wagered of all NBA betting markets. Unlike the NBA Moneyline odds, the odds against the spread you’re wagering on which team will cover the spread rather than simply who wins the game. The favorite can win without covering the spread and the underdog can cover the spread while losing the match.

Reading the NBA odds against the spread is similar to the Moneyline whereby the favorite will be the team with a negative spread line such as -10, and the underdog will be displayed by a positive spread line such as +10. The odds for either side of the line are usually the same and at around -110 meaning you’ll need to stake $110 to win a $100 profit. 

If the match finishes perfectly between the spread so in the above example of a -10 line if the favorite wins 110-100, both -10 and + 10 results in a tie, so both sides of the spread will be pushed. A push means a void bet, your stake will be returned.

NBA Points Total Odds Over/Under

The NBA odds in the over/under or Points Totals markets are the best way to wager on a game if you don’t feel particularly strong about either side or expect either a defensive battle or free-scoring game. Some bettors prefer to not wager or pin their hopes on one team, but rather the entire match itself, you can wager either over or under on the Points Total line.

Like when wagering against the spread, with the over/under on the points total the odds stay the same at around -110 and the line itself changes match to match. You can then wager if the total points combined from both teams will hit over or under the line. For example, if the line is set at 220 points and the match ends 120-112 the overs hit, if it ends 100-92 the unders bettors will cash their tickets. 

There are lots to consider in making a pick in the over/unders markets, with team news, injuries, and matchups all used when considering whether to go over or under the totals betting line.

NBA Odds Live Betting

NFL Live odds are a great, exciting way of wagering on an NBA game once the event has started. We have all sat there watching a game thinking this is going to happen or I still like the Lakers to win despite being down 15, well with NBA live betting you can act upon these premonitions.

Sportsbooks have dynamic NBA odds updating as the action unfolds, from the Moneyline, to the totals and spreads, as well as in some select cases, player props for you to wager on.

This is a new and exciting way to wager on a game and whether you want to hedge a bet if your pre-game selection is doing well, or you’d rather get a feel for the game before getting involved, Live Betting gives you added flexibility to do that.

NBA Prop Bet Odds 

NBA Odds for Prop Bets markets are usually split into Team Props and Player Props. As the titles suggest, you can wager on props around team performance or also around a specific player’s performance.

Player Prop Bets are particularly popular with their close propensity to daily fantasy draft, something sports fans have enjoyed for much longer than legal online sports betting. With player prop bets you can wager on the main three-player performance categories in points, rebounds, and assists or a combination of all three. The lines will be set for each of the players and you can wager over or under on these lines. You will also from time to time see special prop bets such as Lebron James to hit 2 or more dunks in the game, which are more fun bets than anything else. 

Team prop bets can range from anything like alternative spread lines or points totals, where you can increase the odds by increasing the lines or play it a little safer, a bit like a teaser pick and reduce the line. There are also markets such as point races, so if a team is typically fast out of the blocks but wilt late on, you can wager on the first team to 30 points or 40 points, with different points totals available.

There are many ways to wager on prop bets and they will differ greatly from sportsbook to sportsbook, so be sure to shop the odds before placing your wagers. The tiny differences that might seem irrelevant before tip-off, like 2 points on a point’s totals spread, can end up being the difference between a winning bet and a losing one. 

Betting Lines & NBA Odds Today

With the regularity of the NBA schedule, teams can play on back-to-back days and often do. With this, the oddsmakers at the sportsbooks will not release the NBA odds and betting lines until after that game has been completed. Typically the odds will go live on the morning of the game, but this is very much a game-to-game thing, with schedule and the time of the match both determining factors.

Out NBA Odds page will display these odds for your benefit as soon as they go live. With all the top sportsbooks on display, you can easily compare the odds before placing your wager.

You can see movement in the odds and lines early in the day once they are released as sports bettors often favor one side. Therefore, if you get on the right side of the line early on, it can pay if the line moves in your favor. By contrast, you can also end up wagering a team at -7 and by the start of the game, they are only -4 favorites if public money has gone the other way.

Basketball Betting Odds

Here you’ll find all of the latest basketball odds for all of the upcoming basketball matches. We detail all of the most popular basketball odds from all of the biggest games, including Moneyline, Points Totals, and Spread lines as well as championship basketball odds and awards. Shopping the odds is a key to long-term success when wagering on basketball with the difference of a point often making a difference in close games. Pickswise has you covered for everything you need to know about basketball odds, including how to read and calculate them.

