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Get our top NBA futures for the 2023/24 season. Our experts look ahead to the end of the season to find the best NBA futures odds and bets, including who will win the Eastern and Western Conferences, division winners, team win totals, NBA Championship odds, MVP predictions and more.


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What Are NBA Futures?

An NBA Future is a bet on the outcome of a future NBA event or betting market. These are longer-term plays, such as betting on a team to win the NBA Finals, the Eastern or Western Conference Championship, or even on a select number of player futures like NBA MVP, NBA Rookie of The Year or all manner of awards that are handed out each season. These are longer term plays and can be bet before the season starts and then for the majority, also during the season, allowing for great hedging opportunities if you get ahead of the curve. If you’re ready to bet on an NBA futures wager you can find out where to place it in our selection of the best NBA betting sites.

How To Bet On NBA Futures

Betting on NBA futures is just as simple as betting on any other type of NBA Bet. Once you head to your favored sportsbook, you need to head to the NBA section of the site. This is typically found on the main navigation menu during the season, and likely also under the all sports A-Z section on the secondary navigation. Once on the NBA section you will see a ‘Futures’ section, or sometimes referred to as ‘Outrights’, its also here you can find all of our NBA betting options, including, NBA Best Bets, NBA Picks, NBA Predictions, NBA Parlays and NBA Prop Bets

Here, on the NBA Futures page, You can view all of the available futures markets, which will change frequently during the season, with dynamic odds in reflection to the live gameplay on the court. Check out our how to bet on the NBA guide for further information and expert advice on making all kinds of NBA bets.

2024 NBA Finals Championship Winner Picks

Here at Pickswise we have 2024 NBA Finals Championship Winner picks throughout the season. Right from before the first tip off through to the big games themselves, and everything in between. The Pickswise NBA expert handicappers are on hand with the key insights, analysis and picks to help you bet better. You can find all of our NBA futures picks, including the big one, the 2024 NBA Finals Winner picks right here on this page, all season long.

2024 NBA MVP Winner Predictions

The most bet on and most discussed player award market is unquestionably for the NBA MVP. Our experts bring you the latest stats, trends and NBA MVP Winner predictions in the lead up to, and throughout the season itself. With the odds dynamically updating almost daily at the top online sportsbooks, we’re always on the look out for the best value NBA MVP Predictions, so be sure to check back for our regular analysis and expert opinion.

NBA In-Season Tournament Predictions

the 2023/2024 NBA season will see the inaugural In-Season tournament, also known as the NBA Cup. This is a new format tournament taking place early in the regular season, beginning with group stage play on November, 3 and culminating in the championship game on December, 9. The new tournament opens up a lot of new NBA futures markets including winning team, player of the tournament, top scorer, group winners and many more. There’s also higher stakes than ever before at this early stage in the NBA season, so the added interest and spectacle could add another layer to your NBA betting, and perhaps more value.

How to make your NBA Futures profitable

The NBA season is a long one where anything is possible? so how do you find value when wagering on the championship and player awards? You can lean on our expert teams’ decades of NBA handicapping experience and proven track record of making solid NBA futures picks. We apply a methodical, statistical approach to NBA futures and more often than not, it pays off.

More Than Just NBA Futures

We also specialize in every major North American sport at Pickswise, our expert futures picks include:

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