NBA In Season Tournament 2023

NBA In Season Tournament 2023 Analysis

What Is The NBA In-Season Tournament?

The inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament promises higher stakes and increased interest in the early stages of the NBA Season, and it could do the same for NBA Betting. There will be 60 total games as part of group play, upping the ante on a sample of regular season games, and with a bit more for teams to play for, it could be the best games to bet on during the early stages of the regular season. Knockout games take place on the 4th and 5th of December, and anyone with experience betting on the NBA knows there’s nothing like betting on an elimination game.

The NBA In-Season Tournament Schedule

The first ever NBA In-season Tournament will begin with group play, taking place on Tuesday and Friday nights from November 3 onwards. Each conference is split into three groups of five teams, creating six groups in total. Group play will consist of each team playing the other four in their group once, with two at home and two on the road for each team. 

Once group play has concluded the winners of each group, plus two wildcards, the team with the best group play record that did not win a group from each conference, will advance to the knockout stage. Beginning with the quarter-finals each round will consist of a one-off, straight knockout game with the winner advancing – no best of seven series here! Each round will be played on the higher seeded team’s home court before a final four event taking place in Las Vegas on December 7 and the first ever NBA In-Season Tournament championship game will follow on December 9, also hosted in Las Vegas. 

The NBA In-Season Tournament Explained

The In-Season Tournament has been introduced in hopes of adding extra excitement to the somewhat slow start to the NBA regular season, it was initially panned by players but was ultimately agreed to on the basis it did not add more games to the calendar.

The never before seen format in the NBA opens up equally never seen before betting markets – so how can you make accurate NBA In-Season Tournament Predictions? Firstly, all tournament games, excluding the final, will still count towards regular season records, so we can expect teams to play hard for group play games as they would any other regular season night, in fact we expect harder fought games throughout the whole tournament, in comparison to an average regular season game. 

You don’t have to change too much in your betting approach for these group play games, although it’s worth considering younger teams or organisations who have never won an NBA championship, as they have added motivation to do well in this new opportunity. Our expert team of NBA handicappers will consider all this and more as they make NBA In-Season Tournament Picks, be sure to consult them, or our NBA In-Season Tournament Best Bets when considering your own wagers on the NBA Tourney.

Betting on the NBA In-Season Tournament

As we’ve alluded to, the uncharted territory of the NBA In-Season Tournament has several implications for NBA betting in the 2023-24 season. Team and player commitment to the tournament, the potential added atmosphere of elimination games, the drive to lift a banner, albeit a less coveted one, and each team and their individual player’s histories of clutch performances in big games. You should keep all this in mind when weighing up NBA In-Season Tournament Odds and placing your wagers. With all these added layers to consider, some expert advice will be a welcomed addition to your decision making process. At Pickswise, we provide expert opinion and research in our NBA In-Season Tournament Analysis, giving you clear reasoning, supported by statistical data – don’t bet on the NBA Tournament without it. 

All the betting markets available for the NBA regular season will also be open for the tournament, so to reflect this we’re providing weekly betting advice for tournament games across all these markets. Be sure to check out our NBA In-season Tournament Parlays for all our parlay picks and guidance on making smart parlay bets, remember that one bad bet will ruin your whole parlay so some expert help could be the difference in a big win or a loss. If you’re looking for prop bets to fill out your parlay or just as a standalone bet you can also check out our picks for the best NBA In-season Tournament Props

NBA Betting FAQs

Yes, of course! NBA In-season tournament games can be wagered on just like any other NBA games, assuming you are located in a state with legalized sports betting.

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