Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Milwaukee Bucks Predictions

Tue 2/23 8:00 ET
Minnesota Timberwolves
Milwaukee Bucks
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Point Spread Prediction

This will be an interesting spot for the Timberwolves, as they just fired head coach Ryan Saunders. In comes Chris Finch, a guy with lots of assistant coaching experience (most recently with Toronto) but one who has never been a head coach in the NBA. The hope is that he can turn around the offense, but in the short team I would not expect much given D’Angelo Russell is still out until March. Taking on the Bucks they are going to need to find some points somewhere or they will get embarrassed. 

The Bucks are still missing Jrue Holiday, but at least they have won their last two games. Prior to that, they had lost four in a row–opening up a lot of questions as to whether this team can be one that performs in the playoffs. As their back-to-back losses against Toronto suggest, if you have a gameplan for limiting Giannis–and you can execute it–you can actually win pretty easily. The Raptors shut down Khris Middleton, too. He is not a star in my eyes even though the numbers look good.

This one isboth  easy and hard to handicap. The easy part is how much better a team Milwaukee is. The Bucks have gotten off the mat and they have guys who can guard the Timberwolves’ best player, Karl-Anthony Towns. The hard part is knowing what happens with Minnesota’s transition to the new coach. You would think it would be a disaster, but the Timberwolves played the Raptors twice recently so he could be kind of familiar with his new team, and the Raptors just played the Bucks twice and beat them. There could be something there, too. I am not going to outsmart myself, though. Keep it simple and take the Bucks.

Game Totals Prediction

It is really hard to know what to expect from the Timberwolves in this one. Finch is known for coaching offense, but any real change is going to take some time. I am not expecting much from the Timberwolves in this one. Even if they are trying a couple of new things, the talent is limited. As for Milwaukee, I have to think that Finch might have a nugget or two for slowing down the Bucks given the Raptors just did it twice. There is no way they are going to shut them down given the personnel of the Timberwolves, but if they hold them to just 120 points that should be enough to get the under. With all of the upheaval with the team, I am not counting on Minnesota for even 100 points in this one. Take the under.

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