NBA Futures Odds

NBA odds are not just a day-to-day and game-to-game thing, with many sports bettors opting to put down some long term NBA futures bets at the start, or throughout the NBA season. NBA odds for the futures markets are set before the season starts for the Championships, Conference Titles as well as the player and coaching awards such as MVP and Rookie of the Year and updated regularly in-line with how the season unfolds. 

NBA Championship Odds

Of course, the most popular and most discussed NBA futures odds and the NBA Championship Odds themselves, the odds for each team to win it all. The 2020-21 NBA season is set to conclude in July 2021 and it’s the reigning champions in the Los Angeles Lakers that head the way in the NBA Championship odds at +270 with the neighboring Los Angeles Clippers next in at +600.

The odds for the NBA Championship will change almost daily, if not weekly depending on results and team news particularly if a star name goes down injured. You can wager on these NBA odds right through until the finals itself, with many opting to wait a few months into the season and getting a better feel for teams before wagering on the NBA Championship odds markets.

NBA Western Conference Odds

Calling the winner in the NBA can be a tall order and instead of wagering on the NBA Championship Odds, you can instead break it down by conference. If you like a team in the West, say the La Lakers but are worried about a team from the East beating them to the Championship, you can instead wager on them to just win the Western Conference. Like the Championship Odds, the NBA Western Conference Odds are set ahead of the season and updated throughout the year according to results and team news. You can wager on the NBA Western Conference odds at any point throughout the season, right until the Conference Finals themselves.

NBA Eastern Conference Odds

The same way you can wager on the Western Conference, you can wager on the NBA Eastern Conference Odds. Unlike the West where most analysts have it as a two-horse race between the Lakers and the Clippers, the east is much more competitive. The Eastern Conference Odds before the season began, gave 6 teams odds of +850 or better to win the Eastern Conference. The Milwaukee Bucks unsurprisingly lead the way at +240 with the Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant duo at Brooklyn breathing down their necks at +270. Behind the front two, you have the  Boston Celtics (+600) Miami Heat (+700), Toronto Raptors (+850), and Philadelphia 76ers (-850) all with live chances according to the NBA Eastern Conference Odds.


The MVP race, particularly towards the end of the season is the talk of the town. NBA fans, analysts, and players often weigh in on who they think deserves the award. Forwards and Guards, as you’d expect have been the dominant forces in MVP voting, and it pays to stick with these. Giannis Antetokounmpo has won the last two MVP Awards in 2019 and 2020, but Luka Doncic heads into the 2020/21 season with the best NBA MVP Odds at around +400, with Giannis just behind at +475. Other big names such as Lebron James, Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Steph Curry all figure prominently in the MVP Odds market.

The MVP race is typically a wide-open affair to start the season, with luck and injuries inevitably playing a big part in the winner. You can wager on the NBA MVP odds throughout the season, so keeping up to date with player numbers, stats and form is vital in finding value in the NBA MVP market.

NBA Rookie Of The Year Odds

College sports are huge across the US and garner as much attention as the pro ranks, in some areas even more. The college basketball season culminates with March Madness which sweeps the nation, and as such College Stars quickly become household names. With this in mind, the NBA Draft also gains a lot of attention, the stars of tomorrow are drafted by teams across the NBA.

With all of this attention on the Rookie Class each year, the NBA Rookie of the Year award is probably only second to the MVP award itself in how widely discussed and analyzed it is. This goes hand in hand with the NBA Rookie of the Year odds, which are too, widely discussed and wagered on.

In the 2019-20 season, Zion Williamson was all the rage. A generational talent leaving college, but his Rookie season was curtailed due to injury and backers of his left reeling with their -250 tickets in hand. It was Ja Morant the second overall pick who scooped the Rookie of the Year honors with a stellar season of his own, with his pre-season odds at +333

The 2020 Draft Class looks a much more competitive affair, with those at the top of the NBA Rookie of the Year odds much closer together. Normally you would expect the first overall pick to head the betting, but this year it is LaMelo Ball, taken third overall that heads the odds at +420 with first-overall pick Anthony Edwards second favorite at +575, with Obi Toppin and James Wiseman both around +625.

Much like the other NBA Award odds, you can wager on the Rookie of the Year right through the season, so tracking these Rookies, and those longshot picks are key to finding value mid-season in the NBA Rookie of the Year odds.

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