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The home of our best NBA prop bets. NBA Prop bets offer an exciting way to wager on an NBA game without necessarily betting on the outcome of the game. NBA Player Props are increasingly popular where you can make the most of favorable spots on players to hit over or under lines on stats like, points, assist, rebounds or a combination of them. Our expert handicappers research and analyze all of the key statistics and matchups to find you the best free NBA prop bets for today’s NBA games.

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What is an NBA Prop Bet

NBA prop bets are bets on the statistical performance of players and teams rather than a traditional wager such as a team to win, cover, or see the points total go over/under the line. The most common or popular NBA prop bets will revolve around points, rebounds & assists, but there are countless opportunities to wager on NBA player props and NBA team props on each game.

NBA Player Prop Bets

NBA player prop bets are based on an individual player’s statistical performance during a particular game. Typically this will include one or more of the main player stats categories in points, rebounds, and assists.

Most of these NBA player prop bets are in a Total, or Over/Under, type of wager format such as Lebron James to score over or under 28.5 points in a game.

Most bookmakers will have a selection of player props for each game where you can often wager on points, assists, and rebounds individually with individual lines set for each player and each stat.

You can also wager on a player’s total performance with an over/under line set for a player’s total combined points, assists, and rebounds.

Select sportsbooks in some games will also offer odds on a player to score a double-double or triple-double, though this isn’t as widely available, typically held for the big names in the NBA.

Our experts analyze all of the player stats, form, trends and matchups to decipher the best spots for our NBA player prop bet plays, and highlight them right here on the NBA team prop bets page.

Like most sports, Basketball player performances are typically judges by a statistical nature. With player stats lines discussed pre and post game amongst fans and on the major network shows. Points, assists, rebounds, steals and much more are all popular types of NBA Player Prop Bet. Check out the list below for the different NBA player prop bet markets you’ll expect to find at your favorite sportsbook. You can also check out our how to bet on basketball guide for more information on NBA prop bets and all the other ways you can bet on the NBA.

  • Points
  • Assists
  • Rebounds
  • Three-pointers
  • Steals
  • Points + Assists Combined
  • Points + Rebounds Combined
  • Points + Rebounds + Assists Combined

For example – If you wanted to bet on some Steph Curry player prop bets for an upcoming match, sportsbooks will likely have most of the above markets available. They may set his points line at over/under 29.5 points, his assists at over/under 4.5 and his rebounds at over/under 4.5 too. You can bet any of these markets as straight wagers, and some sportsbooks will allow you to add them to Same Game Parlays with other match props and lines. They will also likely have combined lines, where you can bet over or under the total combined figure of all three metrics. In the example above you’d expect the line to be around Over/Under 39.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists Combined. Not all sportsbooks offer all of the above markets, and the lines and odds will be different across different online sportsbooks, so be sure to always shop the odds as every point, assist or rebound can count in your favor, or against you. Our picks for the best NBA betting sites is a good place to start.

NBA Team Prop Bets

NBA team prop bets revolve around a team’s performance but not necessarily on the outcome of the game itself.

The most popular NBA team prop bets revolve around a team’s points, whether it be the first team to score or a race to 30 points, or an over/under line for one team’s points total.

Team props allow you to focus on the performance of one team rather than both. If you like a team in a spot, you can focus on them rather than the opposition.

With so many NBA games played each day, finding the best spots for NBA team props can be tricky, with our experts leaning on hours of research and analysis coupled with years of experience to bring you the best free NBA team prop bets today.

Our experts also make daily NBA Picks, NBA Predictions and NBA Best Bets.

When Do You Post Your Basketball Prop Bets

Our experts post their best Basketball Prop Bets every day throughout the NBA season. With a busy schedule and numerous games played each day, our experts put in the work to help you bet better, all season long. With so many matches, and matchups between teams, and even player vs player within every game, it take a lot of time and effort to research these matchups in the required detail to find the best basketball prop bets today. Check out all of our expert basketball props right here on the NBA Prop Bets page, each of which come with full analysis and reasoning. We’ve also got dedicated pages for NBA Futures and NBA Odds.

Stats, Data & Expertise are key to successful NBA Player Props

All NBA Bettors know that the 2,460 games in the regular season are too many to keep track of. But what this does give us is a huge data sample to make expert prop bet picks.

At Pickswise our NBA prop bet experts are hunting for prop bet picks everyday, and its our statistical approach that makes us the best. We don’t rely on luck or fall victim to the latest trends, we do the work, analyse the numbers and make reasoned, professional standard picks.

Andrew Wilsher, Pickswise Managing Editor

More Than Just NBA Prop Bets

We also specialize in every major North American sport at Pickswise, our expert prop bet picks include:

Check out our site every single day for some of the best bets in every major athletic contest and make sure to follow us on social media as well

NBA Prop Bets FAQs

Many games are played every night in the NBA, so player props are released on the day of the game, this is often around 5 to 7 hours before tip-off.

With so many NBA player prop bets to choose from, making a pick can be very difficult. At Pickswise, Our expert handicappers put hours of research into player averages, head-to-head match-ups, recent performances and all the stats you can think of. This is the kind of process needed to make great NBA prop picks, there’s no lucky bets here!

Their decades of experience puts our experts in the best position to make strong NBA player prop picks. Make use of them and bet smarter.

This will of course depend on your personal preferences but there are definitely some things to keep in mind. Points, assists and rebounds are very popular player prop bets as the variance between these stats can be big from game to game for many players.

If there is a favourable match-up you might get good odds on a star player to score way above their average, or if a star player is up against a strong defender you might want to bet on them to rack up a lot of assists rather than points. If both teams are in poor shooting form a player prop rebounds could be the way to go.


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